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Less is More

Less is More. An Introduction to Modernism. Learning Outcomes. Identify 3 artists associated with the modernism movement. Describe the identifying features of modernist art, design and architecture. Modern day Modernism in Britain. But that cant be it?. How did we get here?.

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Less is More

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  1. Less is More An Introduction to Modernism

  2. Learning Outcomes Identify 3 artists associated with the modernism movement. Describe the identifying features of modernist art, design and architecture.

  3. Modern day Modernism in Britain

  4. But that cant be it? How did we get here?

  5. Victorian ‘splendour’

  6. Industrial Revolution

  7. Paris 1870’s Impressionism Monet – The ParcMonceau 1978

  8. Monet – Haystacks 1891

  9. Monet – Bridge over a pond of Water Lilies 1899

  10. Degas – The Dance Class 1874

  11. Degas – Portraits at the Stock Exchange 1879

  12. Degas – Dancer 1880

  13. Manet – Olympia 1863

  14. Manet – The Bar at The FoliesBergere 1882

  15. Manet – Luncheon on the Grass

  16. Europe1900’s Matisse – Woman Reading 1894 Cubism & Abstraction

  17. Matisse – Glimpse of Notre Dame 1902

  18. Matisse – Street at Biskra 1906

  19. Matisse – White and Rose Head 1914

  20. Picasso – Blue Nude 1902

  21. Picasso – Les Demoiselles d’ Avignon 1907

  22. Picasso – Portrait of AmbroiseVollard 1910

  23. Picasso – Bottle, Guitar and Pipe 1912

  24. Duchamp – Nude Descending Staircase no. 2 1912 Avant-Garde

  25. Duchamp – Bike Wheel 1913

  26. Duchamp – Bottle Rack 1914

  27. Duchamp – Fountain 1917

  28. Cubism, Abstraction & Avant-Garde Interested in ways of seeing. Interested in what was acceptable. Braking things down into their simplest forms. Put them all back together from different angles and viewpoints. Make your own

  29. Meanwhile……….

  30. After the War. This was suppose to be the war to end all wars. Cities were destroyed. People needed change.

  31. Function should always dictate form Ornamental pieces were a waste of time Simplification- Getting rid of the unnecessary Forget the past

  32. The Bauhaus 1919 - 1933 Art into Industry

  33. Teacher at The Bauhaus Paul Klee

  34. Teacher at The Bauhaus WassilyKandinsksy

  35. Post-War Britain.

  36. C.I.A.M - 1928(CongresInternationauxd’ArchitectureModerne) Architecture could no longer exist in an isolated state separate from governments and politics, but economic and social conditions would fundamentally effect the buildings of the future. Aims: Standardise dwellings. Get rid of the ‘chaotic’ jumble of streets, shops and houses and replace them with zoned cities. Different areas for work, home and leisure.

  37. Wells Coates, 1934: “What is the essential intention of the art of architecture? Reduced to it’s simplest elements, architecture is the art of providing ordered shelter for a multitude of human activities…Every change in human conditions brings with it new possibilities of relationships of human needs, and the necessity to order them anew to give them form, and freedom, and fullness and richness of life…As creative architects we are concerned with a future which must be planned, rather than a past which must be patched up”

  38. Lawn Road Flats(Isokon Building ) Hampstead. London Wells Coates 1933- 1934

  39. Highpoint One Highgate. London Lubetkin 1933- 1935

  40. Kensal House Ladbroke Grove. London Fry 1937

  41. Quarry Hill Flats Leeds Livett 1938

  42. Modern day Modernism in Britain

  43. Recap Modernism is a combination of different movements Credited as being started with the impressionists Concentrated on challenging traditional ideas getting rid of unnecessary detail subject matter/ material Called for change & simplification Planning for a happier and healthier future

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