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Council for Research Excellence February 13, 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Council for Research Excellence February 13, 2012

Council for Research Excellence February 13, 2012

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Council for Research Excellence February 13, 2012

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  1. Council for Research ExcellenceFebruary 13, 2012

  2. Mission To advance the knowledge and practice of methodological research on audience measurement through the active collaboration of Nielsen and its clients.

  3. Core Values • Transparency • Inclusiveness • Diversity • Imagination • Collegiality • Practicality • Client Leadership

  4. Organization • Formed in 2005 • 40 members from broadcast, cable, digital, agencies, advertisers and industry groups. • Nielsen has contributed $10 million to the effort to date.

  5. Leadership • Chair: Ceril Shagrin, Univision • Steering Committee Chair: Greg Ross, P&G • Insights to Practice Chair: Nancy Gallagher, NBC Universal • Communications Chair: Emily Vanides, MediaVest • Education Chair: Sharon Warden, NAB • Facilitator: Richard Zackon

  6. Research Committees • Sample Quality : Ceril Shagrin, Univision • Set Top Box: Pat Liguori, ABC TV Stations • Universe Estimates: Nancy Gallagher, NBC Universal • Digital: Dan Murphy, Univision • Local Measurement: Billy McDowell, Raycom Media • Media Consumption & Engagement: [open] • Social Media: Beth Rockwood, Discovery • ROI: Dave Poltrack, CBS

  7. CRE Studies • Non-Response Bias: • Do Nielsen meter/diary cooperators differ from non-cooperators? • A $2.1 million state of the art multi-mode, multi-wave, high incentive survey with independent analysis led by Dr. Bob Groves • Key finding: Few differences between Cooperators/Intabs and Refusers/ Non-Intabs on TV viewing measures

  8. CRE Studies Video Consumer Mapping: • What is the overall media landscape and how is it changing? • Direct observation of consumers’ use of all major media and simultaneous activities. • Television found to continue its dominance despite the proliferation of new media. • Self reported use of new media shown to be overstated and • observed usage found to be nearly identical with NPM measures.

  9. CRE Studies Set Top Box Research: • What is the current state of STB data and its processing? • 30 different companies, including Nielsen, were surveyed, categorized as data owners, creators, aggregators and third party processors. Cooperation rate was 50%. • The diverse range of measurement and editing practices was made clear allowing for better informed decisions by data users.

  10. CRE Studies Media-related Universe Estimates: • Is it valid to use a local market viewing sample to estimate the incidence of ownership of media technologies? • An independent survey was conducted in Dallas-Ft. Worth. • Cable and Satellite penetration showed showed little difference but HD and DVD ownership were under-represented in the sample.

  11. CRE Studies • UX: User Experience: • Research review of major published studies asking • What drives the choice of screen for the consumer? • How does viewing vary with chosen screen? • What is an appropriate vocabulary and methodology for understanding viewing styles? • What is the context of use across various screens – is the use complementary, additive or zero-sum? • What methodologies are best to understand these uses?

  12. New CRE Initiatives • Digital: Survey of Web Publishers’ data practices to be reported this month • Local Measurement: Review of historic ratings reliability in diary markets • Social Media: just approved by CRE to look at social media usage and TV viewings • Sample Quality

  13. Sample Quality, Local Measurement, Set Top Box, and UE Committees Purpose: to improve quality in Nielsen local samples • How much non response bias is there in address based samples? • Can bias be reduced by weighting, return path data, set meter adjustment? • What are the differences between landline and cell phone only homes? • Can expanded media equipment ownership be collected from diary samples? • How can return path data improve diary measurement? • Do Nielsen models account for non set top box viewing? • How much television program viewing is done on devices other than a TV set? • Is a home without a television set a non TV home? Research Plan-Three markets in May measurement: • Dallas-FT Worth (LPM), Albuquerque –Santa Fe (Meter/Diary), Paducah-Cape Girardeau- Harrisburg (diary)

  14. 2010 Client Survey • 66% of respondents were aware of the CRE prior to survey • Of those aware, 61% reported the work of the CRE is important to them • 55% had visited the CRE website or attended a webinar or live event • only 36% said CRE does a good job communicating with clients • only 21% felt they knew how to communicate ideas to CRE • 71% said they would like to attend a CRE event/workshop/seminar (online) • 67% said they would like to receive regular e-mail from CRE

  15. Client Participation • Committee participation is open to Nielsen clients. • Currently eight vacant seats on the Council. Requires written request for membership and approval of Council. • Council webinars • Quarterly Newsletters

  16. CRE Website Visit us at: Studies, webinars, transcripts of CRE meetings are posted there.