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TENNIS . Individual Sports Unit 2- Semester 1. Scoring. 0 pts = Love 1 pt = 15 2 pts = 30 3 pts = 40 4 pts = Game. If the score is 40-40, then it's called “ deuce ” Two options 1 . Next point wins!

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  1. TENNIS Individual Sports Unit 2- Semester 1

  2. Scoring • 0 pts = Love • 1 pt = 15 • 2 pts = 30 • 3 pts = 40 • 4 pts = Game • If the score is 40-40, then it's called “deuce” • Two options • 1. Next point wins! • 2. Play “ad” scoring, must win 2 points to win game. The server wins the point, “ad in,” server loses the point “ad out.”

  3. Scoring Continued… • Whoever calls out the score, their points are listed first. • Ex. The serving player has 3 points, the opponent has two points, the score would be 40 – 30. To the opponent who is not serving, the score would be 30 to 40.

  4. Match Information • Points, games, set, match • 4 points= 1 game • 6 games= 1 set • 2-3 sets= 1 match • Must win best 2 out of 3 games to win a match

  5. Ways of losing a point • Miss the ball completely on a swing. • Ball bounces twice before you hit it. • Hit the ball into the net. • You run into or touch the net. • You double fault on the serve. • You hit the ball more than once with your racket. • You hit the ball out of bounds.

  6. Scoring Vocabulary • All - indicates the scores are level. Example: “15 all” means that both players have a score of 15 • Deuce – when the score is 40-40 • Love - a score of zero points in a game or zero games in a set

  7. Vocabulary • Ace – When the opponent cannot touch the serve with their racket. • Double Fault – when you fail to get the second serve into the proper service court, loss of point • Fault - a serve which hits the net and / or lands outside the service box. • Foot fault - this happens when a server's foot touches the ground in front of the baseline or the wrong side of the center mark (on the baseline) before the player hits the ball • Service box - the area where players serve into • Let - when a serve hits the top of the net and lands within the service box, the server must serve again. • Rally - the exchange of shots between players. A rally starts when the receiver returns serve and ends when the point is won

  8. Types of Shots • Drop shot - a gently played shot that just gets over the net so the other player can't reach it • Ground stroke - a shot that is made after the ball has bounced

  9. Types of Shots cont…. • Lob - a shot played deliberately high into the air to land at the back of the opponent's court • Smash - an overhead shot hit very hard • Volley – a shot when the player is at the net, the ball usually will not bounce on this shot

  10. Game Play • The first serve is always done from the right side of the court. • After every point, the players switch to the other side of the center line for the service. • The ball must bounce on the return of service. • You have 2 chances to serve the ball into the proper service court, which is diagonal. • The players switch sides of the court when the total game score is an odd number, • examples: 1-0, 2-1, 3-0, 3-2, 4-1, 5-0, 5-2, 5-4, or game score is vice-versa.


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