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Welcome! First Grade Curriculum Night PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome! First Grade Curriculum Night

Welcome! First Grade Curriculum Night

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Welcome! First Grade Curriculum Night

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  1. Please sign up on the side table for a fall conference time. Remember to fill out and take a reminder sheet with you! Welcome!First Grade Curriculum Night 2013-2014

  2. “Every student can learn, just not on the same day or in the same way .” - George Evans

  3. Contact Information 630-636-3741 Office: 630-636-3700 Attendance: 630-636-3701 Website:

  4. Bersky’s Behavior Plan Rules in 1B T – Think Before You Act E – Everyone be Respectful A – Always do your best M – Make sure to listen and follow directions Behavior Management • Individual • Behavior chart • Caught Being an All-Star Tickets • Daily Behavior Calendar • Team Tallies • Whole class pom-poms

  5. A day in the life of a first grader 1B

  6. Reading Houghton Mifflin • We will have reading groups that are met with each week. These groups are very fluid and can be changed as needed. • All students are assessed on their reading level at least 3 times throughout the year. • Skills and strategies that we work on are: Sequencing, Comprehension, Predictions, Inferences, Evaluating, Questioning, Summarizing, Compare and Contrast, and Monitoring and Clarifying. • Baggie Books will be starting soon. These are sent home every day. More information will come home soon!

  7. Daily 5"The Daily Five" is a way of structuring the reading block so every student is independently engaged in meaningful literacy tasks • 3 Ways to Read a Book • Read the Pictures • Read the Words • Retell the Story • Read to Self • Read to Someone • Work on Writing • Word Work • Listen to Reading

  8. Spelling • Spelling Words • Weekly spelling words, which will be tested at the end of the week. • Sight Words (High-frequency Words) • Must be read in 3 seconds to be considered a “sight word” • 103 Words • Words Their Way • A word study program differentiated to allow students to study letter and sound patterns at their individual spelling level. • Word sorts and activities will be done at school. Practice, practice, practice!

  9. Writing • Writing will focus on using invented spelling (Kid Writing) with an emphasis on spelling Word Wall Words and sight words correctly. • Students will be introduced to Word Families throughout the school year. • Students will also work on writing expository, narrative, and opinion pieces using graphic organizers, correct grammar, and correct punctuation.

  10. Handwriting • Please practice at home! • Starting at the top and working on correct letter formation • Placing letters correctly on lines • Proper spacing between words

  11. MathEveryday Math Edition 3 • We will focus on the following areas: • Numeration • Operations and Computation • Data and Chance • Geometry • Measurement • Patterns • You can find the specific skills for each area in the orange curriculum overview book. • Students are assessed throughout the units in class, and will take a cumulative assessment at the end of a unit.

  12. Math cont. • Math Home Links • Math Home Links are sent home nightly this year to align with the Common Core. Please look each night for a Home Link in your child’s Home Folder. In general, Fridays will have no Home Link. • Math Game Kit • This kit will come home with each student at some time during the year. This has many different games to play that reinforce what we are doing in the classroom. Please remember to send in 20 pennies, 10 nickels & dimes, and 4 quarters.

  13. Science and Social Studies • 3 science units • Balance and Motion • Properties • Butterflies • Social Studies focuses on community, traditions, people in the world, holidays, and good citizenship.

  14. Other Loose Ends Homework Materials Coming Home SPORTS binder Friday folders E-mail updates and newsletters Student of the week • Math Home Links • Baggie Books • Reading each night • Practicing spelling words • Optional monthly calendars Please send in a pair of earbuds/head phones for your child if you haven’t already.

  15. Birthday Treats and Snack Time • Birthday Treats • We will celebrate your child’s birthday in our classroom. However, no edible treats are allowed. If you would like to send a treat please send things like pencils, stickers, bookmarks, etc. • Snack Time • We will eat snack each afternoon in our classroom. This needs to be a healthy fresh fruit or vegetable snack (apples, carrots, etc.) Please try to avoid sending snacks that require the use of a utensil. Thank You!

  16. Art, Music, PE, LRC • Students will earn a grade for Art, Music, and PE. There are assessments that they will complete in these classes. If you have a specific question about something that is done during specials please contact that teacher. PE: Mr. Bock Art: Mrs. Brown Music: Mrs. Doggett LRC: Mrs. Layman Your child needs to wear or bring in a pair of gym shoes for PE every Wed., Thurs., and Fri.

  17. Take Home • Take Home • ABC’s of 1st grade • Key Ideas on the Common Core • Strategies for Tricky Words • Handwriting Template • Understanding invented spelling • Highlights and Scholastic Book Orders

  18. Miscellaneous • Web Page • If you are interested in volunteering please send the volunteer sheet back to school with your child. • Any time there is a different way your child will be going home, PLEASE send a note to school! • Giving Tree leaves, survey, and Parent-Teacher Conference sign-up on the side table.

  19. Thank You for Coming!