fem4105 psychology of personality and human dynamics n.
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FEM4105 Psychology of Personality and human dynamics PowerPoint Presentation
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FEM4105 Psychology of Personality and human dynamics

FEM4105 Psychology of Personality and human dynamics

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FEM4105 Psychology of Personality and human dynamics

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  1. FEM4105Psychology of Personality and human dynamics DR. ZANARIAH ISMAIL Dr. Zanariah Ismail

  2. DR. ZANARIAH ISMAILOFF No: 0389467086h/p no: 0122099701 Email add: Dr. Zanariah Ismail

  3. Dr. Zanariah Ismail

  4. INTRODUCTION OF PERSONALITY • Conceptual Definition • Personality and persona • To describe a persona specifically • Operational Definition • What psychologist define.. Dr. Zanariah Ismail

  5. WHAT IS PERSONALITY? PSYCHOLOGIST DEFINE…. • A distinctive and relatively stable pattern of behavior, thoughts, motives, and emotions that characterizes an individual. (Wade, C. & Tavris, C. (2011) Psychology. 10th Ed. Prentice Hall.) • The reasonable stable patterns of emotions, motives, and behavior that distinguish one person from another. (Rathus, S. A. (2012) Psychology: Concepts and Connections. 10th Ed. Wadsworth Cengage Learning.) • The unique collection of attitudes, emotions, thoughts, habits, impulses, and behaviors that define how a person typically behaves across situations. (Pastorino, E & Doyle-Portillo, S. (2012) What is Psychology? 3rd Ed. Wadsworth Cengage Learning). Dr. Zanariah Ismail

  6. WHAT IS PERSONALITY? PSYCHOLOGIST DEFINE…. • Our own conceptions about people, and about ourselves, may be similarly bound up with our own perspectives and initial beliefs. • Some think of personality as consisting of the person’s most striking traits, as in “This person has an outgoing personality” or “That person has an agreeable personality.” But many psychological theorists look deeper. • Those schooled in the Freudian tradition look at personality as consisting of underlying mental structures that jockey for supremacy outside the range of our ordinary awareness. Dr. Zanariah Ismail

  7. WHAT IS PERSONALITY? PSYCHOLOGIST DEFINE…. • Other theorists focus on how personality is shaped by learning. And to the humanistic theorists, personality is not something people have but rather something they create to give their lives meaning and direction. • Then, too, sociocultural theorists remind us that we must always consider the influences of culture, race, and ethnicity on personality. Dr. Zanariah Ismail

  8. Personaliti manusia dikaji oleh pakar-pakar psikologi seperti SIGMUND FREUD, CARL JUNG, ALFRED ALDER, CARL ROGERS, ALBERT BANDURA, ABRAHAM MASLOW, B.F. SKINNER, RAYMOND B. CATELL DLL. Sigmund Freud mengatakan personaliti itu adalah hasil integrasi struktur2 id, ego dan superego. Carl Jung pula melihatnya sebagai intergrasi ego, alam tidak sedar peribadi, alam tidak sedar kolektif, kompleks2, persona dan beberapa struktur yg lain. Alfred Adler melihatnya sebagai cara kehidupan seseorang individu atau cara ia bertindakbalas terhadap masalah hidup dan matlamat hidup. Dr. Zanariah Ismail

  9. Kajian akan melihat kepada beberapa teori seperti: Teori Psikoanalisis, Teori Kemanusiaan atau Humanistik, Teori Trait dan Teori Pembelajaran Sosial. Menyentuh kepada beberapa cara manusia dikenali dan difahami, dan bagaimana manusia memperolehi sesuatu personaliti itu Akhir sekali, kita akan melihat kepada beberapa alat yang boleh menilai personaliti manusia secara objektif dan subjektif. Dr. Zanariah Ismail

  10. Sifat • Sikap • Gaya • Personaliti • Sahsiah • Pada umumnya, personaliti akan memperihalkan seseorang individu tersebut tetapi secara khusus, personaliti adalah sifat-sifat yang ada pada seseorang individu seperti cara ia berfikir, beraksi, beremosi, berpersepsi dll. Oleh itu, personaliti akan memperihalkan sifat-sifat fizikal, emosi dan kognitif seseorang individu. Dr. Zanariah Ismail

  11. Our Qualities Make Us The Individual Personality That We Are • Human qualities. What are they? Do they help us? Are they skills or attributes? Are they a part of our personality? Our makeup? Our character? Do they determine what we are or what we do, or do we determine them by our actions, our thoughts, our persona? On these pages you will find little snapshots of human qualities, some might call them traits. I hope you will be able to relate to some of the ideas and thoughts. Perhaps in reading them we will be able to recognize ourselves. • Our personality. What we represent, how we come across, what we stand for, how we act, what we say, what we do, how we do it. There will be examples of all of these things here. Dr. Zanariah Ismail

  12. WHY DO WE NEED TO STUDY PERSONALITY? WHO WE ARE WHAT WE DO WHAT WE SHOW THE WORLD Let us control our own behaviour Let us not be a mask that hides our true identity Let us be enthusiastic about our present, and optimistic about our future Let us set our goals and achieve our dreams Dr. Zanariah Ismail

  13. Our personality. Us. Our very self. • Are we our persona or is there more to it, more to us? Are things that simple? What makes up our persona? • A DEFINITION OF OUR PERSONA? • Can we define our persona? What theory do we buy into? There are lots of theories and one could say as many as there are personalities. But what does our persona consist of - what do we consist of? * Our experience in life *Our temperament or our emotions *Our character or our traits * Our behavior or our attitudes *Our charisma or our likeability *Our ego and our psyche *Our sense of humor *Our identity and our nature *(Amongst many other things) Dr. Zanariah Ismail

  14. These all have a bearing on our life. They can impact on us and on our personality. Some are elements of our persona itself. It is often seen as our character and our nature. But what we show to the world is only the half of it. Our persona is not just what we show to the world but also what we keep to ourselves. What we know about ourselves, that no one else knows, that helps to complete the story. • Personality is the quality of being a person; existence as a self-conscious human being; personal identity; or a person as an embodiment of a collection of qualities. • Personality can be good or bad. People choose the way they act and they can change the way they portray themselves Dr. Zanariah Ismail


  16. TEORI PERSONALITI Dr. Zanariah Ismail

  17. PENILAIAN PERSONALITI Dr. Zanariah Ismail

  18. Topic 1 • What is personality? • What is Human Dynamics? • What is Personality Psychology? • What is Personality Disorders? Dr. Zanariah Ismail

  19. Topic 2 • Method in Studying Personality- in personality studies, three major research methods commonly used are: • Clinical Research Method • Experimental Method • Correlational Method • Topics on research ethics will also be emphasized: • Research Ethics Dr. Zanariah Ismail

  20. Topic 3 • Theoretical Approaches in Personality Dr. Zanariah Ismail

  21. TEORI PERSONALITI Dr. Zanariah Ismail

  22. Topic 4 • Psychology of Personality and Human Dynamics • Self-Concept • Gender Identity • Anxiety • Aggression Dr. Zanariah Ismail

  23. Topic 5 • Personality Assessment • Assessment Technique Dr. Zanariah Ismail

  24. Topic 6 • Personality Disorders and Psychotherapy • Concepts • Types of Personality Disorder • Psychotherapy Dr. Zanariah Ismail