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Enhance your 4-H Youth Development Profession

Enhance your 4-H Youth Development Profession. You are invited to join NYSACCE4-HE- Your Professional Organization. Benefits of membership Camaraderie Networking Professional Development Awards and Recognition Leadership opportunities. Camaraderie. Camaraderie.

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Enhance your 4-H Youth Development Profession

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  1. Enhance your 4-H Youth Development Profession

  2. You are invited to join NYSACCE4-HE-Your Professional Organization Benefits of membership • Camaraderie • Networking • Professional Development • Awards and Recognition • Leadership opportunities

  3. Camaraderie

  4. Camaraderie "The Association is the key that holds us all together-it provides a unity & strength for our profession. We work together, have fun together & rely on one another. The relationships built through the Association keep people in our profession & keep them at their best.” Celeste Charmichael, Member

  5. NAE4-HA Annual Conference

  6. Networking

  7. Networking "Being a member of NAE4-HA & NYSACCE4-HE has allowed me to expand my networking with the 4-H community & to learn what programs others are offering. It has opened doors to a variety of opportunities & gives me new ideas for programming.” -Jody Maneely, Member

  8. How we network… • Conferences-State and National • News and Views-State Association newsletter • District Educator meetings • Program and resource sharing • Support and mentoring

  9. Professional Development

  10. Professional Development "Over my many years in 4-H Youth Development, the Professional Association has been the very best source of professional development opportunities.” -Barb Schirmer, Member

  11. 4-H Educator Association Annual Conference

  12. Awards and Recognition

  13. Awards and Recognition "I have found membership in the organization to be a great resource & support throughout my career.” -Shawn Tiede, Member

  14. Leadership Opportunities

  15. Leadership Opportunities "The 4-H Association at the State & National levels give opportunities for youth development professionals to grow personally & professionally with others that care about making a difference in the lives of youth.” -Patti Zellmer, Member

  16. Types of Membership • New Member (State & National)-$60.00 • State Only Membership-$30.00 • Renewal Membership (State & National)-$90.00 • National Life Membership*-$210.00 • State Life Membership*-$80.00 *Only available to those that have retired from CCE.

  17. A look at who we are and what we do Learning new skills, taking new adventures

  18. Sharing our skills

  19. Planning Programs- ABC Trip

  20. Developing friendships & support networks

  21. Supporting 4-H- 4-H Foundation Golf Tournament

  22. 2009 Association Goals Membership • Attain a membership of 140 members (includes state only, national and life members) • Maintain and update Membership Data Base for the NYSACCE4-HE Association • Identify and communicate additional membership benefits

  23. 2009 Association Goals Marketing • Update the 4-H Educator’s Association information on the State 4-H Office website • Develop a Power Point Presentation and up-to-date marketing materials • Develop News ‘n Views to be a useful member and marketing tool

  24. 2009 Association Goals Finance • Reconvene Investment Committee if needed and review Investment recommendations as suggested by the 2008 • Investment Committee and previously approved by Board

  25. 2009 Association Goals Professional Development • Support the 2009 NAE4-HA Conference through Association • Involvement Work with Committee Chairs to establish goals and a system for reporting successes • Implement a system for using Association funding to promote professional • Development opportunities at the district level

  26. Come see what it’s all about…

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