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Part 1

Part 1. Picture Description. Location Questions. There are paintings hung on the wall. There is a clock hung on the wall. The paintings are in the restaurant. The paintings are in the car. There are two caps on the table. There is a hat in the bookcase.

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Part 1

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  1. Part 1 Picture Description

  2. Location Questions • There are paintings hung on the wall. • There is a clock hung on the wall. • The paintings are in the restaurant. • The paintings are in the car.

  3. There are two caps on the table. • There is a hat in the bookcase. • There are two caps in front of a sofa. • There is a hat on the table.

  4. There are many birds on the street light. • A bird is staying on the tree. • A bird is in the birdhouse. • There are two birds in the room.

  5. Action Questions • The people miss the train. • The train goes through a long tunnel. • The people are waiting for a train. • The people get on a train.

  6. The man is standing on the bus. • The man is listening some music. • The man is reading a book. • The man is singing in the car.

  7. She is sweeping the floor. • She is cooking in the kitchen. • She is mopping the floor. • She is chopping onions in the kitchen.

  8. Situation Questions • The passenger is very tired. • The plane is broken. • The flight is delayed. • The color of the plane is white.

  9. A dog is beaten by a man. • The color of the dog is white. • The color of the dog is yellow. • Someone is bitten by a dog.

  10. The swimming pool is out of water. • The swimming pool is out of people. • The pool is full of people. • The pool is not open.

  11. Similar-Sounding Word Questions • They are playing basketball. • They play in the basement. • They are playing baseball. • They are playing football.

  12. They are talking to each other. • The man is walking in the room. • The man is working in the office. • They are walking to school.

  13. They ride in a bus. • They are biking in the mountain. • There are many bikes in the mountain. • They go on a hike.

  14. Part II Questions & Responses

  15. Information Questions • Who is your sister in this picture? (A) She is generous. (B) There are three girls in this picture. (C) The girl who wears glasses.

  16. (2) When did you arrive here? (A) Yesterday morning. (B) I will leave on Sunday. (C) How about Friday night?

  17. (3) Where should I take my friend to dinner tonight? (A) You might take her to Pizza Hut. (B) Yes, Saturday night is ok. (C) I’m not hungry now.

  18. (4) Why don’t we go to the museum by bus? (A) Yes, we will go there by bus. (B) The museum opens at ten. (C) The bus stop is far away from here.

  19. (5) What time will the plane leave? (A) Near a window, please. (B) It’s scheduled to leave at eight. (C) There’s the China Airlines counter.

  20. (6) How would you like your steak? (A) Yes, I’d like a steak, please. (B) The steak is very good. (C) Medium, please.

  21. Yes/No Questions • Do you work on weekend? (A) Yes, I usually work from nine to five. (B) Yes, I work on Saturday morning. (C) I don’t mind working late.

  22. (2) Can you give me a 10% discount? (A) No, I don’t like this sweater. (B) I’m sorry, but this is already a sale price. (C) Yes, our prices are set.

  23. (3) Is there a coffee shop in this hotel? (A) Yes, the coffee shop is on the second floor. (B) No, there is no hotel on the street. (C) Yes, coffee, please.

  24. Indirect Questions • Would you mind if I smoke in your car? (A) Thanks, I don’t smoke. (B) Of course not. (C) Yes, not at all.

  25. (2) Can you tell me where I can have my laundry done? (A) Take these to the laundry, please. (B) No, I don’t have the laundry. (C) There is a laundromat in the basement.

  26. (3) Have you heard our school team won the soccer championship? (A) No, I haven’t played soccer yet. (B) Yes, I’ll do my best. (C) Really? Congratulations.

  27. Alternative Questions • What kind of movie do you want to see, comedy or action movie? (A) Let’s go to the movies. (B) Yes, I like action movie. (C) I prefer comedy to action movie.

  28. (2) Is there a restaurant on the first floor or the second floor? (A) On the second floor. (B) Yes, there is a restaurant. (C) The building has ten floors.

  29. (3) After work are you going to go shopping or stay at home? (A) No, I’m busy now. (B) I’m going to go shopping with my wife. (C) I’m working at home.

  30. Negative questions • Don’t you think this dress is too expensive? (A) Yes, this dress is cheap. (B) No, the price is a little high. (C) Yes, it’s too expensive.

  31. (2) Won’t you go to the movies with your girlfriend tomorrow? (A) No, I will. (B) No, I’m attending an important meeting tomorrow. (C) Yes, I will go with my parents.

  32. (3) Isn’t Mary singing the song on the stage? (A) Yes, she is playing the guitar. (B) Mary is on the stage. (C) No, she is not.

  33. Tag questions • You’ve already seen that movie, haven’t you? (A) No, I’ve never seen that movie before. (B) Yes, let’s go to the movies. (C) I don’t want to see that movie.

  34. (2) Nobody told you Helen is married, didn’t they? (A) I will attend the wedding. (B) Yes, they told me before. (C) No, they did.

  35. (3) Mr. Wang has a conference with all of our sales agents, doesn’t he? (A) That’s a good idea. (B) Yes, in the meeting room. (C) No, he did.

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