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Restaurant marketing ideas

Restaurant marketing ideas

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Restaurant marketing ideas

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  1. Great Restaurant Marketing Ideas in 5 Steps It’s easy for local restaurants to double their revenue, with simple, yet powerful local restaurant marketing strategies. 1. Be Visible When Local Customers Search for You The numbers say it all. 80 percent of your customers search online before they step into an outlet, and out of them, up to 82 percent will walk into your outlet, only if they are able to find you. There are many ways to get in front of them before they decide. To begin with, optimize your restaurant website with digital marketing services for restaurants for local search. Add your local outlet address and telephone number to every page on your restaurant website. Add your business to Google MyBusiness. This will ensure that your restaurant pictures, address, location, contact numbers, open hours, and even customer reviews will be visible alongside your restaurant website URL, in Google search results.

  2. Adding your business to Yelp, Zomato, Trip Advisor, FourSquare, and other local directories will not onlyhelp in app searches, but Google searches too. In addition, you will add valuable back links to your restaurant website. More search results on the top of the Google search page will push your competition further down and get your restaurant website undivided attention. 2. Use Themes Make it exciting. Add special menus for special days. Offer theme parties. Do something extraordinary at least one day a week, and publish them on your restaurant website and social network. 3. Go Social Post Yummy food pics every single day. Get on every Facebook group inside 40 miles of your outlet. Do something unique on Facebook, like hosting recipe contests. Offer Special Treat Coupons to fill up those slack hours. Link everything back to your restaurant website. 4. Listen to Customers The most effective marketing is triggered right inside your outlet, with your customers. Train your outlet to listen to them. Are one too many of them asking for an item not on your menu? Then plan to add it. Is the greeting right? Is the wait time too long? Is the food hot all day? Start with these to make your own customer checklist. When your customers are in a joyful mood, then ask for a review. Have a review pad ready so that they can write it out then and there, and don’t forget to request

  3. a selfie with the review. In fact, plan a cool corner for selfies. Thank them with a useful present or a restaurant coupon. Once you have the reviews, post it on your restaurant website and tweet it. Post it on your Facebook page too and tag the customer. Encourage everyone to share. Remember, nothing spreads the word faster than a delighted customer. 5. Remember, All Of You Are In Sales! Encourage your staff to get involved in marketing, especially on their social accounts. Let them celebrate every customer appreciation with pictures. Hold friendly contests for them too. Encourage team spirit and a passion for creating memorable customer experiences. Need more tips? We are always here to help. For more information about izmoRM digital marketing services, email us at