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Welcome To The World Of….. PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome To The World Of…..

Welcome To The World Of…..

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Welcome To The World Of…..

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  1. Welcome To The World Of…..

  2. Welcome to Shree Investment Shree Investment is an integrated financial services group, offering a wide range of services to a significant clientele that includes corporations, financial institutions, high net-worth individuals and retail investors. Shree Investment works as a promoter in real estate industry. It's our efficient and effective solution that has given us domestic and global giants as satisfied clients. Shree Investment has earned a strong reputation in the real estate industry as we strongly work for the satisfaction of our customers in Delhi-NCR & Vrindavan(Mathura). We have catered to numerous national clients belonging to various business domains. As a real estate company we have been redefining the standards of real estate and with our years of experience, we offer a wide range of services to fulfill our client's need. We make it our business to understand your financial requirements. 
  3. Shree Investment Helpline Shree Investment helpline offers the “armchair investors” and extremely attractive investment vehicle. Shree Investment helpline remove the usual risks & hassle faced by investor, such as bad tenants, property maintenance. Our familiarity with the challenges of owning and managing property ensures a worry free investment. Shree Investment helpline provides investors with an innovative way to invest in residential & commercial property that has many advantages over traditional buy to let investment. Shree Investment helpline offers a trusted and reliable guaranteed return scheme. Buying a property that is part of property helpline or learning your property to us gives the security of fixing your rental income, bring peace of mind to landlord, as well as creating a stable platform for accelerated property investment. Shree Investment helpline looks to help make it possible for to benefit from property who values the simplicity and speed of our home. Shree Investment helpline offers a secure and reliable service that you can trust, now and in the future. Shree Investment helpline enables those people who don’t have the time to learn how to go through the property investment process.
  4. Vision Shree Investment have a foresight vision to develop a property hub at international level to provide terminal for all kind of property solution to the customers. To fulfill the needs of clients in an ease manner which will be polished by the efficient team with an indepth knowledge a global vision an a consistent high quality of service to the entire world.
  5. Mission Its our mission to make people realize and made them satisfy through our services that whenever they will think of property, Shree Investment is the best option which will come to their mind to give complete property solution. An additional advantage is to have strong network with a presence of us at our home town i.e. Vrindavan(Mathura),Meerut & Delhi-NCR.
  9. Legal Advisor’s Desk:

    Mr. J.K .Singh, (Advocate & Legal Consultant ) Mr. J.K .Singh has more than 30 years of rich experience as an Advocate & Legal Consultant in Corporate World. He is well-versed with all the legal aspects to provide the best real estate solutions to the clients. We provide our clients with most effectual Property legal consultancy for the buying, selling and renting of the residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural property. His firm(J K &Associates) has a team of lawyers, intellectual property experts, technical experts etc. who renders prompt services at affordable prices. They are a reputed legal consultancy firm in Delhi/ NCR&U.P. Moreover, they provide Proper legal aid and follow complete procedures to ensure best use of client’s time and money. Work Specialty in Real Estate Industry : Property Documentation Property Registration Property Law Services Property Litigation
  10. SERVICES Real Estate Advisor Financial Planner Legal Consultant Home Loan Land Benchers
  11. Let’s Come Together Relationship of trust is the best way to move on the path of success as well as our progress depends on encouragement and effective work through the unity of efficient people together. As we all know “UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL”
  12. SHREE INVESTMENT ADITYA K. SINGH Business Head (Financial Planner) Mob:09897094475 Shree Investment