holistic doctors and holistic treatments n.
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Holistic Doctors and Holistic Treatments PowerPoint Presentation
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Holistic Doctors and Holistic Treatments

Holistic Doctors and Holistic Treatments

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Holistic Doctors and Holistic Treatments

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  1. Holistic Doctors and Holistic Treatments ‘ Holistic’ is often called alternative, complementary and natural by the healthcare society. Holistic doctors are not different than your GP in terms of basic medical education. But a holistic doctor is also a trained professional in some other field complementary medicine and that is something that makes him different than the regular physician. Because holistic doctors are trained in one or more areas of medicine they are also called integrative medicine doctors. Holistic doctors focus on the root cause of the diseases regardless of what the disease is. So, they introduce treatments to their patients that work on to reduce the very cause of the disease rather than the damages the disease has made. Hence, they focus the whole body of the person along with their lifestyle and food choices. Such doctors carry out they treatment holistically and strive to stable all the body functions and not just try to disappear the disease. How Holistic Doctors Work? Holistic doctors use both conventional medications and also incorporate other treatment methods. Whether it is depression, addiction, stress, physical pain or lack of sleep, holistic doctors approach all by detecting the origin of the disorder. Holistic doctors motivate their patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle. While on the other hand, they also treat their patients with pharmaceutical medicines. Moreover, they consider a person, not just a functioning being just like animals but they regard a person as a combination of body, mind, and spirit. For that reason, they address mental, emotional and spiritual health and not just physical health. They may also advise nutrients, vitamins, diet plan, exercise routine and also herbal medicine. In severe cases, they may also advise a person for surgery or operation. Principles of Holistic Medicine and Holistic Practice There is a certain set of principles developed by the health care community that holistic doctors must adhere in their professional career. Some of the principles are discussed below. The holistic medicine follow the principle of strong backing and love are keys to heal the person The person humour herself has the responsibility to his or her own wellbeing. Every person is born with the power of healing himself or herself. The holistic doctor should address the patient but not the just the disease

  2. The treatment process of the disease just not involves the efforts of the doctor but also of the patient. Hence it is a collaboration of both as a team targeting each aspect of the patient’s life with proper health care practices. Targeting the source of the disease for the treatment rather than relieving the symptoms. Holistic doctors are meant to teach their patients that all diseases, pain and emotional breakdowns are part of the learning process of both the doctor and the patient. Holistic doctors represent themselves as an example for the patients to leave a positive impact. Ideal health is the conscious rush and desire of the person to have the best emotional, mental, physical and spiritual experiences. Therefore more than the nonexistence of illness, an ideal health resides in the person. Source: **************