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Introducing the Michigan eLibrary PowerPoint Presentation
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Introducing the Michigan eLibrary

Introducing the Michigan eLibrary

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Introducing the Michigan eLibrary

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  1. Introducing the Michigan eLibrary

  2. What is MeL? MeL is the Michigan eLibrary, a huge online collection of information available to Michigan residents.

  3. The vision for MeL is that all Michigan residents will have access to the information they need, when they need it, and in the format they desire.

  4. MeL resources include the following: MeL Databases - commercial databases purchased by the Library of Michigan for all Michigan residents. A subset of the databases can be searched from the MeL Gateway. Different combinations of databases can be selected for searching in MeL Advanced Search. A complete list of the MeL Databases (with links to search each one individually) is also available. MeL Catalog - a catalog of state-wide library resources, with an interlibrary loan and delivery service. MeLCat is an ever-growing collection with the goal of all the state’s libraries participating. MeL Internet - a collection of more than 25,000 Internet links organized by subject and selected by librarians who are experts in their topic areas.

  5. Who can use MeL? MeL may be used by all Michigan residents. Some MeL resources require that you login if you are not using the resource from a Michigan school or library. Login requires a valid library card from a participating MeLCat library OR a Michigan driver's license OR state identification card number.

  6. Who funds MeL? This service is funded in part by the State of Michigan through the Library of Michigan. and the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) via the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

  7. Can I use MeL from home or work, or only in a school or library? MeL can be used from home or work. You will get a log-in screen. The system does not permanently retain the information you enter. Note, though, that some MeL resources require that you login if you are using the resource from home or work. Login requires a valid library card from a participating MeLCat library OR a Michigan driver's license OR state identification number. If you have trouble logging in, please contact JCC Atkinson Library.

  8. Direct your browser to

  9. From this opening gateway screen, you can search across multiple MeL databases using the box labeled Search MeL for, or, by clicking on the relevant link, you can choose a specific MeL resource to explore in greater depth.

  10. Enter your search term/s and hit Enter or click Find It!

  11. Your search results will display. Note that you have two scroll bars to use in examining your results. The inner bar shows the databases that have been searched. The outer bar shows the full list of all results.

  12. You can build some additional parameters into your search by selecting Customize Your Search.

  13. The MeL Advanced Search screen allows you to select the fields to search, combinations of resource types in which to search, specify how to group the terms…

  14. … select the fields to search, combinations of resource types in which to search, specify how to group the terms, and control the number of results per page or per source.

  15. The results will display. Every database searched will show the results for that database.

  16. Scroll down the list to examine your results. Note the databases which had no results for your search.

  17. Click on the blue links to examine individual records.

  18. Your selection will be displayed in a new window.

  19. Maximize the new window and examine the result displayed. It will show any full-text available, or will have links to getting the material from JCC Atkinson Library, or borrowing from other libraries world-wide. This example shows a book which can be borrowed.

  20. This example shows a full-text article.

  21. Here is the example full-text article displayed as a PDF. Print as usual if the article is relevant to your research.

  22. MeL Catalog

  23. MeL Cat is Michigan’s statewide online catalog and resources sharing system.

  24. MeL Cat contains holdings from many Michigan libraries. Eventually, the catalog will have more than 48 million items. Michigan library users with active library cards can place requests for items without help from library staff. The items will then be shipped to the user’s library of choice for pick-up.

  25. Check for the library most convenient for you. Jackson Community College’s Atkinson Library has applied to become a Mel Cat participating library. New libraries are added every three months.

  26. Choose a search type. Enter search term/s Select pickup area, if desired. Here is a sample search for materials in Michigan libraries.

  27. Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the options for examining and using your results. To look at an item, click on any blue link.

  28. Your selection will display.

  29. Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the options at the bottom of each item’s screen.

  30. Each record will show how many Michigan libraries own it.

  31. You will see the libraries’ names and where to find the item in each library.

  32. If JCC Atkinson Library does not own the item you want, then you should consider using the InterLibrary Loan service.

  33. There is an Advanced Keyword search option available for more flexibility in searching.

  34. Enter your term/s and apply any limits that will clarify your search.

  35. Take advantage of the Search Tips provided at the bottom of the screen.

  36. MeL Databases

  37. MeL Databases is a collection of commercially-produced information resources.

  38. Links to these same databases are also provided on the Atkinson Library home page.

  39. Scroll down the list to familiarize yourself with the range of topics and options.

  40. There are many databases to suit needs from young children to professional-level resources.

  41. Visit the Library, email or call 517-796-8622 If you are researching from home or work, you will need the login passwords available from the Reference Desk at Atkinson Library.

  42. Feel free to contact a Reference Librarian for advice or guidance while researching using the Michigan eLibrary: email call 517-796-8622 fax 517-796-8623 visit the Library in Walker Hall

  43. Michigan eLibrary