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The Sleep Well Angels Brand

The Sleep Well Angels Brand. Developed and created by Abigail Alberico. Campaign Purpose.

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The Sleep Well Angels Brand

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  1. The Sleep Well Angels Brand • Developed and created by Abigail Alberico

  2. Campaign Purpose • To help achieve the Healthy People 2020 goal to increase the proportion of adults who get sufficient sleep, the health brand Sleep Well Angels will increase awareness and educate the adult target audience on how adequate sleep improves and protects health. • The Sleep Well Angels campaign will increase knowledge on how insufficient sleep can negatively affect interpersonal relationships, lead to disease, motor vehicle, medical, occupational accidents, and reduced productivity. • The Sleep Well Angels Campaign will promote and provide a sleep aid method based on knowledge about manageable and adequate sleep regimen recommendations from the National Sleep Foundation (2013) suggestions. • The healthy sleep regimen suggestions will supply adults with a toolkit to figure out, tailor and master their own unique sleep aid method.

  3. Brand Positioning • The brand positioning is that Sleep Well Angels is a natural and safe sleep aid method that will improve your health, relationships and quality of life if used regularly. The brand represents an everyday, manageable sleep regimen that will help your mind and body get on track to getting sufficient sleep naturally, without relying on prescription or over the counter medications. It’s knowing the facts about insufficient sleep and sleep disorders and taking action to ensure you’re providing your body with enough sleep most nights to reduce risks of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. It’s realizing how important getting sufficient sleep is for yourself, your family, spouse, and coworkers. • Sleep Well Angels represents a protective and comfortable sleeping environment for working adults and young adults attending college away from home, or starting their first job. Sleep Well Angels represents a soothing and safe routine where angels are always watching over you and your children to ensure good and secure sleep throughout the night. The brand stands for your own personal guardian angels who watch over you while you sleep and support your sleep by bringing good and positive dreams so people feel like everything will be okay and go as planned. Sleep Well Angels is good and trustworthy sleep supporting company that protect and improve one’s health and life so they can make good, healthy choices.

  4. Positioning Statement • For adults between the ages of 18 and 65, Sleep Well Angels is the manageable sufficient sleep aid regimen that will help improve one’s family health and interpersonal relationships, while increasing workplace productivity and safety on roads, and reducing risks for heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

  5. Positioning Continued • Sleep Well Angels is designed to make adults want to get adequate sleep each or on most nights. A main objective of the brand is for young adults and older adults to choose to follow the Sleep Well Angels regimen recommendation over other unhealthy activities that cause a loss of sleep. Sleep Well Angels creates a feeling of tranquility and comfort so adults want to get good sufficient sleep because it will enable them to be productive and live a healthy life to the fullest each day. Finally, Sleep Well Angels is designed to make sleep feel more interesting and desirable because good sleep can bring enjoyable dreams.

  6. Brand Personality • The main personality traits of Sleep Well Angels includes that it is positive, natural, good, peaceful, trusted, comforting, relaxing, soothing, safe, watchful, protective, shielding, supportive, loving, pure, and heavenly. Additional personality traits of Sleep Well Angels include that it is alluring, immaculate, beautiful, tranquil, kind, reassuring, moralistic, righteous, a guardian, omnipresent, and divine.

  7. Logo • The logo will display the brand name Sleep Well Angels in a concave shape with angel wings positioned behind the name to create the feeling that angels are surrounding you with peace, love, and support. The symbol and concave shape is designed to conjure the feeling of a comforting hug. To represent divinity, a halo is placed above the first letter of angel so adults form associations of trust with the heavenly angelic realm. The symbol of the glowing stars floating down under the halo represent heavenly gifts such as good dreams and messages from the angels. The wings are white to embody angels, the name color is sky blue to visually present pleasant existence from above, and the halo and stars are gold to represent strong and trusting leadership and protection.

  8. Tagline • Sleep Well Angels will display and develop ownership through their tagline. “Sleep and dream well with the angels.” is a recognizable phrase that cues to the brand at once because it is a simple, positive and intriguing statement of seven words that informs the target of the brand’s purpose and mission.

  9. Brand Graphic This full graphic displays the logo, tagline, and image presentation of what the Sleep Well Angels brand will do for adults. The graphic visually presents a woman in sound, deep, and comfortable sleep as an angel is protectively watching over her, while sending her good, sweet dreams so she awakes feeling happy and fully ready for her day. The clouds in the image represent a feel good comfortable space between the angel and the woman, so people don’t feel intimidated, scared or uncomfortable with the thought of an angel watching over them while they sleep. This full graphic encompassing the logo and tagline is designed to instantly capture the attention and intrigue the nation’s adults into helping them realize that sufficient sleep is worth having and wanting, in addition to being an essential determinate of health and wellbeing.

  10. Print Ad Mockup The following image is a mockup example of a print poster that showcases a mother enjoying a picnic with her two children. This print advertisement inspires emulation among mothers by using idealized imagery of a mother taking the time to plan a picnic and spend the afternoon having fun with her two children. The graphic uses social imagery to inspire mothers to close the gap between their own self-image and the externalized socially desirable image in the ad, if they would like to be a more energetic and involved mother who plays with her kids. The ad features how mothers can use one of the Sleep Well Angels method recommendations from the National Sleep Foundation to help them attain sufficient sleep over time, that will provide the benefit of improving their family’s emotional health and interpersonal relationships. This ad competes against prescription and over the counter sleep aids by promoting knowledge on steps adults can take to master a sleep regimen that ensures adequate sleep over a long period of time, opposed to a quick fix medication that could harm their health and cause rebound insomnia.

  11. Print Ad Mockup The following graphic is a mockup example of a poster advertisement that showcases a college student raising his hand and actively participating in class. The promotional element uses desirable social imagery to show how successful young adults use and benefit from the brand’s sleep aid methodology to help them get started on receiving sufficient sleep. The ad touts the point of differentiation functional benefits including productivity and receiving good grades. This point of differentiation competes with other lifestyle behavior choices that college students choose over sleep such as staying up late to complete course work, or going out drinking with friends.

  12. Brand Associations • 1. As the CEO of my company, I value the Sleep Well Angels method compared to taking Ambien because sleep aid prescriptions have given me memory problems during presentations the next day (perceived quality) • 2. Sleep Well Angels is a naturally manageable sleep aid method that I have used for six months, and will continue using. I have recommended Sleep Well Angels to my friends in graduate school (satisfaction/loyalty) • 3. I like using the Sleep Well Angels recommendations because they give me the information I need to create a sleep regimen that works for my busy and social lifestyle. I wake up happy more often because I now have been able to remember my good dreams. (leadership/popularity) • 4. Sleep Well Angels is safe and protective because it is a natural sleep aid method that guards and improves my health (brand personality) • 5. I trust Sleep Well Angels because their website provides me with information on how I can get good sleep, so I can increase my work productivity and decrease my work hours and my risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity (organization association) • 6. I trust Sleep Well Angels because it’s free and it protects my life by helping me get on a sleep routine so I can have better sleep and can be more alert and not nod off while I’m driving • 7. I enjoy sleeping and the thought of getting more sleep because Sleep Well Angels protects my health and helps me make good choices so I have better energy and can live my life to the fullest each day

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