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Weathering and Erosion PowerPoint Presentation
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Weathering and Erosion

Weathering and Erosion

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Weathering and Erosion

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  1. Weathering and Erosion By Becki Baucom

  2. Weathering The breaking apart of the rocks and minerals

  3. Mechanical Weathering Mechanical Weathering is the breakdown of rocks and minerals by direct contact with forces acting on the Earth.

  4. Tree Roots Here is an example were mechanical weathering is taking place, the roots of the tree are breaking apart the rock to get nutrients that it need below the rock.

  5. Ice Wedging When a crack appears in a rock and water seeps down into the rock then the water freezes. It expands which cracks the rock even more. When the ice thaws and then refreezes again the cracks become larger.

  6. Animals In this picture the moles live in burrows underground but before they live there they must first dig through the dirt and create tunnels which is an example of mechanical weathering.

  7. Chemical Weathering The weathering of a rocks surface through a chemical process.

  8. Oxidation An example of Oxidation is this rusted nail. When water mixes with oxygen it creates iron oxide the iron oxide breaks down the nail causing material to flake and break off.

  9. Stalagtites When mineral-rich water comes through the roof of a cave and drips, it leaves a mineral deposit behind. Over time, the deposits build up and form a narrow, hollow tube called a stalactite. This is another example of chemical weathering.

  10. Acid Rain Acid rain is another form of chemical weathering. In this picture acid rain has broken down the rock and caused it to have discoloration. When pollution in the air mixes with rain water it creates acid rain.

  11. Climate Weathering Climate Weathering is when earth’s weather conditions breakdown the rocks and minerals.

  12. Mountains In the top picture the mountains are very jagged, pointy, and edgy, but in the picture below the mountain is smooth and there are few jagged edges and giant cliffs. Over a long period of time the edges and cliffs become smooth hills. This is what can happen when weathering is taking place.

  13. Wind This picture used to look like a giant piece of rock but over time the wind has worn the soft parts of the rock away leaving what you see in this picture.

  14. Ice Over millions of years ice flows down hills and breaks apart huge areas of land. The large mass of ice combined with such a long duration causes rough rocks to become smooth

  15. Erosion The breaking away of rocks and minerals and the rocks and minerals being transferred to another place.

  16. Water This gully was formed by water erosion. The water breaks down the sediments and moves them down stream.

  17. Landslide This landslide is another form of erosion. The sediments break away from the mountain and under the force of gravity is pulled down, deforming everything in its path.

  18. Ocean This is an example of the ocean eroding the edges of this cliff and carrying the eroded sediments away.