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  1. About this resource • This resource sets out the concepts for editing and/or finalising a travel diary, accommodation and contacts. • Prerequisite learning: Create Travel Request course. Key Look out for hints and tips, wherever you see this symbol Look out for important information, marked with an

  2. Why is it necessary to complete a Travel Diary? • A Business Travel Diary is required by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to document the primary purpose of a trip. • Trips primarily for business purposes are tax deductible by Monash, while trips undertaken primarily for personal purposes are subject to Fringe Benefits Tax. • A Business Travel Diary is the formal document that evidences whether the trip is business or personal, or a combination of both.

  3. What is the purpose of the ESS Travel Diary service? • The purpose of this ESS Service is to allow you to maintain your travel diary (accommodation and contacts) after your trip has been approved, without it affecting the workflow of your travel request. • You will now be able to keep your itinerary up-to-date, and the processing of your business travel diary post-trip will be much easier. • Further, the information will be helpful in locating you in the event of an emergency.

  4. When should a Travel Diary be finalised? (1) • The ATO stipulate that a Business Travel Diary must be completed as soon as practical after trip completion; else Monash may incur penalty fees. • The system sends a reminder email to travellers 2 days after trip completion, with 5 working days to finalise the travel diary. • If the travel diary is not finalised within the timeframe, the system sends regular reminder emails. The next slide demonstrates this

  5. When should a Travel Diary be finalised? (2)

  6. When should a Travel Diary be finalised? (3) • You can use the Edit, Finalise Travel Diary service to maintain your Travel Diary, accommodation and contact information after your travel request is approved. • Before your travel request is approved, you use the My trips > Change travel request service to maintain your travel diary accommodation and contacts. There are two services for maintaining a Travel Diary, accommodation and contacts to allow you to continue to make changes after approval, without the need for your travel request to be re-workflowed for approval.

  7. When should a Travel Diary be finalised? (4) • You can only finalise a travel diary after trip completion. • Prior to trip completion, you can edit your travel diary, accommodation and contacts as changes to your itinerary occur. • Before trip completion, the system allows you to Save changes to your travel diary, accommodation and contacts. • Post-trip completion, the system allows you to finalise your travel diary.

  8. Which trips require a Travel Diary? (1) • The ATO requires a Business Travel Diary for all International trips and for all domestic trips greater than five nights in duration. • Only Monash employees and adjuncts need to finalise their travel diary. • Finalise is the process of making any changes to the system proposed travel diary and clicking the Finalise button to declare the travel diary finished.

  9. Which trips require a Travel Diary? (2) • If your trip is greater than 30 days, it may be inefficient to maintain your travel diary on a daily basis. • For trips > 30 days, you can attach a Word or PDF Travel Diary to your trip which groups the days, weeks or months. • You still need to declare your travel diary as final, however once the trip duration > 30 days, activities and institutions are no longer mandatory fields. • On the first line of your ESS travel diary, say “manual travel diary attached.” • For trips > 30 days, just click the Finalise button and attach a manual travel diary.

  10. Who can complete this process? • Pre and during travel (if possible), all travellers are encouraged to have up-to-date itinerary information as this is necessary for emergency contact purposes. • Staff, HDR students, Adjuncts and any other travellers should regularly maintain their travel diaries, accommodation and contact information pre-trip (and during trip if they have VPN access). • Post-trip, only Monash Staff are required to finalise their travel diary.

  11. When can the process be completed? • All trip data may be changed up until the travel request is approved. • When the workflow status indicator in My Trips says Approver – Approved, only changes to the travel diary, accommodation and contacts are permitted. • You will then need to go to the ESS Travel and Expenses page and select Edit/Finalise Travel Diary, Accommodation and Contacts.

  12. What are the main roles involved in the process? • A traveller must complete their own travel diary. • A Faculty/Departmental Finance Officer or travel administrator may check the travel diary for accuracy and completeness. • Monash’s Corporate Finance Division (Taxation) regularly audits travel diaries. • External auditors and the ATO also audit travel diaries. After 1 June 2010, a Faculty/Departmental Officer will be able to make changes to an approved travel diary on behalf of another.

