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How can you sleep well ?

How can you sleep well ?. Headquarter SCHOTT Solar AG Hattenbergstr. 10 D- 55122 Mainz. High Output Stability of Solar Modules. 13 th March 2012 Amit Barve – General Manager Solar (India and SEA). Disclaimer.

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How can you sleep well ?

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  1. How can you sleep well?

  2. Headquarter SCHOTT Solar AG Hattenbergstr. 10 D- 55122 Mainz High Output Stability of Solar Modules 13th March 2012 Amit Barve – General Manager Solar (India and SEA)

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  4. 1 COMPANYINTRODUCTION 1 Company Introduction 2 Essentials for High Stable output 3 Summary

  5. SCHOTT AG Since 1884

  6. SCHOTT Solar AG Since 1958 Crystalline Since 1980 Thin-film Since 1983 CSP Receiver

  7. SCHOTT Solar is globally positioned both in Production & Sales 7 7 Alzenau (DE) Jena (DE) Mitterteich (DE) MAINZ (DE) Headquarters MAINZ (DE) Albuquerque, NM (USA) Val. Mezirici (CZ) Taicang (CN) Sevilla (ES) CSP Production Site PV Production Site CSP & PV Prod. Site Sales Office

  8. Essentials for • High Stable • output 1 Company Introduction 2 Essentials for High Stable Output 3 Summary

  9. Essentials for High Stable Output 9 9 Proven performance stability Worldwide installed test installations 10 climatic chambers 2 x IEC (TCT / DHT) +additional Combi-test Strict test criteria High internal quality standards

  10. Yield (W) Initial power 1984 40 Module measurement 2003 30 20 10 0 Module C Module A Module B > 90 % performance stability High durability and low power degradation proven in tests conducted by The Frauenhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems • In a long-term study conducted by the renowned Fraunhofer Institute over a period of 24 years, tested samples of SCHOTT Solar modules distinguished themselves with an extremely low degradation of an average of 5,5 %. • Module type: PQ 10/40/01 • Yield: 2.3 kWp • Installation: 1984 • The original report can be downloaded at http://www.schottsolar.com/global/solar-yield/long-term-study/

  11. Testing Standards : 2 X IEC Standards SCHOTT Solar tests its modules with climate tests that are twice as strict as required by the IEC standard. From our over 50 years experience we‘ve learnt that standards are not sufficient to keep all customer promises. TCT1)200 cycles 400 cycles DHT2)1000 h 2000 hours COMBI3)- 20 weeks Certified testing laboratory @ SCHOTT Solar AG in Germany 1) TCT Temperature cycling test -40°C - 85°C2) DHT Damp heat test +85°C / 85% relative humidity3) COMBI 20 weeks (DHT 4 days / TCT 3 days )

  12. SCHOTT Solar AG | PV Module Quality Unternehmensmemorandum 12 Our damp-heat-test benchmarking regularly reveals substantial differences in performance quality. • 85 °C; 85 % relative humidity • 2000 h (double IEC 61215 Standard) • Duration: ~ 15 weeks • Quality standard: Powerloss < 5 % Pmpp IEC standard Δ in % Pmpp

  13. SCHOTT Solar AG | PV Module Quality Unternehmensmemorandum 13 Thermal Cycle Tests show a similar picture… • Temperature variation: -40 °C and 85 °C • 400 cycles (double IEC 61215 Standard) • Duration: ~ 24 weeks • Qualitäty standard: Powerloss < 5 % Pmpp Δ in % Pmpp Time / Cycle

  14. SCHOTT Solar AG | PV Module Quality Unternehmensmemorandum 14 And combined cycle tests really seperate the wheat from the chaff… • Not part of IEC Standards • DH 85 °C; 85% relative air humidity, 4 days • TCT -40 °C to 90 °C, 3 days • Duration: ~ 20 weeks • Internal Quality standard: Powerloss < 5 % Pmpp Δ in % Pmpp

  15. Schott Solar Gaggenau Stuttgart Schott Solar Bayreuth Schott Solar Penang Nicosia Schott Solar Alzenau Schott Solar Albuquerque Schott Solar Munich Continuous benchmarking in test installations…

  16. Test Case The backing sheet is like the skin of the module, protecting it against damage and insulating it to the outside. 1 Aluminium frame 2 Sealing 3 Glass 4 EVA 5 Solar cell6 backsheet • If back sheet is damaged, dampness can seep into the module and trigger gradual corrosion • In the worst case, the sheet provides no insultation and can trigger electric shock from the frame or the mounting system

  17. Most foils look alike : Yet their performance varies greatly. • Each manufacturer uses a different combination of components • Synthethic components have different reactions to specific compositions • Even if manufacturers only use certified components, it still does not guarentee that the module itself will work properly Each manufacturer needs to perform his own internal tests Delamination Shrinkage of back skin Tears / Cracks

  18. The selection of our new backsheet foil included the test of 52 different materials. • 52 samples from 21 different suppliers were tested for a new backsheet foil • Only suppliers from North America, Europe, Japan were considered, as it takes about three to five years until foil suppliers know what they are doing • Initial double-standard SCHOTT Solar test: • Test samples: 1 reference sample + 5 test samples (30 x 30 cm) • Probes taken inbetween, e.g. every 500 hours • Main double-standard SCHOTT Solar test • 23 remaining products • 230 Test samples: standard module size

  19. Fewer than half of the foils passed the initial tests, and only 3 out of 52 foils passed our main test! 19 19

  20. 3 SUMMARY 1 Company Introduction 2 Essentials for High Stable Output 3 Summary

  21. Probe your Vendors .... 21 21 Strong Research and Development team Long and Strong Technical and financial fundamentals Adequate Testing setups High internal quality standards

  22. Summary

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