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The Echelon lounge

The Echelon lounge

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The Echelon lounge

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  1. The Echelon lounge How I am going to be a change agent By Ashley Pilarski

  2. What is it? The Echelon Lounge is a central hub for everyone any time of day -coffee -music -full bar

  3. This is truly amazing latte art by the way coffee -Full coffee house -Drive thru for easy access on the drive to work -Food products -Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade Recycled and reusable products -A GREAT WAY TO START THE DAY!

  4. Music -Full stage -Opportunity for musicians to do what they love -Adds to atmosphere

  5. •How do you hope to impact people’s lives?•How long have you desired to make this type of change? -By giving an experience that can make someone’s day better -Giving musicians an opportunity to gain success. I have had this dream since I was a freshman in high school

  6. •What do you need to do in order to achieve this?•Who or what will influence your ability to serve as an agent for change? -Passion -Business background -Funds -Money

  7. •What or whom has inspired this?•Is this professional or personal? • This is both a personal and professional choice. This is how I am going to make money, yet this is something that I care about and have wanted to do for 7 years. • I was inspired by all the good times growing up going to local shows in familiar places. You meet all kinds of wonderful people from other places.

  8. Clearwater Theater

  9. Mad Maggies

  10. Provehito in Altum 30 seconds to mars -taught me how to stay connected to humanity -can be accomplished through music -inspired me and gave me the passion to move forward with the movement -inspired me to help others with my passions