managing healthcare big data with emc isilon n.
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  1. MANAGING HEALTHCARE BIG DATA WITH EMC ISILON Data Storage for Medical Imaging Using EMC Isilon Scale-Out NAS February 2013

  2. Big Data in Healthcare MANAGING HEALTHCARE BIG DATA WITH EMC ISILON Isilon Scale-Out NAS Healthcare Impact Summary Appendix: Isilon Technical Overview

  3. Today’s Healthcare IT Challenges Massive Volume Of Patient Info Lower Efficiency Of Health IT EHR Adoption Risks Pressure From Regulatory Demands Fewer Resources Increasing Health IT Costs

  4. The Case for Big Data in Healthcare Healthcare IT executives cite the soaring costs and complexities associated with digital medical image storage as one of the most significant challenges they face. Medical image archives are increasing by 20-40% annually and are now considered to be big data. • Applications are increasingly dense with millions of slides and 3D rendering • Medicare Reimbursements continue to grow in complexity

  5. “40% of Healthcare CIOs reported that improving the quality of patient care can mostly be achieved by improving health IT”. Source: HIMSS 2011 Leadership Survey

  6. Explosive Growth in Healthcare Imaging • Overall healthcare data growth rate of 35.3% CAGR • 2.9 XB to 13.5XB in 4 years with imaging growing from 0.8 XB to 3.9 XB • Accurate treatment requires more studies • More departments using medical imaging today than ever before • Image sizes are larger and more detailed • Non-structured data is growing quickly • Source:ESG Research Report 2011 – North American • Health Care Provider Market Size and Forecast

  7. Healthcare Storage Complexity Disparate Storage Systems for Each Department Document Management & PDF Generation Home Directories & File Shares • Big Data pressuring existing IT infrastructure in healthcare • Departmental Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) • Multitude of dedicated, differentiated storage solutions Patient In-Processing Video & Audio Files

  8. I.T. BUDGETDILEMMA Source: Forrester Research, Inc., IT Budget Allocations: Planning For 2011, December 3, 2010

  9. EMC Helps Healthcare Organizations… Manage Health IT Big Data Problem Mitigate Health IT Risk & Compliance Reduce IT Costs & Complexity Advance Information-enabled Decisions And

  10. EMC Customer And Clinical Partner Depth • “EMC customers represent 92% of hospitals with 500+ beds” • - “The 100 Most Wired U.S. Hospitals And Health Systems” • “#1 Long-term storage vendor with 52% market penetration” • - U.S. HIMSS Analytics • “A top 100 healthcare IT vendor that has “excelled in your respective market segment” • - Healthcare Informatics

  11. MANAGING HEALTHCARE BIG DATA WITH EMC ISILON Big Data in Healthcare Isilon Scale-Out NAS Healthcare Impact Summary

  12. EMC Isilon Setting The Standard For Scale-Out NAS • Broad adoption in many markets • Corporate IT • Higher Education • Healthcare • Over 3,000 global customers • 400% Y/Y Healthcare growth rate • EMC #1 NAS market (Gartner 2012) • OneFS Software • 7th generation, industry-proven, innovative scale-out operating environment

  13. Healthcare Customer Pain Points • Separate departmental PACS storage systems require extra cycles to manage systems with different requirements • Image sizes are growing for 3D Imaging, MPI and Digital Pathology, and Next Generation Sequencing • Increasing number of instruments: providers purchase additional equipment annually, often with more storage for each instrument • Unstructured data is a major growth factor for new diagnostic tools • Records, studies, and images being stored long-term • Loss of data is an expensive problem (and often results in a lawsuit) • Improved treatments require more studies, which means more data

  14. The EMC Isilon Difference • EMC Isilon Value Proposition for Healthcare • Eliminate silos of storage • Predictable scalability without added complexity • Consolidate active short-term and long-term data • Certification with Major Alliance Players • EMC Isilon certified with most major PACS vendors • EMC Isilon certified with most VNAs • EMC Isilon works with next wave diagnostic tools • Digital Pathology, NGS, Proteomics • Video Surveillance, Sleep Studies, Electron Microscopes • EMC Isilon Competitive Difference • “Never Migrate Again” architecture • Uses standard CIFS and NFS storage protocol connections • Experience the value of scale-out NAS

  15. EMC Isilon: A Flexible, Single Pool of Storage for All Modalities • Simplify complexity and meet the need for scale with EMC Isilon • Consolidate data silos from each departmental PACS with a single onsite storage solution • Single file system manages from 100 TB to Petabytes • Open NAS protocols work with nearly any instrument or ISV • Easily leveraged by multiple modalities or applications • Scale performance & storage to meet any demand • Never Refresh Again: Eliminate migrations and reduce capital and operational expense

