using your scc email account n.
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Using your scc email account PowerPoint Presentation
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Using your scc email account

Using your scc email account

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Using your scc email account

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  1. Using your scc email account

  2. Your SCC email is the College’s primary means of communicating with students. • You should check your SCC email regularly—at least once a week! • Your professors (like me) will also often send important announcements to your SCC email. Your scc email account

  3. Go to the SCC main website ( Click on “Student Email” in the left corner From there, click on “Student Email Login” As an enrolled student, you already have an email address—usually it is your first initial and last (if you have a common name, then your middle name may also be used. For instance, Jane W. Doe’s email address would be Your username is the first part of your email address (before the @ sign) and your password is your full student ID#, starting with a capital P (e.g. P00001234) If you need assistance, you can contact the SCC IT Help Desk at (856) 351-2671 or email How to access your scc email account

  4. You should use your SCC email account (not your personal account) whenever you email your professors. • Use a professional tone • Be specific • Use correct grammar/spelling • Proofread your writing Emailing your professors

  5. To: Professor From: Date: 1/12/13 Subject: Yo Yoms.martin what i miss in class icouldnt come cause i had a flat tier. i wont be back till i get it fixed. What’s wrong with this email?

  6. To: Professor From: Date: 1/12/13 Subject: Missed class 1/12/13 Hello Mrs. Martin, I wasn’t able to make it to class today because I had a flat tire. I will make every effort to get my tire fixed before Wednesday’s class. I took a look at our course outline and noticed that I missed an assignment today. Could you please provide me with instructions for this assignment so I can complete it and bring it to you on Wednesday? Thanks so much, Joe Corrected emailUse Professional tone

  7. Send me an email from your SCC email account • My email address is • Begin your email with a greeting like, “Dear Mrs. Martin • Write a paragraph to introduce yourself—include your name and a little bit about yourself, such as: • Why you have chosen to attend SCC; • What your goals are; • And if there are any difficulties in your life that may block your success in college. • Your paragraph should be 5-7 sentences in length. • Close your email with a salutation like, “Sincerely, John Doe” Email introduction

  8. Email introduction(for returning students) • If you have had me as an instructor before, please address your email to NEW STUDENTS and write a paragraph with advice on how to do well in my class. Subject: Advice for new students Dear new students, I had Mrs. Martin last semester in ENG096 and I have some advice on how to get a good grade in her class. First of all, . . . .