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Practical Uses for Lanyards PowerPoint Presentation
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Practical Uses for Lanyards

Practical Uses for Lanyards

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Practical Uses for Lanyards

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  1. Practical Uses for Lanyards Most people assume that lanyards are designed purely to hold security badges and are only used by large corporations with hundreds of staff members. However, there are many ways to make practical use of lanyards; below we have listed just a few examples. Promotional Item Businesses hoping to create brand awareness and get their name out there will invest in personalised lanyards designed to be given away to existing and potential customers. Lanyards are cheap and the more you buy, the cheaper they get per unit. That means a company can buy thousands of these items at a very affordable price, instantly getting a cheap way to advertise the business. Taking Your Lanyard on a Camping Trip Those who have ever been camping will be aware of the problems most campers face when trying to keep various items secure. Lanyards are the perfect way to hold items in place when camping. They are ideal for hanging wet clothing from trees or for securing tools to your clothing to ensure they are easier to reach when needed. Some people even use lanyards to keep a bottle of wine or beer held secure in a cold river! Make Your Own Tool Belt DIY lovers will know that having tools within easy reach can really make a job much easier. That is why tool belts are so popular. If you have ever seen a tool belt, you will know that it is made from top quality leather and lanyards, so why not make your own. Use your own belt and secure the tools you will need to it using top quality lanyards. Keep Your Items Where You Want Them Why stop at a tool belt when you could secure many of your items in place using lanyards? Lanyards can be used to keep various items in a particular place in the home, attic or garage. Many individuals keep their tools in the garage and to ensure they are within easy reach use lanyards to secure them to a wooden shelf or the garage wall. You can also use them in the home to keep small items such as keys or nail clippers in a safe place. Out and About

  2. Many people just do not realise the benefits of lanyards when it comes to keeping personal belongings safe while out and about. Lanyards can be used to keep personal items such as mobile phones, iPods, cameras, and wallets secure. This can help prevent precious items being stolen or lost. School Trips Teachers taking children on school trips often worry about the kids wandering off, but lanyards help make it easier to identify them. Lanyards with ID cards are the perfect way for children to be identified and located if they wander off. They are a practical way for staff to ensure that trips are well organised and run smoothly. Wedding Favours If you are having a large wedding and are inviting a lot of friends and extended family members, you may be worried about people not knowing each other. Presenting your guests with name badges on personalised lanyards is a great way to break the ice among them. All they will have to do is have a look at the name badge and they will already know that person’s name. Having the lanyards printed with the bride and groom’s names as well as the date and venue of the reception means that guests can take these away as a memento of the big day. In addition, if the wedding is one with a free bar, it will mean unwanted guests cannot simply stroll in and drink the bar dry! Helping to Identify Staff There are times when it is essential that you can quickly identify staff;in a hospital setting, for example. Hospital staff tend to wear ID badges secured to lanyards around their necks. This means that patients and visitors to the hospital can quickly identify a member of staff in the event of an emergency. As well as holding their ID badges in place, lanyards are also used to hold keys, pens, watches and security cards. Lanyards have proved to be an essential item in many businesses. If you need personalised lanyards for your business, contact us here at Ribbonworks today. We are a leading provider of top quality personalised products for a variety of applications. Contact our helpful staff right now for a free, no obligation quote. This article originally published at here