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How to position yourself on the market? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to position yourself on the market?

How to position yourself on the market?

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How to position yourself on the market?

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  1. How to position yourself on the market?

  2. How do companies recruit?

  3. How do companies recruit? • Internally • Via recruitment agencies • Via their own website • Jobsites: Monster, Stepstone, Vacature, Références, e.o. • Via networks: Linked In, Plaxo Pulse e.o. (don’t use facebook, profile yourself as a professional) • Important: Use the right keywords in your searches!

  4. What to do?

  5. Be the right candidate for the job! How? • Know your qualities • Know what you want • Be prepared • Be a step ahead of other candidates • You only get one chance to make a first impression!

  6. A thorough personal preparation before acting is a must?

  7. Your personal preparation beforehand • Before you start applying, define … • What are you good at? • What are your interests (sectors, type of functions …)? • Info on this can be found on line, talking to friends, talking to professionals, … • You can read up on information and participate in tests e.g. on Réfé • How do you wish to evolve? • You have your degree and extra-curricular experiences to start with – broaden the scope! • => You will be able to pinpoint the opportunities and companies in line with your skills, interests and ambitions

  8. Look for information on your target companies • What are the values that companies carry ? • What do they stand for ? • What is the experience other people working there have ? • What is their approach towards their employees ?

  9. Look for information on your target jobs • What is the content of a certain position or job ? • What are possible contents of jobs with a similar title ? • What is expected from someone taking on a certain position ? • What are possible next steps in a career path ?

  10. Approach the market in a both reactive & proactive way

  11. Approach the market reactively • Look for job postings • In the paper • On line • On company websites • On recruitment companies’ websites • Use your network: over half of the job openings are never published • They are filled • with internal people • before they can be published • through networks of the company • through confidential missions

  12. Approach the market proactively • Make sure the market • Can find you • Knows what you are looking for • Publish your resume on job sites, send it to recruitment companies, send it to companies …

  13. Make an efficient and effective resume

  14. Layout • Restrict your resume to 1 or 2 pages. You can make an extended version or an addendum with more information. • Write your resume in the language of the job posting. • Do not use fulle sentenses: be concise and clear. • Avoid typo’s. • Use a clear structure, with clear blocks of information. Leave white spaces in between so that the reader has a clear overview.

  15. Building blocks • Personal information • Objective • Experience (project management, teaching…): situations in which you developed skills • Education & if applicable conferences, publications, seminars, ... • Language skills • Hobbies … mention what is relevant for the job you apply for ! … tell the truth !

  16. A few examples

  17. A few examples

  18. A few examples

  19. Letter of motivation

  20. Content • In a few lines indicate why you are the candidate for the job (experience, knowledge, …). • Explain your motivation: why are you interested in the job / the company. • Base your information on elements you checked. • Avoid typo’s. • Be short & concise.

  21. Example

  22. Example

  23. Example From: pc ( To: ( Cc:Subject: BE632759_1301040013Sent: 30-03-2011 09:51Attachments: - Dear Stephanie,Your ad where you are looking for a HR Manager drew my special attention. As I am currently looking for a new opportunity in Human Resources I hereby apply for this job. My extended experience in both HR and Operations should give my application an added value.Please find in attachment my resume and of course I am willing to present myself in an interview.Looking forward to meeting you.Kind regards,PC

  24. Extra recommendations

  25. Some extra recommendations • Restrict your resume to 1 or 2 pages. You can make an extended version or an addendum with more information. • Name of the file: use your name. • A resume is read in 2 minutes: make sure the structure reads by itself. • Make sure your email adress and voice mail are professional. • Work in a chronological order (most recent at the top). • It is good to mention dates – if you did not have the perfect path, you do not need to mention it explicitely but need to be prepared for questions. • Tell the truth!

  26. Some extra recommendations • If you insert a picture, make sure it is a professional one. • Indicate language skills in a correct way. • Only mention references if the people involved are informed. It is even better to mention ‘references on request’.

  27. Good luck in your search! Questions?