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August 22, 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011

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August 22, 2011

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  1. Jefferson Lab PAC Laboratory Overview Hugh Montgomery August 22, 2011

  2. Jefferson Lab Organization JSA Board of Directors C. Steger- Chair Director H. Montgomery Accelerator Science Advisory Comm. Deputy Director Science & Tech R. McKeown Deputy Director Operations and Chief Operating Officer M. Dallas Nuclear Physics Program Adv. Comm. • Human Resources • Internal Audit • Legal Counsel • Project Management and Integrated Planning • Community Outreach, Science Education and Public Affairs Photon Science Program Adv. Comm. University Relations 12 GeV Project Office C. Rode Chief Financial Officer & Business Srvs. J. Scarcello Environmental Safety, Health & Quality M. Logue Theoretical & Computational Physics M. Pennington Chief Information Officer/Chief Technical Officer R. Whitney Experimental Physics Rolf Ent (Acting) Free Electron Laser G. Neil Facilities & Logistics J. Sprouse Accelerator A. Hutton Engineering W. Oren

  3. Major Scientific Initiatives • As Presented to Office of Science • Nuclear Physics • 12 GeV Upgrade Project • Experimental Nuclear Physics Program • Theoretical and Computational Nuclear Physics Program • Electron Ion Collider • Photon Science and Next Generation Light Sources • Superconducting RF Technology • Internal Strategic Planning • Bob McKeown leading a Strategic Planning Initiative • Goal to involve stakeholders in discussions which establish future directions for the lab • Floated to users at the annual meeting • Expect to meet with groups (Theory, Exptl Phys.. .. During early Fall) • LDRD Program under preparation • Mechanism is to fund through overheads (need buy in from Nuclear Physics)

  4. Experimental Nuclear Physics Program X HDice, delayed has reached 35 mK in lab

  5. 12 GeV Upgrade Project New Hall Add 5 cryomodules 20 cryomodules Add arc 20 cryomodules Add 5 cryomodules Enhanced capabilities in existing Halls Upgrade arc magnets and supplies CHL upgrade Maintain capability to deliver lower pass beam energies: 2.2, 4.4, 6.6…. • Scope of the project includes: • Doubling the accelerator beam energy • New experimental Hall and beamline • Upgrades to existing Experimental Halls

  6. 12 GeV Upgrade Schedule Two short parasitic installation periods in FY10 6-month installation May – Oct 2011 12-month installation May 2012 – May 2013 Hall A commissioning start October 2013 Hall D commissioning start April 2014 Halls B/C commissioning start October 2014 Project Completion June 2015

  7. 12 GeV Picture – Hall D Apparatus

  8. 12 GeV Picture – Hall B Apparatus Pre-Shower Calorimeter Module assembly in the EEL at JLAB Region II (ODU) Region I (JLAB) Assembly of the mirror substrate in the clean room: Components are being glued together under pressure of 2.5 psi.

  9. Hall D Status – July 2011 Ready For Equipment (RFE) Dec. 28, 2010

  10. Installation

  11. RF Zones Installation and testing of new RF power for the new cryomodules: SL24 fully installed, SL24 and SL23 in progress….and……

  12. Hall D Solenoid • Coil #1 tested at 1200A  • Coil #4 tested at 1500A  • Coil #3 tested at 1500A  • Coil #2 tested at 1500A  • Hall D Solenoid refurbishment is one month ahead of schedule.

  13. 6MSD – Highlights • Very Good Progress • Magnet rework and reinstallation went very well Rework, reinstallation in west arc, installation of Arc 10 done “stretch” goal (rework Arc 7, 9 and added Arc 5) in East Arc done • RF installation, LCW, FEL, and major scope of work on track so far • Civil work proceeding apace • Halls making progress • After delays as a result of microphonics measurements and analysis,revised plan for installation and testing of C100-1 installed, cold and in test. C100-2 being worked. • Steering processes, teams and tools (integrated schedule) put in place for the 6MSD worked very well.

