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Today’s PPT File

Today’s PPT File. Go to Sociology Subject Guide http://libguides.nus.edu.sg/sociology Select Tutorials tab Look under SC2205 Sociology of the Family (26 Aug - 4 Sep 2013 ) Select Library session PPT file. SC2205 Sociology of Family Library Tutorial. Hayati Abdul clbha@nus.edu.sg

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Today’s PPT File

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  1. Today’s PPT File • Go to Sociology Subject Guidehttp://libguides.nus.edu.sg/sociology • SelectTutorials tab • Look under SC2205 Sociology of the Family (26 Aug - 4 Sep 2013) • Select Library session PPT file

  2. SC2205 Sociology of FamilyLibrary Tutorial Hayati Abdul clbha@nus.edu.sg Umarani Jeyapalclbuj@nus.edu.sg Information Services, NUS Libraries

  3. Today’s Session • Research Process • Evaluate Sources • Where do I start? • FindMore@NUSL • Sociological Abstracts • Output Results • Introduction to EndNote • Cite your Sources • Avoid Plagiarism • Access full-texts from Google Scholar • Find IT! @NUS Libraries & Proxy Bookmarklet • Getting help

  4. Research Process

  5. The Research Cycle NO YES

  6. Interpret References Book Straughan, P. (2009). Marriage dissolution in Singapore: revisiting family values and ideology in marriage. Boston: Brill. Book Chapter Chan, P.C.W. 2010. "Shared values of Singapore: sexual minority rights as Singaporean value“. Pp. 9-26 in Protection of sexual minorities since Stonewall: progress and stalemate in developed and developing countries , edited by Phil C.W. Chan. London: Routledge. Journal Article Teo, Y. 2010. "Shaping the Singapore family, producing the state and society." Economy and Society 39(3):337-359.

  7. CRAAP Test Acknowledgements: Western U.ca

  8. Evaluating Resources (CRAAP Test) Currency • When was the information published, updated or revised? • Does your topic require current information, or will older sources work as well? Relevance (for intended audience) • Is it relevant to your topic/subject? Authority • Is it from a reputable publisher, society or association. Look at the author’s credentials & institutional affiliation. Accuracy • Does your source match your understanding of the topic? • Can you verify the claims in other sources? • Is there a bibliography or list of sources cited? Purpose • Is there a range of viewpoints to support or reinforce the arguments presented? Are the arguments comprehensive?

  9. Where do I start?

  10. What’s in, what’s not in FindMore? Powerful discovery engine Single search box Google-like search experience Refine by facets

  11. Known item search in FindMore: Journal article Publication year Author Article title • Sun, Shirley Hsiao-Li. 2012. “Care expectations, mismatched: state and family in contemporary Singapore." International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy 32(11-12):650-63. Source title Pages Volume (issue no)

  12. Find another journal article in FindMore Article title Authors Morillo, Hannah M., Joseph J. Capuno and Jr Amado M. Mendoza. 2013. "Views and values on family among Filipinos: an empirical exploration." Asian Journal of Social Science 41(1):5-28 Pages Publication year Source title Volume (issue no)

  13. Journal article not found in FindMore? Click on “Log in…”to show more results Article not retrieved because it is not available in FindMore

  14. FindMore successfully retrieves the article from indexing & abstracting databases After login… Select to access full text

  15. Topical search in FindMore Filial piety and intergenerational relationships in contemporary Singaporean society Identify Keywords filial piety intergenerational Singapore

  16. Search results Refineby… Select to view full text

  17. Content Types in FindMore Music Score Book Review Audio Recording Map Government Document Book Chapter Research Guide Transcript Dataset Books/e-Books Journal Article Newspaper Article Conference Proceeding Dissertation/Thesis Newsletter Trade Publication Music Recording Video Recording About 70% is full-text searchable

  18. Content Types

  19. Topical search in FindMore Challenges of online dating in the search for a soul mate Identify Keywords online dating mate

