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Broadband Services in India

Broadband Services in India. Presentation by NK Goyal, President CMAI Chairman Emeritus, TEMA Vice Chairman ITU APT INFOCOM 2009-2010 Kolkatta 21 st January, 2010 www.nkgoyals.com , www.cmai.asia. Broadband Global Status. Universal broadband service has become a national priority

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Broadband Services in India

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  1. Broadband Services in India Presentation by NK Goyal, President CMAI Chairman Emeritus, TEMA Vice Chairman ITU APT INFOCOM 2009-2010 Kolkatta 21st January, 2010 www.nkgoyals.com, www.cmai.asia

  2. Broadband Global Status • Universal broadband service has become a national priority • 578 million worldwide broadband subscribers as of December, 2009, an increase of 99 million over the year-end 2008 subscribers • Consumer enthusiasm for broadband service continues During 2009 about 8.8 million new broadband subscribers worldwide signed up for service each month. By 2013 the number of global broadband subscribers will surpass 1 billion. • The growing popularity of bandwidth-intensive applications, such as watching online video, using IP-based telephony services, and downloading music files, is spurring global demand for broadband Internet connections.

  3. Broadband Global Status…contd. • Globally 90% use DSL, mobile wireless, and cable modem access technologies. • Mobile wireless broadband at 20% is the second largest access technology after DSL • In near future the number of households with multiple broadband connections will increase tremendously. The multiple household connection are expected to have a wired broadband access technology (DSL, Cable Modem ) along with a mobile wireless broadband connection.

  4. CII IMRB Broadband Report 2009 • Presently around 8 Mn. Broadband only, yet • The broadband penetration in the country is likely to touch 214 million by 201 • Industry expects Government to invest around Rs 17,000 Crore laying fibre cables from USO • The penetration would also generate 20 million jobs

  5. Broadband in FINLAND • Broadband fundamental right to all citizens • Already available 1 Mbps to 90% citizens • Planned 100 Mbps by 2013 for all citizens • Funded by Government

  6. Broadband in CHINA • Premier Wen Jaibao has urged the acceleration of triple network convergence in China at a State Council conference on Jan. • Chinese broadcasters are no longer banned from providing value-added telecom services and basic communication and Internet services, like broadband, as in the past. Telecom operators will be now permitted to operate TV and radio production and transmission. • There was also mention of subsidy provisions and preferential tax policies from the State Council to further jump start the process.

  7. Broadband in CHINA….contd. • The Prime Minister said the £300 million project would see every family in the country linked to their children's schools to access progress reports on attainment, behaviour and other needs. • We want every family to become a broadband family, and we want every home linked to a school. For those finding it difficult to afford this, today I can announce the nationwide rollout of our home access programme to get laptops and broadband at home for 270,000 families,'' • 'That is why we have said that from 2010 all secondary schools - and from 2012 all primary schools - will guarantee reporting online to parents.

  8. Broadband in USA • National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), along with the Rural Utilities Service (RUS) grant $7.2 billion in Broadband stimulus money for un served and underserved areas • Net Neutrality • Those providing wholesale access to their networks at reasonable rates to be given preference. • Speed "provision of two-way data transmission within advertised speeds of at least 768 kbps downstream and 200 kbps upstream to end users." Reasoning FCC says it is most "technology-neutral option.“ • "underserved" means where half or fewer of the households are able to obtain wired broadband.

  9. USA Broadband Stimulus • USA stimulus plans asking for net neutrality, due to which all major existing operators( 85% of existing lines) did not applied. • Another factor not to apply was fear of stringent regulations and peep into business practices.

  10. Canada • Canada is now jumping into the broadband stimulus game. • Govt. announced in July, 2009 "Broadband Canada: Connecting Rural Canadians." • As part of Canada's Economic Action Plan, which gives $225 million to Industry Canada for the development and implementation of a strategy to extend and improve broadband coverage. • Broadband had penetrated 94 percent of Canadian households, yet 22 percent of rural households are still without broadband access.  • Federal Government support up to 50 percent of cost for network equipment purchases and hardware/software upgrades, as well as long-term network capacity investment costs.

  11. Broadband in UK • The British Govt. plans to deliver 2Mbit/s broadband to all citizens by 2012.  • Govt. will have ‘an independently produced guiding technical arbitration on the timing and cost of 900MHz refarming' • Only Vodafone UK and O2 utilise this spectrum which is faster and more robust in terms of delivering mobile broadband, than the 1800MHz spectrum used by the other UK operator Orange, T-Mobile and 2. • The refarming of the 800MHz spectrum, which will be freed up with the switch from analogue to digital television, will happen too late for the three 1800MHz operators to help in driving the Government's broadband plans.

  12. Broadband in Korea • South Korea are already providing broadband at speeds up to 100Mbit/s.

  13. Broadband in India • Govt. declares Broadband Year and what next • Dichotomy-Govt. monopoly to privatization and now for broadband again globally asking Govt. to invest. • USO funding targeted for operators • Re thinking needed for assistance to user rather than provider • Real implementation rather than statements • Voice over Internet, interconnect • Local manufacturing develeopment

  14. Beware of Technology Battles • Telecom is characterized by Hype and Technology debates. • At any given time there must be a live technology debate in telecom era. • The question for network operators is no longer which technology is best--WiMAX or LTE--but which application will compel consumers and enterprises to upgrade to 4G. Will it be video? Or will it just be more bandwidth for the always-on, always-available wireless broadband connection that consumers have come to expect?

  15. We talk of Speed in Telecom? • JOHANNESBURG South Africa 11-month-old pigeon took one hour and eight minutes to fly the 50 miles from Unlimited IT's offices near Pietermaritzburg to the coastal city of Durban with a data card strapped to its leg. • Including downloading, the transfer took two hours, six minutes and 57 seconds — the time it took for only four percent of the data to be transferred using a line provided by Telkom. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/32772500/ns/world_news-weird_news/ September, 2009

  16. About CMAI CMAI prime Integrated Association of India representing all verticals of ICE, telecom sector of India in India having more than 34 MOUs with International organizations, with branch offices in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, China and Malaysia. It offers one window service for information dissemination, guidance on setting up businesses in India. It connects you to Industries, Government, Trade and business It is involved in policy formulations with Government and other stake holders for Technology Innovations, Indigenous manufacturing It is developing scientific knowledge and practical means for protecting human ecology and environment from the harmful effects of environmental hazards like e waste, radiation etc. It assists manufacturers to maximize competitiveness in the domestic and international markets. It also offers consultancy services on turn key basis through its member companies

  17. About CMAI With CMAI membership, you gain access, authority, and intelligence designed to help you to: Protect interests when standards and policies are being formulated Engage peers regularly about market challenges or business opportunities Access timely news, information, and market intelligence Expand business to overseas markets efficiently and effectively Gain a competitive advantage through convergence Take the Lead on green initiatives in the ICTE Industry Participate in Indian and global Exhibitions, Seminars, Workshops

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