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Manager 201

The Leadership required in Milliken today is action that supports our values (ethics, integrity, excellence, and market leadership) and our approach to innovation (deep science, meaningful design, and unique insights).

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Manager 201

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  1. The Leadership required in Milliken today is action that supports our values (ethics, integrity, excellence, and market leadership) and our approach to innovation (deep science, meaningful design, and unique insights). • Their ability to understand, articulate, and create an environment for behaviors that support Purposeful Play will enable us to innovate and grow. • Manager 201’s objectives are: • Develop an understanding of how to create an environment for “purposeful play” and in turn, drive innovation and growth • Understand, develop and learn the tools for being an effective manager. • Learn what is required in their current position and compare it to what they do now. • Learn skills to coach associates • Gain a further understanding of performance management and how to explain and communicate someone’s performance. • Understand their role and responsibilities in leading and implementing the 70-20-10 development principle. Manager 201 Target Audience: New Managers of Managers or Manager refresher class Focuses on making the successful transition from individual contributor to managing other managers.

  2. Ask these questions? • Do they understand the roles and responsibilities required in Milliken today for themselves and their managers? • Are they able to identify the skills, time applications and work values necessary in their present role and necessary to make the transition to the next level? • Are they able to articulate and implement the connection between purposeful play, innovation, growth, roles and responsibilities, coaching, performance management, and the 70-20-10 development principle? • Can they perform “coaching skills” with their team to be effective? • Can they or have they implemented specific actions and events that create the behaviors necessary to foster purposeful play? • Can they identify their associates’ behavioral style in order to leverage their strengths and coach them effectively? • Do they have a good working knowledge of Milliken’s HR policies? • Can they explain to their managers’ satisfaction what their associates’ performance/potential rating means – to include compensation, career, and development plans? • Do they understand their role in developing your associates, to include the 70-20-10 principle and specific plans to implement? • Can they recognize “coachable moments” to develop the capabilities of your associates? • Do they create the environment for Purposeful Play to grow? • If they would answer “no” to any of these questions, they should consider this Workshop. Manager 201

  3. Manager 201 Agenda

  4. Recent Comments: It is lonely as a manager. I was glad I was able to share my challenges with other managers of managers. The class exceeded my expectations. I wish the class would have been available 5 years ago and I hope I can convince my boss to go. I didn't get a chance to take you aside to give you some feedback about the Manager 201 course that we had prior to the Asian Management Conference. It was in a word...outstanding. My colleagues and I are in agreement that it was one of the most valuable Milliken internal classes that we have taken in a long, long time. We found the subject matter very applicable to what we are doing in our jobs, the team interaction and discussions very valuable both to share knowledge/experience to our other colleagues and to put the course material in practice. It was also a good chance to network and interact with associates across divisions and geographical locations which we do not often get a chance to do. Nicole, John, and Kevin did an excellent job keeping us all engaged and their preparation was spot-on. I even practiced my coaching skills in our breakout session on Wednesday. It's amazing how it works! I hope to see more classes like this offered to us! I am going to recommend this class to my boss, which is an SLT member. This class should be given to managers at the point of taking on new responsibilities, not after years of learning the HARD way, Great class. Strongly recommend class. I learned several tools that will help me communicate/develop my team. Great class, I got the most out of all the interactions. Manager 201 Participants

  5. Day 1 (define expectations) • meet with boss (expectations) • Week 1 (basics) • shadow a Manager of Managers • meet with HR to review policies Days 7 - 90 (self-study) • Management Skills intro: • Ready, Set, Manage • Motivating • Planning • Communication • Building Success • Getting Input • Dealing w/challenging people & teams manager 201 Target: Manager of Managers (<1 year on job) • Days 90 - 120 (in class) • Manager 201 • Coaching • Pipeline Management • Performance Management • HR policies • Ongoing Development • Conversations • Planning • New experiences • etc. • Days 150-180 (development) • read TheLeadership Pipeline • on-the-job experience • Eight months + (development) • participate in a 360° assessment • plan individual development & action • items for improvement based on • assessment feedback

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