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Huang Taisheng leaf carving art PowerPoint Presentation
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Huang Taisheng leaf carving art

Huang Taisheng leaf carving art

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Huang Taisheng leaf carving art

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  1. Huang Taisheng leaf carving art Music: Mountain of Flowing Water

  2. Huang Taisheng, had studied at the Tsinghua School of Arts and Crafts Professional After ten years of painstaking research, breaking thousands of years of traditional painting technique of expression, using only the skin and flesh of the leaves, supplemented by the first unique process, the use of the painting, micro-engraved, paper cutting, calligraphy, seal cutting and other practices, a leaf, after Huang Taisheng carved veins clear, thin as onion skin, exquisitely carved, like the feel and texture of the double-sided embroidery.The Huang Taisheng natural leaf sculptures art Zichengyijia become typical oriental art and modern technology into one strange works of art, and has been the number of domestic and foreign museums, memorials and collection of famous Chinese and foreign people.In 1994, Huang Taisheng natural leaf carving works of art to be income of the Guinness Book of World Records, 1996, Huang Taisheng UNESCO awarded the honorary title of "Chinese Folk Arts and Crafts home!

  3. It's hard not to love the brilliant display of colorful foliage that signals the entrance of autumn each year, but no one will remember those leaves when they fall off. They will come to the end of their life.Leaf carvingArt gives the fell leaf another life and make the leaf show the amazing beauty of its veins, profile and structure in another way.

  4. Leaf carving art is an amazing emerging art. It takes the natural leaf as the carrier and makes image reappear on the leaf blade through special craft.

  5. Leaf carving is a kind of handicrafts carved on actual leaves by several great folk artists in China.

  6. Leaf carving is actually cutting and removal of the leaf's mesophyll to produce an artwork on a leaf without cutting or removing any veins. They are all by hand. And we can carve anything you want.

  7. Through the special crts Leaves are 100% carved by hand, no painting or printing involved. They are strong, corrosion resistance and durability even exceeds paper. Leaves are carefully selected without any defect. You can see the amazing beauty of its veins and structure

  8. THE END The rough processes: Collecting the leaves.Airing the leaves to dry.Boiling the leaves Spreading the leaves and carving them.Drying the leaves. Pictures Internet Edited by Jack Cross Music: Mountain of Flowing Water