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Web Based Recruiting Software PowerPoint Presentation
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Web Based Recruiting Software

Web Based Recruiting Software

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Web Based Recruiting Software

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  1. Web Based Recruiting Software

  2. Human Resource Management • HR is the vital part of an organization. A company’s success or failure lies on the shoulders of human resource management. • Human resource management deals with the employees within the organization by providing them with basic necessities to grow and perform better within the company.

  3. Tasks of HR HR manager’s job description includes: • Paying the salaries • Organize the Company • Recruiting potential Employee

  4. Recruiting Process • Recruiting potential employee for the company is one of the most important and tedious process. • It takes lot of time of hr team to recruiting potential customers.

  5. How to Ease Recruiting Process • A simple and cost efficient solution is to go out for resume parser which is also called HR software. • The software helps by analyzing the resumes and giving the results within 24 hours. The companies are endowed with the best short listed candidates. All they have to do is to interview the candidates

  6. Web based Hr Software • Rchilli Web based Hr Software is here to help you. The new-flanged version of will be godsend for job portals and the industries who are looking forward to adjoin resume parsing functionality to their portals. The ready to serve version can be mounted to the server which will further return the XML in HRXML format after parsing and analyzing the resumes.

  7. Web API - Models Rchilli SAAS is inventive because:- • No capital investment is required and can be installed on your own server. • It is a secured model with no service downtime. • 24*7 accessibility. Rchilli Web API is valuable because:- • Necessitate one time payment. • Own server installation. • One year free up gradation and technical support.

  8. Web based hr Software - Features • Easy integration with any of Job Portals or Web Application. • Fasten the Resume Uploading Process in Job Portals. • Sample Code available in Dot Net, C#, PHP and Java. • Can be installed with any Custom Application.

  9. Benefits • Accept all formats of Resumes – DOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF, TXT and HTML. • Analyze the resume and save that under respective category. • Easily customizable. • Divide single resume in more than 25 fields, like : First Name, Last Name, Address, city, State, Phone Number, E-mail, Qualification and many more.

  10. Contact US Rchilli Web based hr software is a blessing in disguise which will alleviate you from all your qualms..!!! For More Information Visit us: or Call our experts +91-9915725658