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The video game remote controller

By Kirby Walker. The video game remote controller. The first video game remote controller.

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The video game remote controller

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  1. By Kirby Walker The video game remote controller

  2. The first video game remote controller • The original invention of the video game remote controller was called a paddle. It was a device that was built in to the arcade unit for the arcade game “Pong”. But it was later converted to a wired device when this game was released on home consoles.

  3. Improvements • Many improvements have been made to the original remote control these improvements include • The Joystick • The Directional pad (d-pad) • Trigger buttons • Rechargeable and disposable battery power • And the all around shape of game remotes from past, present, and future

  4. Required disciplines of engineering • The most important disciplines of engineering needed to develop this product is electrical and mechanical engineering. Electrical engineering is essential because this product cannot functtion at all without a power source flowing through the device or unit. And mechanical engineering is needed to design the whole remote itself.

  5. Effect on society • The video game remote controller is required to play video games or use the game system. Playing video games has become a worldwide activity loved by millions of people across the world.

  6. Resources list www.videogameconsolelibrary.com www.stanford.edu videogamegeek.com

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