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5 ways of Monetizing Mobile Game Apps PowerPoint Presentation
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5 ways of Monetizing Mobile Game Apps

5 ways of Monetizing Mobile Game Apps

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5 ways of Monetizing Mobile Game Apps

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  1. Ways to monetize Mobile game app Five Instructions to Monetize Mobile Game App

  2. INTRODUCTION • We all know that developing a game app is a tedious job, but not more tedious than monetizing it. First, you have to create an innovative idea to attract user through your game. Then the whole process starts from planning-designing-choosing the right operating system (which is very important factor) and lastly after you get green signal from the market, that yes-it is good to go, then you have to jump into reality which makes you compel to think, how you can earn money through app.

  3. Five Tips To Monetize Mobile Game App 1) Think like user and make your app accordingly : Nowadays number of users are rising like anything so competition is getting tough. But if your game plan is easy to handle, innovative and entertaining, and most importantly stress buster, then ball is on your court. So, the important part is, the idea should be ground-breaking and once it goes viral among your user then, mouth of word is enough for your app. The formula is like when user get to know about your app and its excitement, they will be attracted more and more, thus automatically opportunity to earn money will go high for you. Idea ->innovation ->popularity -> increasing no. of users ->profit

  4.  Your user is your ROI, so upgrade your app offer them something new • Every day upgradation will help you to build more user, because if you upgrade your application they will be inquisitive to explore it more. Adding something new challenges or gaming formula will motivate them and thus increasing your sustainability. There should be some incentive for sharing information about your apps with friends and family. This will make them feel winner as they will be earning points or rewards through your app.

  5. Cross marketing your application will help to monetize your game app • This is more like ad exchanging process. You can fix deal with another game app developer and showcase your features or incentives though them, in exchange for their doing similar thing through your app. You need experts to adopt this process. Contact affiliate network organisation like AppsDiscover who will provide you the list of relevant apps through which you can display your ads and they will provide you appropriate offers generate revenue for you. This process is refined and unique because, affiliate networks have rich collections of such thing as, helping innovator like you is their main job.

  6. Playing game and making money • If you can incorporate real money game, though it is very difficult to be permissible across the world, then it can hit the market like anything. There are many places where making money from game application is considered legal. If you can overcome the hindrance of law, then incorporating real money in your game will play the trigger role to generate revenue.

  7. Apply buy in items theory • This is very useful yet very delicate theory to apply. You can showcase advertisement of other party within your apps. It must be relevant to your user, so that when your user is playing game, he or she can buys through the advertising content. It can help you to generate revenue but while applying this theory make sure your users are not being bothered by your overflowing massages. • To Know More About Mobile App Promotion Contact AppsDiscover at Contact No : +91-124-4007787 & Email :