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  1. Cover A Company Leading The Packing Industry Address : #97-1, HASA-RI, HASUNG-MYUN, KIMPO-CITY, KYUNGKI-DO, KOREA TEL : 82-31-997-3328 FAX : 82-31-997-3381 Homepage : E-mail :

  2. Company Summary CEO Kang Woon-suk 97-1 Hasa-ri, Haseong-myeon, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do Address 0 3 1 ) 9 9 7 – 3 3 2 8 TEL 0 3 1 ) 9 9 7 – 3 3 8 1 FAX Homepage E-mail Tae Woon Ind. Co., Ltd. was established in September 1992 as a company specializing in various packing materials and shopping bags. On the basis of the creativeness and technology of entire employees with the plant manager who has over 30 years of experience in the industry, this company does its best for the satisfaction of the customer demand that it is fully equipped with the extruding (production of fabric), printing and processing. The company is growing on the basis of the trust and public reliability with the best products and prompt response to the demand of customers. In particular, it focuses on the poly-bag of clothing packing materials to supply to K-Mart, Sears, Chaus, Gap, Otto and others for a long time in a way of contributing to export, and it has many modings available. And, the company has been designated as the promising small & medium company from SMBA, and is a company leading the global environment management with its acquisition of ISO 14001. In addition, the company developed the apron for mean as a part of the special business with the production line, and it researched the differentiated shopping bag material to develop into the shopping bag with high class with the Korean paper with the unique folk look of Korea. These efforts have been a great hit in the market. With the ceaseless R&D, the company developed the vacuum packing bag for home and business to make great sales in the domestic market, with active export consulting. Also, the food packing field is expanded with the active R&D and the specialized production for restaurant and household products are spurred on. Also, the company has successfully spun off “Food Pack World”, the business for distribution operation. We thank all our customers for the love and support, and we are committed to do our part as the leading company for packing culture.

  3. Company History 1992 09 Founded Tae Woon Industries in Dangsan-dong, Yeungdeungpo, Seoul 1994 07 Moved the business to Guro-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul 1997 03 Converted into the corporation, Tae Woon Ind. Co., Ltd. 05 Designated as promising small and medium company for export (SMBA No. 2001-159) 2001 07 Registered for practical new design for vacuum packing bag (KIPO No. 2010530) 07 Exclusive supply contract for small vacuum packer for vacuum packing bag for Eiffel Industry Co., Ltd. 2002 11 Completed the new plant and moved the business to Haseong-myeon, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do (Site: 1,030 pyeong, building: 340 pyeong) Completed the business report for food container and food packing paper manufacturing(Gimpo No. 101) 2003 01 03 Acquired ISO14001 Certification 04 Registered for practical new design of apron for meal (KIPO No. 0311487) 2004 02 Completed the development of integrated Korean-paper shopping bag and registered for practical new design (KIPO No. 0349693) 12 Applied for the registered trademark of Food Mate (No. 40-2004-0055742) 2005 01 Applied for practical new design of vacuum packing bag (No. 20-2005-0000247) 02 Spun off of domestic distribution business, Food Pack World 03 Applied for trademark registration for Food Pack (KIPO No. 40-2005-0013595) 10 Submit for ‘Kimpo industrial products exhibition’ Submit for exhibition of Kimpo Farmworker’s Day 10 2006 8 Participated in ‘Kimpo CIS market pioneer’(Kiev, Vladivostok)

  4. Business Territory Packing for Food Industrial use Home and business use • Products are made with the appropriate durability depending on the characteristics of the product to pack in a way of improving the product value, and it smoothens the storage and distribution as well as supplying in envelop-type and roll-type following the packing method of the customer companies. • This is the essential products for household and business with sanitized bag, sanitized roll bag, zipper bag, wrap, cooking foil, sanitized glove, and others that they are the planned products of “Food Bag”, the brand for our company.

  5. Business Territory Packing for Farming and Fishery Products Packing for Industrial Products • Products are made with the appropriate durability depending on the characteristics of the product to pack in a way of improving the product value, and it smoothens the storage and distribution. • Following the requirements and packing method of customer companies, we supply the products in envelop-type or roll-type.

