what s opac n.
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What’s OPAC? PowerPoint Presentation
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What’s OPAC?

What’s OPAC?

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What’s OPAC?

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  1. What’s OPAC? A Guide to Acadia’s Online Catalogue

  2. What is this OPAC thing? • OPAC stands for Online Public Access Catalogue. • It’s a way of finding books and other resources in the library.

  3. How do I get started? • Simple. Log on to any computer in the library or the computer lab • Click on the icon that says “Web OPAC”. • On my computer, it looks like this…

  4. Here we go… • Clicking on the icon brings you here. • Simply type in what you’re looking for on the search line, and see what comes up…

  5. Then what? • Below is the result from a search on “Riel” • Information provided includes: • Call numbers • A link to further details about the book • A button that tells you whether a book is in or not (green means it’s in, red means it’s out)

  6. What’s this “Bookbag” thing? • The Bookbag lets you check off and list which books you want to find. • When you find books on the list that you want to find on the shelf, click the “My Bookbag” icon.

  7. Okay, now what? • When you’ve picked the books you want to find, click the “My Bookbag” button at the top of the screen.

  8. Okidoke. So far so good… • That brings you to this page, which displays only those books you’ve selected. • When you’re ready to go, click “Print”

  9. And away you go! • That brings you to this page, which is a printable version of your list. • Print this page off, grab your list from the printer, and start hunting.

  10. But wait!How do I use “Call Numbers”? • Call numbers work like an address for your house: They tell you where in the library to go to find your book. • First, look for the helpful signs around the library that match your call number.

  11. There it is! • Often, books will have the same number. • Because of this, all books have a three letter code beneath the number, to make things even easier. • All books are filed first by their number, then alphabetically by the three letter code.

  12. Done! • Now you know how to use OPAC! • If you have any questions, please stop by the front desk and ask the helpful library staff!