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4-H Youth Development Program

Amador County Beginning 4-H. 4-H Online Record Book. 4-H Youth Development Program. 4-H Online Record Book. Part 1: Introduction & Login Part 2: Entering Information Part 3: Youth Functions. 4-H Youth Development Program. 4-H Online Record Book Part 1: Introduction & Login.

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4-H Youth Development Program

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  1. Amador County Beginning 4-H 4-H Online Record Book 4-H Youth Development Program

  2. 4-H Online Record Book Part 1: Introduction & Login Part 2: Entering Information Part 3: Youth Functions 4-H Youth Development Program

  3. 4-H Online Record Book Part 1: Introduction & Login 4-H Youth Development Program

  4. WHY ORB? • Helps Youth develop record keeping skills in a 21st century environment • Opportunities for mentoring • Extended opportunities for club members to connect with each other

  5. The ORB & 4hOnline Relationship DATA • ORB gets all its information directly from 4hOnline. • ORB uses the same login information that you use to gain access to 4hOnline. • http://ca.4honline.com/

  6. Common Log-In Issues Email address problems Adult password problems Youth password problems 4-H Youth Development Program

  7. Email Problems

  8. Email Problems • Was your family email address entered correctly? • No typos? • You haven’t changed it? • Not using a secondary email? • Each family account contains one primary email address for the family • Does not matter whether that family includes youth, youth and adults, or just adults.

  9. Password Problems

  10. What is my (adult) 4hOnline password?! • To obtain your 4hOnline password and you KNOW your email address: • Click “I forgot my password.” • The 4hOnline system will send the password to the email address on record. • http://ca.4honline.com/

  11. What is my (youth) 4hOnline password?! • Parents need to go to https://ca.4honline.com/ and log into their 4hOnline account. • Once logged into 4hOnline, parents need to set an Online Record Book password by clicking “Change Youth Password for Record books.” • One youth password for entire family. • This will set a separate password for youth members to access the 4-H Online Record Book.

  12. What is my (youth) 4hOnline password?!

  13. Other Tips • Must allow pop-up

  14. 4-H Online Record Book Part 2: Entering Information 4-H Youth Development Program

  15. Paper versus Electric PDR Story APR & JTLDR Collection

  16. Navigating the Forms in ORB PDR APR & JRTLR Story (partial) Collection of Work Enter PDR categories PDR 7 APR E & I 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 8 & Enter Club Meetings and Project Meetings/Learning Experiences

  17. Personal Development Report (PDR) Review, edit, or delete activities and look at star rankings What about PDR #1? That’s entered when the Annual Project Report is completed. Enter PDR categories PDR 7 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 8

  18. Personal Development Report • Enter • General activity/event or club meeting • Tag developmental areas • Awards • Review • Star Ranking Chart • Club Meeting Record • List of activities

  19. My 4-H Story Story Live Demonstration #2

  20. Annual Project Report APR & JRTLR Enter Project meetings APR E & I

  21. Annual Project Report • Enter • Learning experiences & project meetings • Income and Expenses • Honors and awards • Citizenship and leadership • Things made, raised, grown, improved • Review • Begin Annual Project Report  End of year

  22. Junior and Teen Leadership Report (JTLDR) Pre-Project Post-Project Live Demonstration #4

  23. Collection of Work Assembled at the end of the year. (partial) Collection of Work Live Demonstration #5

  24. End-of-Year Approval Process

  25. 4-H Online Record Book Part 3: Youth Functions 4-H Youth Development Program

  26. Club Info Club Activities: General activities/events or Club meetings posted by members or volunteers of that club! Membership Roster: list of all members and volunteers in the club. (Adults are listed with an age of 0). Leaders: List of Officers and Adult Leaders in that club. (Information comes directly from 4hOnline.) Leaderboard: Lists most active youth in various categories. Live Display

  27. Action Center Lists APR’s and JTLDR’s due! Area for member to complete (and print) book at end of the year.

  28. The Hand Add this activity from another member in your own record book!

  29. Sparks

  30. Sparks • The Sparks surveys are how we are measuring growth in our 4-H youth. • These surveys measure growth in key areas of positive youth development directly related to helping youth reach their fullest potential. • When youth and project leaders complete the surveys they add points to your Spark Score! • These points can be used to receive a special 100-year pin or a chance to win an iPad2!

  31. Social Media Update your club on what you are doing. Leave a message for another club mate or leader Add a photo or video of a 4-H experience etc. Promote someone’s post or comment on it.

  32. Social Media • Achievements allow users to see everything that they have entered. • Club Leaders can see their club stats • County staff can see their counties stats.

  33. Privacy Settings My Settings allows a user to set their privacy settings for the Online Record Book.

  34. Privacy Settings Allows access for people with disabilities Allows a member to determine who in their club will see their posts Allows a member to ignore certain news feeds

  35. Parental Control & Privacy Parents have control over their children’s ability to login and social access.

  36. Program Year • 4-H members will have access to modifying their Record Book for the program year until December 31. • For example, for this program year, 2013-2014, members can add, edit, and delete items until December 31, 2014. • 4-H members have a grace period in the new program year until December 31. Members may be inactive, pending, incomplete in the 4hOnline enrollment system and still have access to ORB until Dec 31. After Dec 31, only ‘active’ members will be able to access ORB.

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