  6. Business Territory Envelop for House Delivery Packing for Clothes This is to pack the clothing products to heighten the product value and broadly used for pollution prevention for display with logistics and distribution. The company provides the goods to domestic market as well as K-Mart, Sears, Otto, Gap and others. The company recognizes the importance of delivery packing material that is the basis of logistics, and this is the vinyl bag that the shopping mall companies prefer. In particular, the “delivery envelop exclusively for post office” that our company developed and sold on the market has been developed to prevent slippery, absorption for address indication and well written with ordinary pen.

  7. Business Territory Vinyl Shopping Bag • T-type • Ring punch-type • Patch-type • Roof-type • Sack bag pocket-type • Sack bag with one string • Sack bag with both strings • Plastic handle-type

  8. Business Territory Paper Shopping Bag Auto paper Manual coating Gloss-less paper fold Integrated Korean-paper • Developed products (Practical utility design registration no. 0349693)

  9. Business Territory Business Territory Vacuum Packing and Vacuum Packing Materials Vacuum packing uses the vacuum packing machine and appropriate packing bag to absorb the air, and packing is made to prevent the external air to penetrate inside. The ordinary packing cannot block off the air, the major cause of food decay, and it is difficult to maintain freshness and long-term storage for unable to maintain the vacuum condition.In order to improve it, the company has been actively undertaken the R&D in various ways with the importance placed on packing method and packing papers, and as one of the methods, the advance countries have been facilitating the products as essential products in kitchen use. ■ This product prolongs the freshness of fish, meat and others compared to other packing, and it cuts off the external air from penetrating to store more fresh and sanitized way.■ This product prevents the moisture evaporation of vegetable or fruit and block the external penetration to maintain the freshness for a long time.■ This product cuts off the evaporation of taste and scent to maintain the natural taste for a long time.■ It prevents the odor from food for great storage and possession, and it is convenient for outdoor or transportation.Air is the main cause for food corrosion that the oxygen has to be removed by using the vacuum bag for specially designed for food storage to maintain food in fresh condition for a long time.

  10. Description of Vacuum Sealer 1. Product information Description of Vacuum Sealer(FM-02) *Available accessories Anti-bacterium bag (200 X 260mm) : 1set/10pcs, Anti-bacterium bag (260 X 350mm) : 1set/10pcs Anti-bacterium Roll (200mm X 4m), Anti-bacterium Roll (260mm X 4m) Vessel cover (Dia. 140mm) & Connection Hose

  11. Description of Vacuum Sealer(FM-02) 2. Specification

  12. Description of Vacuum Sealer 1. Product information Description of Vacuum Sealer(FM-02) *Available accessories Anti-bacterium bag (200 X 260mm) : 1set/10pcs, Anti-bacterium bag (260 X 350mm) : 1set/10pcs Anti-bacterium Roll (200mm X 4m), Anti-bacterium Roll (260mm X 4m)

  13. Description of Vacuum Sealer(FM-02) 2. Specification

  14. Business Territory Goods for Home and Restaurants • Sanitized vinyl bag & roll bag • HDPE 0.01mm, 25X35cm • 200pcs/Roll 100pcs/Case • Zipper bag • LDPE 0.06mm, 25 X 30cm • 20pcs/Case • Wrap • LDPE 0.01mm, 25CM X 50m • 1pcs/Case • Sanitized gloves • LDPE 0.027mm, 24 X 28cm • 50pcs/Case • Cooking foi • FOIL 0.015mm, 25cm X 30m • 1pcs/Case • Apron for meal • Non-Woven Fabric 50g/m2 40 X 64cm • 100pcs/Pack • Water tissue • Non-Woven Fabric 50g/m2 21 X 24cm • 400pcs/Case

  15. OFFER SHEET TAE WOON INDUSTRY CO., LTD 97-1,HASA-LI,HASEONG-MYON,KIMPO-SI,KYONGGI-DO,KOREA. TEL:82-31-997-3328,FAX:82-31-997-3381 E-mail : OFFER SHEET Our Ref.TW-06-0817 Date : AUG.17.2006 We are pleased to offer the under-mentioned article(s) as per conditions and details described as follows Shipment : To be discussed later Shipping port : Busan port, korea Payment : L/C at sight or T/T in advance Offer Validity : by end of DEC., 2006 Country of Origin : Korea, manufactured by Taewoon Industry Co., Ltd. Warranty : One year Delivery : Within one month after receipt of your payment. Looking forward to your valued order for the above offer, we are, Your Faithfully Kang Woon Seok(President)