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Hollenbeck Hogs

Hollenbeck Hogs

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Hollenbeck Hogs

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  1. Hollenbeck Hogs Owner: Cassie Hollenbeck

  2. Business Type • Hollenbeck Hogs is our name and selling healthy and all natural pork is our game! Our slogan is “in one end, out the other.” • We are a sole proprietor and we are located at 3466 East Beecher Hill Road, Owego NY 13827. I chose this location because this is where my house is located. • Another reason why I chose this location was because there aren’t many farms that raise pigs in the Owego and Newark Valley area. Most of these farms produce cows, but Hollenbeck Hogs produces pigs. • We were established in 2011 when we first began to raise pigs with our daughter for a local club in Owego called 4-H.

  3. Our Mission Statement • We will be producing high quality pork that has been born and raised in a natural environment. • We will allow them to move around freely inside of an electric fence. • Our pigs will have fresh water that is clean and they will be provided with high quality food, and they will be raised without any fillers. • We want to provide our consumers a healthy option for pork that doesn’t have added hormones and are guaranteed to have no infections or diseases. • Hollenbeck Hogs produces safe food and contributes to a better quality of life in our community to ensure their health is better because of our high standards.

  4. Total Start-Up Costs • Our total start-up costs are $11,242.00. • We need $1,121.00 worth of Office Equipment. • $2,711.00 worth of Equipment to raise the pigs properly. • $360.00 worth of furniture (shelves). • $5,300.00 for a trailer and a truck. • $1,750.00 for the electrical work and paint. • We have $4,870.00 in cost to build our business.

  5. Products • Hollenbeck Hogs sells pigs that are eight (8) weeks old and five to eight (5-8) months old. • We will also help people who may not know a lot about pigs and wants to buy one. • We will defiantly tell them anything and everything we can to help them correctly raise a pig!

  6. Trends • People are looking for healthy ways to eat. • Our pork is healthy and high quality pig feed that we feed them. They are also given fruits, like bananas, apples, kiwis, grapes, watermelons, strawberries, and oranges. • We will continue to raise our pigs on healthy pig feed. Keeping high quality pigs in stock will ensure that we will stay open.

  7. Our Customer Profile • Individual 8-70 • Participates in farming • Wants good and high quality pork • Looks for good prices • Lives in or near Owego, NY • Any Average Household Income

  8. Competitors: Primary • We have a couple competitors. One main competitor is Eichhorn’s Farm in Owego, NY. They have very good prices for piglets ($50-$80). • Some people believe that they have very decent piglets, while others absolutely hate them. • They have a big farm. They have more customers and more resources. • One weakness they have is cleanliness. • They are also willing to help us out by giving us customers if they know that we have piglets that can be sold. The Eichhorn Farm is helping us by showing us the proper way to castrate the pigs, dock their tails, iron shots, and needle teeth. They are a really big help if you show them that you are actually willing and interested to start a pig farm.

  9. Secondary Competitors • Bryan’s Meat Cutting is our secondary competitor. • They have amazing prices and amazing products. Their employees are really good at helping you. • They have fresh and packaged pork, beef, cheese, lamb, deer and chicken to name a few. • They will slaughter animals if you bring them and fill out a ticket of what you want and in what way do you want the meat. • They are located in a very good location. They have a website and their image is very good. • Their only weakness would be that they have a lot of products in the store so it gets overwhelming looking up and down in the refrigerators.

  10. Estimated Revenue • Our forecasted revenue is $3,818.00.

  11. Price • Piglets that are 6-8 weeks old are $75.00. • Pigs that are between 5-7 months old are $2.20 per pound hanging weight.

  12. Promotion • My dad is currently telling people where he works about our business. • I am getting my name out at the Tioga County Fair in Owego NY in July. • I am telling my friends at school about my pigs. • Hollenbeck Hogs Website