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Who is Mr. Harris? PowerPoint Presentation
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Who is Mr. Harris?

Who is Mr. Harris?

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Who is Mr. Harris?

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  1. Who is Mr. Harris?

  2. I grew up in Plainview Texas. • Here is my family in Plainview in 1964. Which one is me? . This is my dad with my son 16 years ago. He passed away six months later. I miss him still.

  3. I married Francine Lopez in 1989

  4. We have two children……… John Marlin Harris Jessica Marie Harris

  5. Jessica is a freshman and John is a junior at RRHS.

  6. 2011 2004

  7. My family and I have lived in Round Rock for 14 years... I am starting my 6th year as a KLMS Knight and my 20th year teaching!

  8. Practice Question: What does Mr. Harris teach? • Mr. Harris teaches 6th grade math. • Mr. Harris teaches Language Arts. • Mr. Harris teaches Journalism.

  9. What does Mr. Harris teach? Mr. Harris does teaches 6th Grade English Language Arts.

  10. Where did Mr. Harris go to school? • The University of Texas at Tyler! Which one is true??? • The University of Pennsylvania!

  11. Where did Mr. Harris go to School? Mr. Harris went to the University of Texas at TYLER! Hook ‘em!

  12. What kind of exercise does Mr. Harris like? Biking! Swimming! Tennis Hint: Two are true!

  13. What kind of exercise does Mr. Harris like? • Tennis and biking are right!!!!!

  14. What is Mr. Harris’s Favorite Type of food? • Cheeseburgers • Mexican Food • Cupcakes

  15. What is Mr. Harris’s favorite type of food? If you guessed Mexican Food- you’re right!!! • But she also loves CUPCAKES!

  16. What was Mr. Harris’s favorite TV show this summer?? • Til Death Breaking Bad

  17. What was Mr. Harris’s Favorite TV Show this summer? • If you guessed Breaking Bad, you are right! • (I watched Secret Life with my daughter.)

  18. What was Mr. Harris’s Favorite Movie this summer?

  19. What was Mr. Harris’s favorite movie he saw this summer? I did not like Promethus. My favorite was “We Bought A Zoo.”

  20. What did Mr. Harris read this summer?

  21. I finished Steve Jobs and the Book Whisperer, started Hunger Games and Keith Richards, and read the newspaper everyday.

  22. The important people in Mr. Harris’s life… Eddy, Our dog Our newest family member, Freddie Mercury My Family is VERY important to me.

  23. And the MOST important people…. • YOU!!!!! • I like to read and I hope you will let me help you find that just right book for you this year. Let me help!!

  24. Other facts about Mr. Harris