  13. Once the travel request is approved, the system copies the Travel Diary to a new transaction. This transaction is not workflowed in the system. That is, the information is not automatically sent to the Finance Officer or CFD Taxation. Nonetheless, the information contained in the Business Travel Diary is available for checking/auditing by the relevant roles, to ensure that ATO requirements for Business Travel Diaries are met. What is the process flow? (1)

  14. Getting started • On the Employee Services homepage, select • Then, select to reveal the following Trip Diary List screen: Log into ESS

  15. Navigation (1) • Select the date that you want to display your trips from, then click • Select the relevant trip by highlighting the row button next to the trip number (the trip should now be highlighted yellow). Display

  16. Navigation (2) • Choose your preferred option: • Edit and/or finalise • Print diary (display and print a PDF copy of travel diary) • Print contacts (display and print a PDF copy of accommodation and contact information) • Add attachment • will take you back one screen. Exit

  17. Edit and/or Finalise Travel Diary (1) • Click (this allows you to edit your travel diary, accommodation and contacts. • Choose your preferred option: • Add +/- 2 days to your trip (in case your travel plans changed) or add multiple activities on the one day. • Sort the table after you have added new entries. • Delete any unnecessary entries. Edit and/or Finalise New Entry Sort Entry Delete Entry If your travel plans have changed by more than +/- 2 days then please attach a scanned manual travel diary signed by your travel approver.

  18. Edit and/or Finalise Travel Diary (2) • Click to validate your entries. Please note that the following activities do not require an institution: • in transit, public holiday, incidental day or personal leave. • Click to check your data entry (you must do this before you can save any changes). • Choose whether to Save only or Save and Finalise. Confirm Review Save and Finalise will declare your Business Travel Diary final and available for checking/audit by CFD Taxation. If you are only changing accommodation and contact information, then select Save only.

  19. Edit and/or Finalise Travel Diary (3) • If you selected Save and finalise, you will receive the following system message: • Go toEdit / Finalise travel diary, accommodation and contacts • The status should now show Finalised • Click when you are finished. Exit Changes may be made to a finalised travel diary up until CFD (Taxation) audit the travel diary.

  20. Edit Contacts and Accommodation • The Edit / Finalise Travel Diary service may also be used to update your contacts and accommodation information, after approval of your travel request and prior to (or during) travel. • You will need a digital certificate and a VPN to access ESS outside of the Monash network. • See ITS Virtual Private Network If you added days to your travel diary, you may need to synchronise your travel diary days with your contact days – click Alternatively, you could click in contacts and manually add each additional day. Sync. Contact with Diary New Entry

  21. Print Travel Diary • Click to launch an Adobe PDF of the Business Travel Diary. • The Adobe PDF has the same functionality as any PDF document, you can Print, Save or Email the PDF to another person: When your Print options display, Save a copy of your Travel Diary to your local hard-drive. Email your Travel Diary to your credit card processor. Print Diary If the Email icon is ghosted, right click on the Adobe toolbar, select More tools > Email.

  22. Print Contacts • Click to launch an Adobe PDF of the Contact and accommodation information. • Please refer to Print diary for a review of the Adobe PDF functions. • Click when you are finished. Print contacts Back

  23. Add Attachment • You can add an attachment such as a manually prepared travel diary (if trip > 30 days) or a travel agent’s itinerary. • Please note that it is optional to upload a manually prepared travel diary, as it is possible to manage any trip diary on a daily basis. • Click to locate the file from your PC. • Select your file and then click Browse Upload Attachment

  24. Finishing up When you have finished entering or reviewing your travel requests, please log off your ESS session. Just click The number of open sessions slows down the response time for all ESS users, that’s why it’s important to log off your ESS session when finished.

  25. Related information Frequently Asked Questions – Travel Management project’s website Strategic Procurement’s travel website

  26. Help Need further help? Contact Corporate Business Systems – SAP Help Desk Email: Phone: 990 51777 (press 2 for SAP)