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IETF Liaison Report

IETF Liaison Report

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IETF Liaison Report

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  1. IETF Liaison Report November 2003 Dorothy Stanley – Agere Systems IEEE 802.11 Liaison To/From IETF

  2. IETF AES-CCM Specification Issued as RFC 3610, see Resolved 802.11i LB 61 comments IEEE 802.11i Dependencies

  3. RFC 2284bis – In IETF last call Last call (equivalent of Sponsor Ballot) closed November 6th , 2003. IEEE 802.11i Dependencies (via 802.1-REV)

  4. Control And Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP) BOF-2 will be held Nov 14th, 2003 BOF-2 Chairs Mahalingam Mani, and Dorothy Gellert, Mailing List: Current draft: Charter, links, issues lise available at Request for IEEE Review of CAPWAP documents, after WG formed. Please see Stuart Kerry or Dorothy Stanley if you’re interested. Update: CAPWAP BOF

  5. Clear problem statement of CAPWAP work Description of the split AP (AP – Access Controller) architecture CAPWAP security requirements, defining the needs for security between the AP and the AC, both for host data transport and for AP-AC signaling and control Discovery of ACs by APs Auto-organization of APs and ACs into a managed wireless access network, including AC redundancy Secure Encapsulation of host data and AC-AP signaling, as necessary to address the requirements Secure Configuration of the AP by the AC CAPWAP BOF -Charter

  6. IETF RADIUS Working Group May be Formed RADEXT BOF to be held November 14th, 2003 Wi-Fi WLAN Public Access Needs, Requests from 3GPP2 Proposed charter includes: Specifying how RADIUS handles prepaid accounting for WLAN (& other) Pre-paid applications Standardizing WLAN-related RADIUS attributes. Standardizing a basic RADIUS attribute extension mechanism Contact Bernard Aboba or David Nelson Update: RADIUS WG

  7. EAP Key Framework Document See Will become an EAP WG work item Key Naming – Coordinate PMK name definitions as much as possible between 802.11i and EAP WG Joint meeting held with 802.11i, Herndon Oct 15, topics: Document status, Key Scoping, EAP State Machines, Key Hierarchies. See 03/830. EAP State Machine Document Will become an EAP WG work item Update: EAP Keying

  8. Recent/upcoming meetings: November 9-14, 2003 Minneapolis, MN Feb 29-March 5 2004 Seoul, Korea August 1-6, 2004 November 7-12, 2004 TBD: Website of IETF/IEEE 802.11 request/response status As maintained for others, for example see IETF Meetings