  16. Isilon Scales To Any Healthcare Need • Single file system that scales from 18 TBs to over 20 Petabytes • Open NAS protocols work with any instrument or PACS provider • Scale capacity and performance within 60 seconds • Greater than 80 percent disk utilization • Massive scalability and easy to manage at any scale • Eliminate constant “Data jockeying” and migrations with OneFS Single File System • Auto-balance capacity and performance • Industry-leading data protection with +4

  17. MANAGING HEALTHCARE BIG DATA WITH EMC ISILON Big Data in Healthcare Isilon Scale-Out NAS Healthcare Impact Summary

  18. Keep Healthcare Data Safe EMC Isilon SmartLock policy-based retentionand protection Software-based Write Once Read Many (WORM) solution • Protect Critical Healthcare Data:Keeps data immutable, protecting it from accidental or malicious alteration or deletion • Guarantee Retention:Sets minimum retention time for data with longevity requirements • Efficient & Cost Effective:Mix WORM and non-WORM data in one, general purpose system. Set retention defaults at directory and file level • Rich Functionality:Integrates seamlessly with EMC Isilon SmartPools and SyncIQ replication

  19. EMC Isilon: The Bridge from PACS to VNA Defining the VNA: Vendor Neutral Archive • Enterprise-class data management system • Consolidates the individual archives associated with departmental PACS • Significant capital expenditure • Most hospitals are expected to adopt VNA in the next decade VNA • EMC Isilon is fully compliant with the requirements of the VNA • Consolidating PACS with EMC Isilon is a natural first step in the journey to VNA

  20. EMC Isilon Growing MomentumHealthcare and Life Sciences EMC Isilon Growing Customer MomentumHealthcare and Life Sciences UCLA

  21. RYAN CALLAHAN Manager of Research Computing “We chose Isilon because it’s simple, cost-effective and scalable, allowing us to create an easy-to-use “bucket” of information our researchers can draw on whenever, wherever they need.” Children’s Hospital Boston Critical Research Continues 24/7, 365 Days a Year—Anywhere, Anytime Challenge • Hit storage limitation with traditional SAN • Rapid and unpredictable data growth • Traditional storage cost-prohibitive and incapable of keeping pace with data growth Solution • NL Series • SyncIQ Results • Simplified data management by unifying file-based applications onto Isilon • SyncIQ® used to improve data reliability and eliminate impact of data on overall IT backup operations Applications • File based

  22. “We were impressed with the simplicity of EMC Isilon – especially compared to other vendor’s solutions. Having one name space for our unstructured data, medical images, home directories and document shares was very attractive and made it easier to manage. It worked right out of the box without hours of complex configuration. This was a drastic change from the other storage platforms we had purchased. ” WENDELL W. PINEGAR Applications Supervisor St. Dominic Hospital Treats Explosive Big Data and Home Directory Growth with EMC Challenge • 20 percent annual growth of Big Data • Complex multivendor environment with limited performance and scalability • Aging PACS and EMR archiving platforms running on legacy storage could no longer scale to meet growth demands Solution • NL-Series • InsightIQ, SmartLock, SnapShotIQ, SyncIQ Results • Improved image retrieval from 6 to less than 1 second • Achieved a 1,000% increase in I/O performance • Enabled unlimited scalability with no downtime • Reduced annual expenses by 50% Applications • McKesson Horizon Patient Folder (HPF) • GE Centricity PACS

  23. EMC Isilon: Simple. Smart. Future-ready. • EMC Isilon scale-out NAS: • Storage solutions that move easily from departmental PACS storage to the VNA approach of tomorrow • Consolidates silos of data, for departmental storage pools • Unmatched Performance: 20x higher throughput than traditional storage • >80% disk utilization to drive cost • Scales to any healthcare need with no downtime • Massive Scalability: Scales to over 20PB • As easy to manage 1000+ TB As 100TB • EMC Isilon works with next-gen technologies • Certified with PACS & VNA ISVs • Industry-leading reliability& self-healing

  24. MANAGING HEALTHCARE BIG DATA WITH EMC ISILON Big Data in Healthcare Isilon Scale-Out NAS Healthcare Impact Summary

  25. “Never Refresh Again” Architecture Meet Your Big Data Healthcare Requirements with EMC Isilon • One File System, One Volume Storage Management Simplicity • Zero Downtime Expansion • Greater than 80% utilization rates • Adapt your existing storage resources • Accommodate IT infrastructure changes • Investment Protection: Pay As You Grow • Eliminate Silos and Hot Spots

  26. Big Data in Healthcare MANAGING HEALTHCARE BIG DATA WITH EMC ISILON Isilon Scale-Out NAS Healthcare Impact Summary Appendix: Isilon Technical Overview

  27. One FS: Three layers of traditional storage architectures unified in one software layer EMC Isilon is the Choice, OneFS is the Reason • Performance and capacity that scale linearly – from 100TB to petabytes in a single file system

