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Innovative Isilon Solutions for the Federal Sector Audie Hittle EMC Isilon Federal CTO PowerPoint Presentation
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Innovative Isilon Solutions for the Federal Sector Audie Hittle EMC Isilon Federal CTO

Innovative Isilon Solutions for the Federal Sector Audie Hittle EMC Isilon Federal CTO

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Innovative Isilon Solutions for the Federal Sector Audie Hittle EMC Isilon Federal CTO

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  1. Exploring Cyber Security, Mobile Communications and Big Data Applications Leveraging Intelligent Data Storage Innovative Isilon Solutionsfor the Federal Sector Audie Hittle EMC Isilon Federal CTO Email:

  2. Cyber Security, Mobility and • Big Data Overview • Intelligent Data Storage - Isilon • Isilon Technology Innovations • Summary

  3. Cyber Security • Definition: All the processes and mechanisms by which computer-based equipment, information and services are protected from unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction. • An executive order issued in early February 2013 acknowledged the current risks and rapidly growing cyber threats to the United States. • This new executive order and legal impetus and reinforces the growing importance and opportunity associated with mobile and enterprise information technology (IT) cyber security solutions.

  4. Cyber Security Impetus • “We can have the best kinetic capability in the world, but I believe we still lose if we don’t get this right…the ability to fight in the cyber domain.” • LtGen C.D. Moore, AFLCMC/CC, MITS PEO Summit, Montgomery, AL 21May 2014 • “Among the greatest concerns that impacts both military and civilian realms is cyber security….Nothing exists in the norms of behavior. There is a military aspect to it, but it’s all of society.” • U.S. Navy Admiral James G. Stavridis, NATO supreme allied commander for Europe and commander of U.S. European Command, U.S. Federal Cybersecurity Market Forecast 2013–2018”

  5. Cyber Security Market GovWin IQ federal IT security forecast • Federal cyber security market will grow to a cumulative $65.5 billion Investment during the 2013-2018 period, at an annual growth rate exceeding six percent. • USAF cyber security investments have increased in recent past and projected FYDP while most other spending has decreased or remained flat. Market Research Media cumulative federal budget

  6. Latest Cyber Security Trend – Cyber Resiliency • Cyber resiliency: “the ability of a nation, organization, or mission or business process to anticipate, withstand, recover from, and evolve to improve capabilities in the face of, adverse conditions, stresses, or attacks on the supporting cyber resources it needs to function. … MITRE Corporation Study, Dec 2012 ( • Cyber resiliency is one element of an overall defensive strategy to provide mission assurance. Whereas traditional strategies focus on keeping adversaries out, cyber resiliency leverages cyber forensics and focuses on ensuring critical capabilities continue, despite successful attacks on components. • EMC Isilon, intelligent data storage, has automated the processes and developed solid enterprise-level solutions that can contribute significantly to cyber forensics and the associated business continuity and recovery operations necessary to “fight through” modern cyber attacks.

  7. Cyber Resiliency Supported by EMC Isilon • Protects the data from unauthorized changes, consistent with SEC Rule 17a-4. • Addresses mandate for electronic storage media to preserve the records exclusively in a non-rewriteable and non-erasable format. Offers potential to monitor, alert, and protect vital info. • Addresses Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) conducted over relatively long durations best addressed by Cyber forensics and a cyber resiliency capability. • Proactively address cyber threats with the ability protect critical info from unauthorized access through RBAC. • Leverages secure Write Once, Read Many (WORM) data protection capability known as EMC SmartLock® helps protect mission-critical info from malicious or unintentional changes. • Provides Authentication Zones -- secure isolation of confidential or vital data limiting unauthorized access to restricted or designated partitions.

  8. Cyber Resiliency Supported by EMC Isilon • Integration with unique customer-developed or third-party applications to quickly explore and exploit EMC Isilon OneFS® features and functions for insight or control via the platform Representational State Transfer (REST) application programming interface (API). • The flexibility of Isilon multiprotocol support to leverage Pivotal Greenplum® Hadoop (HD) data analytics software, and Isilon’s integrated industry-standard protocols and unique status of having the first and only native Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). • Various combinations of the Isilon data protection and data management capabilities may provide insights, alerts, or access to data changes that support cyber security objectives, such as the EMC Isilon SnapshotIQ™ capability. SnapshotIQ provides a simple, scalable, and flexible way to enable enterprise-class, point-in-time data protection and recovery for scale-out storage.

