giving good feedback n.
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Giving Good Feedback PowerPoint Presentation
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Giving Good Feedback

Giving Good Feedback

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Giving Good Feedback

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  1. Giving Good Feedback

  2. Exhibits A • “Use the board more spatially great space” • “Maybe use different color chalk” • “Class inclusion” • “Use the board more accurately” • “Well done”

  3. Exhibits B • “board writing is seriously horrible, not even coherent. Could have used longer wait times” • “Stop answering your own questions. About three times I counted, you would ask a question and then immediately answered it yourself. Pause a little more between ideas. You presented facts rather quickly, one after the other. It was a little confusing at the end.”

  4. Exhibits C • “Is very enthusiastic and has a friendly and open manner which puts the students at ease. Encourages students to answer questions, and tries to choose a variety of students (i.e. not just males, not just females)” • “so many positives! Good agenda, hook, review of prior knowledge, questioning. You scanned the faces of your students to see if they were comprehending. You were relaxed.”

  5. Exhibits D • “I felt a bit intimidated after someone gave you a wrong answer and you simply said "no." - your tone of voice was a bit harsh” • “The lesson felt rushed, breath and talk a bit slower. Your tension could be felt and that makes students nervous Wait for students to digest the question, before asking someone to answer. Too much material in a short time” • “He should ask more clear questions. I was confused about the calculation done. Need more practice in explanation. He seems to be nervous. I am afraid not to answer because it seems he is comfortable only with the correct answer.”

  6. Summary • Make comment concrete/specific and causal • I had difficult reading your writing because of the marker was too light and the writing was small • Try to be as diplomatic as possible, especially with negative comments • Instead of “Stop being so negative” , you might say “you said “no” a bit too quickly to some answers – this might discourage students from answer future questions • The proverbial grain of salt • No one is out to get you