  28. EMC Isilon Core Innovation OneFS Scale-Out Operating System FILESYSTEM DATAPROTECTION VOLUME MANAGER High Performance Over 100 GB aggregate throughput Single Filesystem Single volume for management simplicity Multi-Tier Auto-tiering and AutoBalance 80%+ Efficiency Industry-leading raw storage utilization Linear Scalability Scale performance and capacity to over 20 PBs Easy Growth Scale in <60 Seconds with no downtime

  29. EMC Isilon Scale-Out NAS Architecture NFS CIFS HDFSfor Hadoop HTTP FTP Single FS/Volume Users or Servers Users or Servers Users or Servers Client/Application Layer Ethernet Layer OneFS Operating Environment Intra-cluster Communication Layer

  30. EMC Isilon Scale-Out NAS Product Family Linear Scaling of Performance & Capacity S-Series Purpose-built for IOPS-intensive, random access file-based applications X-Series A flexible solution to accelerate high-concurrent and sequential throughput applications • Purpose-built for cost-effective, large capacity storage NL-Series

  31. Isilon, Scale-Out NAS for Big Data Single File System, Single Volume Simplicity For Active, Persistent, And Archive Data • Quota management • Thin provisioning • High speed replication • Disaster recovery • Business continuance X-series Backup Accelerator VirtualizedServers VirtualizedServers • File immutability • Protection from deletion/change S-series WAN/LAN Network Clients NL-series NL-series • Load balancing • Seamless failover • Performance zones • Instant recovery • Data protection Client/ApplicationLayer Primary &Nearline Storage Local/Remote Archive • Automated storage tiering

  32. Largest and Most Scalable File System More scalable than traditional storage systems OneFS scales from 18 TB to more than 20 PB in a single file system, single volume • Under 60 seconds to scale with no downtime • World’s fastestperformance andcapacity scaling • Over 100 GB/s of throughput

  33. Gain New Levels of Efficiency Isilon AutoBalance AutoBalance Automated data balancing across nodes reduces costs, complexity, and risks for scaling storage BALANCED EMPTY FULL BALANCED • AutoBalance automatically moves content to new storage nodes while system is online and in production • Eliminates “hot spots” • Enables unmatched storage capacity utilization of more than 80% EMPTY FULL BALANCED EMPTY FULL BALANCED EMPTY FULL BALANCED EMPTY

  34. Optimize Resources with Automated Tiering Isilon SmartPools Files • Single point of management • Single file system/single volume • Multiple performance tiers • Automatic data movement • Policy-based tiering management • Transparent reallocation • NO application changes • Optimize storage resources • Automatically match storage resources with data requirements • Eliminate data migration S-Series Performance Reduced cost/TB X-Series Collaboration NL-Series Active archives

  35. Linear, Predictable Scalability SPECsfs2008 performance test results 1,800,000 1,600,000 1,400,000 1,200,000 File Ops/second 1,000,000 800,000 600,000 400,000 200,000 7 14 28 56 140 Predictable SLAs CIFS NFS

  36. 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% FAILED FAILED Unmatched Data Protection and Availability Highly resilient, clustered architecture With N+2, N+3, and N+4 protection, data is 100% available if multiple drives or nodes fail With N+1 protection,data is 100% available even if a single drive or node fails And with Isilon, the more nodes in the cluster, the faster drive rebuild time

  37. Enterprise Data Protection Options Fast, easy backup and recovery and disaster recovery • Isilon SyncIQ benefits • Disaster recovery • Business continuance • Disk-to-disk backup • Remote archive • Push-button simple failover/failback • Block efficient, file specific • Integrates with Isilon SmartLock • Policy-based retention • Leverages Isilon SnapshotIQ • Per-directory policies and granularity • Unlimited snapshots per cluster • Minimal performance impact • Allows tiered snapshots Isilon S-Series and X-Series Cluster Isilon NL-Series Cluster SyncIQ Replication Architecture

  38. Robust Enterprise Security Options • Secure Role Separation • Roles-based administration • Administration and data access separated • Secure WORM Data Protection • Isilon SmartLock • SEC 17a-4 Compliance option • Secure Isolation • Authentication Zones

  39. Interoperability for Operational Flexibility • Platform REST API • Simplify management and integration • Third-party application integration • VMware integration • VAAI: vStorage APIs for array integration • VASA: vSphere APIs for storage awareness • Virtual Server writeable clones • Multi-protocol support • Integrated support for industry-standard protocols • Native HDFS support

  40. Industry’s First and Only Scale-Out Storage Solution With Native Hadoop Integration • Accelerate the benefits of Hadoop for the enterprise • Proven Hadoop solution, faster implementation • Greater interoperability with enterprise applications and Hadoop analytics through multi-protocol parallel access from any client • Reduce risk • Eliminates Hadoop NameNode single point of failure • Enterprise data protection • Fast snapshots, backup, and recovery • Simple, reliable data replication for disaster recovery • Ultimate flexibility • Scale compute and storage resources separately • Supports physical and virtualized server environments

  41. February 20, 2013 Customer Presentation ISD041.3