  9. Isilon’s Hardened OS Supports Cyber Resiliency • EMC Isilon continues to certify hardened versions of our Operating System, OneFS, to address common security requirements • Some environments have demanding security requirements • OneFS Hardened provides DISA STIGs, FIPS compliance

  10. Cyber Priorities and Opportunities Biggest Cyber Challenge—Sufficient Resources “We need to be very smart about how we spend our resources…Above all, the biggest cyber challenge facing the Air Force is whether it will have sufficient resources.” …Gen William Shelton, AFSPC/CC, Signal Online Interview 1 Jun 2013 AFLCMC Challenge and Opportunity “We can have the best kinetic capability in the world, but I believe we still lose if we don’t get this right…the ability to fight in the cyber domain… The AFLCMC cyber challenge is making fielded and new systems more secure and resilient to ensure the desired effects are achievable in all environments.” … LtGen C.D. Moore, AFLCMC/CC, MITS PEO Summit, Montgomery, AL 21May 2014 Gen William Shelton, Commander AFSPC LtGen CD Moore Commander AFLCMC

  11. Vision: The future for Air Force Cyber Ops “I believe that the next-generation communications squadron…is a cyberspace squadron. It is a cyber operations center that monitors, directs and delivers situational awareness to the organizations it supports and provides command and control, and integrates capabilities.” …LtGen Michael “Coach” Basla, SAF/CIO A6, MITS PEO Summit, Montgomery, AL 20 May 2014 LtGen Michael Basla, SAF/CIO A6

  12. Being Mobile: Online Safety and Security* • Mobile capabilities in USAF Missions…One Command’s Case Study: • 18,000 iOS devices in AMC • Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) - replaces 70lb flight bags • Restrictions in place to disable .mil, web browsing, email, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. • Mobile devices are often lost, stolen, or compromised • Security belongs with the holder of the device (…41% of workers used unsanctioned cloud service for document storage in the last 6 months) • iOSupdates (like recent iOS 7) only authorized after DISA/AFSPC approval • AMC and 24th Air Force are researching and developing Mobile Management solutions • Intelligent Data Storage solutions, such as the EMC IsilonMobileIQ and Syncplicity, are flexible to work independently or leverage existing Mobile Management Solutions *Source: HQ AMC Cyber Security Awareness Brief Oct 2013:

  13. The Operational Dilemma Today NETWORK SECURITY BIG DATA Cloud Cloud BIG DATA BACK-UP & RECOVERY CONUS NO REAL-TIME, PREDICTIVE, INTERACTIVE ANALYSIS ANALYSIS BIG DATA Ground Control Station Tactical Operations CenterC2 and Analysis Launch & Recovery Petabytes of Data, Constrained Bandwidth, Cloud Security and Recovery Challenges, No Interactive Predictive Analytic Tools for BIG DATA

  14. Technology Solutions Isilon Scalable Data Storage Cloud Cloud Secure the Network Protect Your Data CONUS EMC VNX Data Storage Virtualize the Network EMC VNX Data Storage Ground Control Station Tactical Operations CenterC2 and Analysis Launch & Recovery Isilon Storage Scales to Infinity, VMware Virtualizes the Architecture, RSA Secures the Network and Protects Data, Greenplum Ingests and Analyzes BIG DATA SIMPLE, SAFE, SECURE…….EFFICIENT Pivotal Analytics Pivotal Analytics

  15. Mobility Trends Where Intelligent Data Storage Adds Value • Cost containment and efficient management continue to be pain points • Networks and sensors becoming more ubiquitous and higher resolutions • Transition of funding to mobility and modernization of systems: requiring more holistic data management techniques to service multiple systems and applications for analytics, data fusion and consolidation needed • Geo-Distributed data stores is a requirement with growing need for in theater and CONUS data stores • Less silos due to consolidation and virtualization • Move away from customized systems and towards more COTS based approaches without specialized integration to support mobility

  16. EMC Transforms Mobility with Game-Changing Technologies Store and manage a vast amount of data Trust and Security in the Cloud Correlate and analyze huge volume of data Virtualize the architecture and move to cloud

  17. Operational Use Cases – USAF Priorities • Collaboration: An operational distributed common ground station unit which has implemented Isilonas their tactical “Forward Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (FPED)” data ingest, storage, and sharing capability. • Efficiency: An Air Force Intelligence Wing enclave reduced their data storage management staffing requirements by roughly 90 percent and energy by 30 percent by moving to Isilon. • Mobility: A National Military Medical Center uses Isilon to efficiently archive several PB in an off-site secure location and has implemented mobility and M2M capabilities.

  18. Increases IT operating leverage Unlocks New Capabilities Sample of Federal Accounts Using Isilon’s Scale-out Storage…and Why? Reduces storage costs Speeds workflows Complementary

  19. Mobility and Cyber Systems Generate Big Data… …but what Is Big Data? ! ! ! • Data that challenges the capabilities of a system to capture, manage, and process it within an acceptable elapsed time • ~ Wikipedia ~

  20. The Big Data Challenge Exabytes File based: 61.8% CAGR Block based: 23.7% CAGR By 2013, 80% of all storage capacity sold was for file-based data Source: “Scale Out Storage in the Content Driven Enterprise: Unleashing the Value of Information Assets,” IDC White Paper (2010 Enterprise Disk Storage Consumption Model), June 2011

  21. Unstructured Data Growth 80% 74% 67% 2013 2015 2017 37 EB 71 EB 133 EB Unstructured Data Total Capacity Shipped, Worldwide Source: IDC

  22. Cyber Security, Mobility and Big Data Overview Intelligent Data Storage - Isilon • Isilon Technology Innovations • Summary