  14. Dudek et al I=2, J=0   Computational Nuclear Physics • Perform state-of-the-art Lattice QCD calculations with particular reference to the Experimental Program • Lattice calculation of the low-lying meson and baryon spectrum, with the contribution of multi-hadron states included, at a pion mass of 230 MeV • Operate the JLab portion of the LQCD National Computing Resources in support of the USQCD Collaboration • Increase national Lattice QCD capability, as laid out under FY10-14 LQCD-ext project execution plan. Present successful case to USQCD Executive Committee for JLab to be the location. LQCD Cluster

  15. Electron Ion Collider Realization Imagined

  16. Accelerator Team’s Roadmap Toward the Next NSAC LRP • Major Events/Accomplishments • Held an internal machine design review (Sep. 15 & 16, 2010) • Held an internal Workshop on the choice of RF  SRF/750 MHz • Held an internal MEIC Ion Complex Design Workshop (Jan. 29 & 30, 2011) • Reported the MEIC machine design in the EICAC Meeting (April 10, 2011) • Received a grant ($900K) from DOE/NP for MEIC R&D (Nov. 2010) • Planning for 2nd MEIC Internal Accelerator Design Review and 1st Cost Review this Fall

  17. EICAC Recommendations • Three recommendations on accelerator • In future presentations each facility clarifies what is being considered as part of their baseline proposal, and separately what the ultimate upgrade performance might be • To perform start-to-end simulation of the BNL ERL design and to have it reviewed by ERL beam dynamics experts • … suggest that BNL develop a fall-back electron cooling design • To conduct technical design reviews and cost estimates for both proposed facilities with enough similarity so that credible conclusions can be drawn on technical realization, cost and schedule; perhaps this could be done by establishing a joint technical review committee • and one on detector • Reemphasizes its previous recommendation on the importance and the urgency of simulation work to understand the relation between detector performance and quality of physics results, in order to better understand the trade-off between detector resolutions and acceptances on the one hand, and luminosity, polarization and beam energies on the other

  18. Electron Ion Collider • Jefferson Lab Community Workshops • INT 10 week Workshop • Workshop Report – available • Considerable progress on MEIC Design • Detector R&D Funding from BNL • Electron Ion Collider Advisory Committee Meeting at Jefferson Lab adjacent to DIS2011 • Plan, Writing Team, for EIC White Paper • Target later 2011

  19. UV Lasing at JLab FEL February 28, 2011: Jefferson Lab's Free-Electron Laser delivered its first beam of laser light from the ultraviolet FEL into an experimental lab.

  20. JLab FEL VUV Opportunities

  21. Initial Science with JLab VUV FEL Atom Trap Trace Analysis (ATTA). - 81Kr dating (229,000 yrs compared to 14C -5730 yrs) - 85Kr detection (nuclear security) Combustion dynamics. - Time-resolve intermediate chemical states - Advanced fuels and engines  higher efficiency and reduced emissions Electronic structure of correlated materials. - Electron quantum structure via photoemission - Novel materials, e.g., high Tc superconductors

  22. Photon Science Activities – 2011 Timeline • Feb. 28 – VUV from FEL • March – CD-0 for NGLS • April 27 – visit from Center for Innovative Technology (Va. economic development org) • May 9 – Director’s Review of VUV pilot program • May 23 – Annual Lab Plan Presentation to DOE • June 17 – Va. Univ. representatives meet at JLab • July 6 – visit U. Va. • July 20 – Va. Secy of Education visit

  23. Budget Issues • FY11 • Nuclear Physics provided excellent support • 12 GeV Upgrade at $36M • TEDF Project fully funded • UIM Project moved out to 2013 (if it survives) • FY12 House EW Markup • NP needed increase to support 12 GeV and FRIB • NP $53 M less than request • House EW Markup 12 GeV $40M ($66M req) in table • FRIB $24M ($30M req) in language • TEDF OK, UIM in out years • DNP plus Lab Directors • Bob Redwine + KG, HM, SA signed one page position paper • Visit to staffers on July 11

  24. Concerns • Short Term Budget • End Game in Physics of 12 GeV Project • Startup/Commissioning of 12 GeV Program • Longer Term Schedule Overcommitment