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Culture Shock

Culture Shock. “Achieving a Guest Obsessed Culture”. Andrew Gammage Head of Quality & Guest Insight. Agenda. How Premier Inn's has developed a Guest obsessed culture Key Activities & Programmes. How Guest Recommend feedback has become an integral part of Premier Inn’s business

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Culture Shock

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  1. Culture Shock “Achieving a Guest Obsessed Culture” Andrew Gammage Head of Quality & Guest Insight

  2. Agenda • How Premier Inn's has developed a Guest obsessed culture • Key Activities & Programmes • How Guest Recommend feedback has become an integral part of Premier Inn’s business • Team member behaviours • Brand decisions

  3. About Premier Inn

  4. Premier Inn history • First Travel Inn opened in 1987 • 1998 - 200 sites • 2002 - Largest UK hotel chain • 2004 - Premier Lodge acquired • 2006 - International • 2007 - Re-brand to Premier Inn • 2009 - 550 Hotels

  5. Premier Inn goals • Premier Inn’s strategy is to move from being a “great” Brand to a “world class” Brand • Two key components • Putting the guest at the heart of our business • Engaging all Team members in the journey • Understanding guest experience through • Measuring Brand standards • Ongoing the Guest research

  6. The Premier Inn bedroom

  7. People & Service

  8. Good Night Guarantee Launched in 2001 Understand issues and fix problems Continuous improvement Customer retention Team members empowered to fix problems Consistency of product & service

  9. Brand Standards “Delivering the Basics”

  10. Brand Standards & Audit Robust Brand Operating Standards Hardlines which must be delivered Guidelines - opportunities to tailor our approach & “wow” individual guests Independent measurement through a comprehensive Brand Audit External professional audit company Every site audited twice a year (minimum) Tough consequences of failure

  11. Guest Obsession “Using Guest Feedback to deliver a Guest obsessed Culture”

  12. Guest RecommendProgramme conception • Previous guest satisfaction measured via a twice-yearly brand-level postal survey • Requirement for more frequent feedback at individual site level • Move from satisfaction to advocacy -Guest Recommend • ORC International worked with Premier Inn to implement monthly site-level measurement of guest satisfaction

  13. How the Programme Works Email sent to Guests within 24hrs of checks out Guest clicks on email link and completes online survey (1 to 5 scale) Portal updated daily with the previous day’s surveys Premier Inn can action findings within a couple of days of the guest’s stay

  14. Real-time web-based reporting

  15. Easy access across the organisation • Quick and easy access for all personnel • Portal facilitates sharing of best practice • Sites can see their own scores and those of other Premier Inn hotels • Top 10 sites are showcased at quarterly review meetings • Enables bottom 10 sites to learn from their example • Sites can track their own verbatim comments • Over half the hotels log on every day to keep track of their scores and read their comments

  16. Guest Recommend Programme Outcomes Brand level Site level

  17. Guest obsession is integral • Our focus on Customers is described as ‘Guest Obsession’ • According to Premier Inn’s MD Patrick Dempsey, the research is “worth its weight in gold” • By acting on guest feedback, KPI scores continue to increase • Likelihood to recommend • Overall satisfaction • Likelihood to stay again • Value for money “Our success will be achieved by listening to our Guests – and reacting quickly and instinctively to their feedback and future expectations” (Patrick Dempsey, MD, Premier Inn)

  18. Balanced scorecard • Premier Inn’s balanced scorecard includes the Guest Recommend & Brand Audit score • Key bonus measure • Guest measures are central to reward & recognition programme e.g. Conference • Stretch targets for each site and region • Hotels ‘chase green’ by exceeding their targets

  19. Valuable insight “The Guest satisfaction survey has potentially been the biggest change introduced in Premier Inn for many years, giving us valuable insight. It tells us exactly what our guests think of the key aspects of the service and product that we provide, including whether or not they would recommend us to a friend or colleague. We are committed to ensuring all our guests have a fantastic experience; the feedback really helps us to coach and train our team members to deliver this.”

  20. Programme impacts on decisions made at a local level • Portal provides real-time data, all Team members know their performance • From night porter to housekeeping, they understand how to improve the guest experience • Hotel Teams can take quicktactical action based on guest feedback • Sites hold regular meetingsto review feedback • All sites have a Guest action plan • GM’s talk to Guests about key focus areas

  21. Informed significant strategic investment decisions • All brand decisions are underpinned by the likely impact on the Guest • Key Driver Analysis identifies which elements of the offer most likely to improve guest satisfaction • Decisions taken as a result of Guest Recommend include: • staff training • ‘Good Night Guarantee’ • Breakfast • In-room entertainment • Air-conditioning strategy • Refurbishment programme

  22. Focusing on Premier Inn’s best assets • “Staff Care” - Key Driver of top box recommend • Developed enhanced Brand service standards • Improved staff training • Use to drive Staff awareness of their impact on the guest experience • Reward & recognition

  23. Emphasis on Good Night Guarantee • Guest aware of the Guarantee are more likely to stay again • Use Recommend to measure check inn standards • Increased importance in Brand Audit • Drive awareness

  24. New and improved breakfast • Review of guest feedback identified that the breakfast offering would benefit from improvement • Specifically food quality and product choice • New breakfast menus trialled • Survey used to measure Guest feedback • New breakfast concepts • New products • Healthy, vegetarian & ‘Superfoods’ • All you can eat • Ratings for breakfast food quality and service are vastly improved as a result

  25. Bedroom refurbishment • Guest Recommend survey used to assess impact • Six out of ten sites improve their guest recommend scores • Most sites improve bedroom &r bathroom scores • Findings help to determine the level of investment for the future bedroom upgrades • Guest Recommend scores helpprioritise investment

  26. Other Room Upgrades Entertainment • Survey data identified that 40% of guests did not give a positive rating for the in-room entertainment • Of those giving a negative score, most wanted to see Freeview channels included • Fast tracked the introduction of Freeview channels Air-conditioning • As a value brand, air-conditioning wasnot offered as standard • Guest feedback from guests at city centrelocations has driven air conditioningroll-out programme

  27. 360º feedback to guests

  28. The future

  29. Evolving programme • Regular reviews of the Guest Recommend programme • Questionnaire content • Reporting • Portal layout • More dynamic use of the questionnaire • Premier Inn Guest panel • Extending UK programme to cover overseas ventures & Whitbread Restaurants

  30. Thank you Questions?

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