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Kaspersky Password Manager PowerPoint Presentation
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Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky Password Manager

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Kaspersky Password Manager

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  1. Kaspersky Password Manager

  2. The growing popularity of online services Internet users make active use of resources that require authorization: email services social networks bank accounts IM clients P2P services, etc.

  3. Relying on usernames and passwords The majority of users are unaware of security issues and opt for a low level of protection: Create weak passwords which can be easily cracked Use just one or two passwords for all online services Trust the auto-save functions in browsers Dfzedd rehrey Podsgq fzdf646

  4. Kaspersky Password Manager is the solution Your personal password manager which provides: Immediate authorization on websites Safe password storage on your computer Backup of your password database every time it’s modified Creation of strong passwords Quick filling-in of online forms Import of unprotected passwords from other programs • And it’s fully compatible with all current Windows versions and can be installed on removable media

  5. Surfing the Internet has never been easier Provides quick and easy access to all your passwords Saves you from the hassle of remembering passwords Signs you in to websites and applications with a single mouse click Automatically fills in long online forms Supports most popular browsers and applications

  6. Quick launch with a single click of the mouse The quick launch button allows you to use Kaspersky Password Manager functions directly from web browsers or from the applications you need authorization for • Supported browsers: • Google Chrome NEW! • Internet Explorer • Mozilla Firefox • Maxthon 2.5.х • Flock 2.х • Seamonkey 2.0.8 • Supported IMs: • Skype • ICQ • QIP • Yahoo Messenger

  7. Accounts that are created automatically Kaspersky Password Managerwill automatically ask you to create a new account when entering your username and password for a website or application

  8. Automatic authorization Kaspersky Password Manager will then automatically enter your login and password when you visit sites

  9. Strong passwords are just a mouse-click away! With Kaspersky Password Manager it’s easy to create strong passwords • A strong password: • consists of at least 8 symbols • does not contain a complete word • differs from passwords you have used previously • contains the following: • upper and lower case letters • figures • special symbols

  10. Save time by importing passwords from browsers Kaspersky Password Manager allows you to add passwords from unprotected password databases in InternetExplorer, Google ChromeandMozillaFirefox

  11. Filling in huge forms is now faster and easier • Kaspersky Password Manager automatically fills in personal data such as: • Name • Date of birth • Sex • email address, telephone number • Country of residence, etc. • Kaspersky Password Manager securely stores this data in an encrypted database on your computer.

  12. Safely share your account • Kaspersky Password Manager allows you to exchange encrypted accounts with your friends and relatives. • After a specified period the product will remind you that the account was transferred to another user and ask if you want to change your credentials.

  13. Multi-level authentication offers an additional level of security • Kaspersky Password Managerallows an additional level of authorization by using a unique ID of USB orBluetooth device • The user specifies a PIN code which allows the solution to ensure the device is being used by its true owner • Authorization becomes impossible without the PIN code

  14. NEW! Personal notes - secure storage for your personal data Kaspersky Password Manager provides protection for all sorts of personal data: passport data PIN codes bank cards numbers software license keys etc. For your convenience, the product offers templates with a set of standard data types

  15. Use your passwords on any computer • The portable version allows you to use Kaspersky Password Manager in an Internet café, on your friends’ computer, or at work • Creating a portable version is easy with the help of a dedicated wizard • Media requirements: • flash drive • minimum of 8 MB free space

  16. More handy features when using accounts • Kaspersky Password Manager allows you to link a single login and password pairing to several accounts, with any changes being made to all the linked accounts • Kaspersky Password Manager allows to combine password databases used on different computers • Kaspersky Password Manager stores information about all your bank cards in one vCard and uses it to fill in electronic forms. You can specify a default vCard or choose a vCard from the list

  17. Working with online services is now much faster and safer You don’t have to remember all your passwords or worry about your data security Most tasks can be performed with a single click of the mouse Saves your time by filling in lengthy forms automatically The portable version allows to use KasperskyPassword Manager on any computer