  20. Refine by Book/E-Book & Date Refineby… Select to view full record of print book or E-book

  21. Remember book details! Call number

  22. On the shelves… Call numbers : • Help to determine a book's placement (address) on the shelves • Collocate books on the same subject • Consists of letters and numbers based on the subject, author's name and publication date HQ801 Ben 2004 Call number HQ801 Ben 2004

  23. View E-Book Select to read E-book

  24. Print/Download E-book http://libguides.nus.edu.sg/ebook_printdownload

  25. Refine bySubject Terms

  26. Refine byItems from peer-reviewed journals

  27. Peer Review Acknowledgements: NCTC Libraries

  28. Peer review… A researcher reads the literature Journal article is read & indexed in databases such as Scopus, Web of Science Performs an experiment - builds upon previous research A journal article is published Results of experiment are written and submitted to a journal Peer review process - experts in the field review and suggest changes

  29. Output Results

  30. Export Results Click to mark records Click to view saved records

  31. Output results Alternatively export to EndNote Format in your preferred citation style

  32. Introduction to EndNote • A bibliographic management software that: • stores and organizes citations • inserts citations into a Word document • format references in a predefined citation style • For technical queries (e.g. installation),contact IT Care at 6516 2080 or email itcare@nus.edu.sg EndNote video • Online guide: http://libguides.nus.edu.sg/endnote • Look out for our EndNote training sessions in • SEPTEMBER!

  33. FindMore Version 2.0 http://nus.preview.summon.serialssolutions.com Refine by…

  34. FindMore Version 2.0 - Advanced Search http://nus.preview.summon.serialssolutions.com

  35. Boolean Operators

  36. Boolean Operators AND: both terms must be present  fewer results OR: either terms may be present  more results NOT: exclude a term  use with caution • Video: Search smart using Boolean operatorsAcknowledgements: Singapore Polytechnic Library

  37. Topical search in Databases Shifting gender roles in the dual income family Identify Keywords dual income family gender roles

  38. Sociological Abstracts • Specialised database for Sociology and related disciplines from 1952- • Subjects: • Culture and social structure; Evaluation research, Family and social welfare; History and theory of sociology; Management and complex organizations; Methodology and research technology… • User friendly features in Advanced Search mode • Provides links to full-texts

  39. Advanced Search

  40. Search Results Output records Mark records Click to access full-text

  41. FindMore vs. Specialised Databases Q: When should I use FindMore? How does it compare to specialized databases? A: The main strength of FindMore: • It combines a Google-like search that allows you to search through the bulk of our collection with one search. • It can be a good starting point for a quick search to see what is available out there particularly if you are unsure what specialised database to use with your topic A: Specialised databases: • They may include results not found in FindMore • They provide more focused results.

  42. Accessing full-texts from… Like Google, but only searches for scholarly results!

  43. Install Find It! @NUS Libraries in GS Installation instructions http://libguides.nus.edu.sg/googlescholarlinks

  44. After installing Find It! in GS Find IT! links appear on the right panel

  45. Find It! @NUS Libraries • After installing, clicking on Find It! @NUS Libraries button will: • automatically attempt to check against the subscriptions of NUS Libraries online holdings • if a match is found, you will get the full text directly. • However, there is no guarantee that clicking on the Find It! link will definitely link you to the online item. • Reasons why this may not work: • NUS Libraries does not have access to the online item (but may or may not have the it in hard copy) • There is a technical issue preventing a successful link to the online item.

  46. What if I have to pay for full-texts? Click on one of these links for full-texts: • http://spr.sagepub.com/content/early/2011/12/26/0265407511431184 • http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/9781118269923.ch8/summary Solution: • Install the proxy bookmarklet • http://libguides.nus.edu.sg/proxy_bookmarklet • On the page that requires payment, click on the bookmarklet that was earlier installed in your Favorites • The NUS proxy will be auto inserted into the URL of the required article • You can then access full texts via NUS Libraries subscriptions. Note: NUS Libraries do not have subscription to every online article. If for some reasons, the proxy bookmarklet method fails: • Check LINCfor access via another online provider or if a print copy is available.

  47. Cite your Sources

  48. What to cite?

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