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The Last S lice

The Last S lice

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The Last S lice

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  1. The Last Slice

  2. The last slice • A short film written and directed by Matthew Johnson Starting • Craig Turner • Kenny Tran • Matthew Watts • Lyle Walls

  3. Overview: A pizza delivery boy thinks it’s a normal delivery what will happen to him when he gets there? Will that be his last delivery? • Synopsis: • Are story will start with are main chartern Jack who is a pizza delivery boy it is a part time job for him. Its his last delivery before he clocks off for the night the when he arrives at the house hoping to finish the last delivery quick but when he nocites the door open he was a bit concerned so he shouts out if anyone is there.

  4. Positioning The last slice is a horror short film is going to be a your usual slasher movie but with a twist and the twist is I’m going to break the rules of a horror film and I want to keep the audience guessing who would live and who would die. I’m trying to create dark and terrifying film what will hoppful keep the audience guessing and trying to shock them at the same time with the narrative and visuals. I written this film because I got bored of the horror films with the rules and I want to try out my own take on the genre and to see if it works and I want to focus on the narrative as well I want the audience to have a connection with the character and to start rooting for character and hopping the character wouldn’t die. With the actors we want them to bring the character emotions we want to make the audience fall in love with them and I want the actors to kind of take own version of it there in some slasher films there not much dialog between the main characters but we wanted I bit more dialog then your normal slasher film.

  5. The Team: • Matthew Johnson • Craig Turner • Kenny Tran • Matthew Watts • Lyle Walls

  6. Phoenix • Phoenix Productions is independent film company what was crated in 2013 when a group of friends wanted to make short films of all genres and wanted to share the ideas to the world and hopeful inspire people to make there own films based in Coventry City, England.

  7. Comparable Tiles • Scream By Wes Craven Gross: $103,046,663 £63,199,445.84 Friday the 13th By Marcus Nispel Gross: $65,002,019 £39,866,323.27

  8. Schedule: • Pre-production 17th February to 3th March • Production 4th March to 10thMarch • Post-production 11th March to 17th March • Budget: £3500 • Finance: • Actors and crew: £1500 • Camera: £412.00 • Tripod: £16.50 • Props hire: £300 • Sound and lighting: £49.50 • Editing:1,050

  9. The Festival I will try to show my film in: • A Night of horror (Sydney, Australia) • All Things Horror Presents (Somerville, Massachusetts USA) • Abertoir Horror Festival (Aberystwyth, UK) • Another Hole In The Head (San Francisco, California) • Atlanta HorrorFest: Buried Alive Horror Film Festival (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)