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Lights of Weather PowerPoint Presentation
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Lights of Weather

Lights of Weather

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Lights of Weather

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  1. LightsofWeather By Emma

  2. What causes the Southern/ Northern Lights? The northern and southern light are caused by solar winds that flow into Earth’s atmosphere. The solar winds flow to the poles because they are attracted to the magnetic force at each of Earth’s poles. The colors creating the northern lights of green and red are actually the glow in Earth’s atmosphere when the particles from the solar wind hit our atmosphere. This light at the North Pole is called Aurora Borealis.

  3. What is Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis? • Aurora Borealis is just a big name for the Northern lights. • The name Aurora Borealis is a combination of the roman goddess of dawn, Aurora, and the Greek name for the north wind, Borealis. • Aurora Australis is just another name for Southern Lights. The name is a combination of Aurora, Greek for the roman goddess of dawn, and Australis Latin for South.

  4. How the Aurora borealis/ Aurora australis have to do with weather? The Aurora borealis is very similar to forms of earth weather like ocean currents pulling the oil together except the Aurora is more like earth’s magnetic force pulling in solar winds and the Aurora is a result of space weather. This is like a map of space weather like Aurora borealis and Aurora Australis. The yellow in the picture is all of the solar winds in the Arctic circle that form Aurora borealis.

  5. What form of weather are the Aurora’s? The southern lights or Aurora Austalis are mainly seen in the tip of South America, Australia, and Antarctica, Where as the Northern lights a.k.a Aurora Borealis are seen in parts of Alaska and in the arctic circle. Many people think the aurora’s are just another form of sunset’s but these lights occur in pitchblack darkness and vary in colors that some people say are similar to a sunset. • Well the Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis are actually a solar weather phenomenon that has been going on for five years straight. These lights were predicted to stop years ago and begin in a later years, but they have continued on maximum solar energy.

  6. Do aurora’s occur on other planets? • On the other hand, on planets like Venus that don’t have a very strong magnetic force, an irregular aurora can occur. • But when the magnetic field of a planet and its rotational axis are not aligned there is a very disoriented aurora. Basically if a planet has an atmosphere and a strong enough magnetic field, and is hit with solar wind particles, an aurora can occur. Planets like Jupiter, Saturn, and Earth have regular auroras.

  7. An Aurora on Jupiter The orange/red and the planet’s bottom and top are the aurora’s on Saturn

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