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Womens bespoke suits

Here are top tips that you should consider while stitching a women's bespoke suit. <br>

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Womens bespoke suits

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  1. Tips to Pick New Age Women's Bespoke Suits Here are top tips that you should consider while stitching a women's bespoke suit.

  2. Comfort is Primary, Fit is a Close second Womens bespoke suits should fit into your body like a second skin. Comfort is the key to tailor a perfectly stitched bespoke suit and trouser. Opt for a retail template and alter the numbers to fit your body curves. Check for fit around the bust and the shoulder.

  3. Design types Womens bespoke suits can be made with a single-breasted cut to accommodate two or three buttons. Other design types that modern women can try are straight pocketed jackets with flaps, two inside pockets, straight leg trousers and side vents. To decide whether a waist coat will suffice the design, it is important to tailor the suit your body type.

  4. Pick what you like Client is the king. Women's bespoke suits make a great fashion statement if the client takes the call rather than leaving the cuts to the tailor. Take the advice from the tailor but pick the designs from the catalogue. Ask for a sample cut before going ahead with the design.

  5. Fabrics of Today Bespoke suits for women are available in many varieties. The ready to wear popular fabrics are wool, cotton, blended cotton, cashmere and linen. The fabric used in bespoke suits for women largely depends on the comfort level desired. Pure fabrics are preferred for corporate use, while blended fabrics are most suitable for party wears and semi-formal suits.

  6. Weight of suit Weight of the womens bespoke suits can vary from 8 ounces to 20 ounces, depending on the kind of design and embellishment stitched onto the material. Lightweight bespoke suits are ideal for summers, while heavier blends are a sound choice when it comes to picking something for autumn and winter.

  7. Lining is crucial The thread colour used in the lining is a very critical feature in stitching women's bespoke suits. Contrasting colours for lining the suits are white, neon green, grey, pale blue and sometimes tan brown. Red lining is better left aside for formal suits. Get a navel drape or leave it open as per your fashion sense.

  8. Ease of care Whether it is cashmere, wool or cotton, the ease of taking its care is just as important as the quality of a bespoke suit for women. Apart from brushing and dry cleaning, the suits should be easy to maintain and store.

  9. Bespoke suits for women are perfect for all age groups with right accessorising. Designed for all body types, these suits make a mark if worn with the right shirt and trouser or skirts.

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