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Effect of Google’s Exact Match PowerPoint Presentation
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Effect of Google’s Exact Match

Effect of Google’s Exact Match

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Effect of Google’s Exact Match

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  1. Last week, Google announced the expansion of exact match close variants. The exact match expansion broadened what counts as an exact match. Now, aside from the exact keywords, it also includes the intent of the keywords when it triggers ads for searches. How does Google’s exact match expansion affect you? This article aims to provide an insight on how you are impacted by the recent exact match update. Quick Recall! As mentioned in a previous article, Google defines exact match as a “keyword setting that allows your ad to show only when someone searches for your keyword or close variants of your keyword.” Exact match allows people to connect to your business even if there are slight variations in their query.

  2. How does the exact match expansion affect you? Since Google has loosened the definition of exact match with this expansion, it will also trigger the ads when the machine learning systems believe the intent of the searcher matches the keyword of the advertiser. This means that exact match will now also show ads on searchers with terms that have the same meaning and intent of the query of the keyword. It is advisable for advertisers to pay attention to the changes in the search term reports of their exact match keywords. How to know the impact of exact match expansion on your account? According to Search Engine Journal, there are three ways you can use to assess the exact match expansion on your account: Use the ads interface for investigation Use spreadsheets for analysis Use Google Ads Scripts for analysis

  3. Use Ads Interface For Analysis Refer to the Search Terms Report in Google Ads to get a sense of the impact See which keyword triggers a particular search term View the performance metrics of the queries Use Spreadsheets For Analysis Use a keyword performance report and search terms performance report Use VLOOKUP to match search term and keyword Place the keyword and query data for each query in individual rows Filter data for analysis Use Google Ads Scripts For Analysis Copy the script code to automate the analysis Edit the email address and usernames variables (‘emailAddresses’ and ‘accountManagers’) Look at variants where the Levenshtein distance is high to find changes

  4. Conclusion Each update and every innovation brings change. As SEO professionals, you need to be able to adapt to the change to attain your goals. Knowing the effects of an update or new technologies is the first step for success. Source: /14/effect-of-googles-exact-match/