  23. EMC Isilon Setting the standard for scale-out Network Attached Storage (NAS) • Broad adoption across many markets • High Performance Computing (HPC): Federal Government R&D and Operations, Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, Electronic Design Automation, Media & Entertainment, Financial Services • Enterprise IT: Archive, Home Directories, File Shares, Virtualization, Business Analytics • Over 4,400 global customers • 26% Y/Y growth rate • EMC #1 NAS market* • Isilon OneFS: Seventh generation, industry-proven, innovative scale-out operating environment *Source: “Market Share Analysis: Network-Attached Storage/Unified Storage, Worldwide, 2011,” Gartner, March 2012

  24. Simple to scale Manage 20 PB like 1 TB drive Predictable performance Grows linearly Efficient to operate Maximize utilization to 80%+ Automate tiering Highly resilient Survives multiple failures Enterprise proven Management and protection tools that customers expect No data migrations Isilon Scale-Out Intelligent Data Storage Single storage pool for application consolidation Performance App Scalability

  25. The Cost Advantage of Isilon Ease of use and management simplicity Uploading of re-loading data Adding new applications Space reclamation Managing backup FTE Hours per TB in Use Managing capacity Storage provisioning Storage allocation 0.0 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 Isilon Traditional IDC: Isilon improves IT productivity by 48%, reduces OPEX* * Source: “Quantifying the Business Benefits of Scale-Out NAS Solutions,” IDC White Paper, November 2011

  26. The Cost Advantage of Isilon ReducesBig Data storage costs by 40% Source: “Quantifying the Business Benefits of Scale-Out NAS Solutions,” IDC White Paper, November 2011

  27. Cyber Security, Mobility and Big Data Overview Intelligent Data Storage - Isilon IsilonTechnology Innovations • Summary

  28. Isilon Scale-Out NAS Architecture NFS CIFS HDFSfor Hadoop HTTP FTP Single FS/Volume Servers Servers Servers Client/Application Layer Ethernet Layer OneFS Operating Environment Intra-cluster Communication Layer

  29. Isilon Core Innovation OneFS scale-out operating system FILESYSTEM DATAPROTECTION VOLUME MANAGER High Performance Single File System Simplicity Automated Tiering Leadership Efficiency Linear Scalability Easy Growth

  30. “Never Migrate Again” Architecture Meet Your Big Data Storage Requirements with EMC Isilon • One File System, One Volume Storage Management Simplicity • Zero Downtime Expansion • Greater than 80% utilization rates • Adapt your existing storage resources • Accommodate IT infrastructure changes • Investment Protection: Pay As You Grow • Eliminate Silos and Hot Spots

  31. Comprehensive Enterprise Software DATA PROTECTION DATA MANAGEMENT SnapshotIQ Fast, efficient data backup and recovery SyncIQ Fast and flexible asynchronous replication for disaster recovery protection SmartConnect Policy-based client failover with load balancing SmartLock Policy-based WORM data protection Backup Accelerator Scalable NDMP backup MobileIQ Provide secure mobile access to enterprise file data stored on-premises SmartPools Policy-based automated tiering SmartQuotas Quota management and thin provisioning InsightIQ Performance monitoring and reporting to manage storage resources Isilon for vCenter VMware integrated management features

  32. Isilon Simplicity and Ease of Use • Single volume spans all nodes • Directories and files striped across the cluster • Auto-balance capacity and performance • Automation: • NO manual intervention • NO reconfiguration • NO server or client mount point or application changes • NO data migrations EFFICIENCY

  33. OneFS scales from 18 TB to more than 20 PB in a single file system, single volume Under 60 seconds to scale with no downtime World’s fastestperformance andcapacity scaling Over 100 GB/s of throughput Largest and Most Scalable File System More scalable than traditional storage systems

  34. Isilon-- Intelligent Data Storage Scale-out NAS product family Linear Scaling of Performance and Capacity S-Series Purpose-built for IOPS-intensive, random access, file-based applications X-Series Flexible solution for high concurrent and sequential throughput applications NL-Series • Ideal for cost-effective, large-capacity storage

  35. World’s Fastest NAS SPECsfs2008 CIFS: aggregate vendor performance ISILON RECORD-BREAKING PERFORMANCE World Record1.6 million CIFS OPS 126% increaseover competition 1,600,000 1,500,000 1,400,000 1,300,000 CIFS IOPS 1,200,000 1,100,000 1,000,000 900,000 800,000 700,000 600,000 500,000 400,000 300,000 200,000 100,000 EMC Isilon EMC EMC EMC NetApp NetApp NetApp NetApp Apple Silicon Graphics Apple Fujitsu Apple Fujitsu Siemens Fujitsu Fujitsu Siemens Fujitsu Siemens Fujitsu Siemens NSPLab Fujitsu Huawei Symantec Source: “All SPEC SPECsfs2008_cifs Results Published by SPEC,” October 3, 2012 (

  36. Linear, Predictable Scalability SPECsfs2008 performance test results 1,800,000 1,600,000 1,400,000 1,200,000 File Ops/second 1,000,000 800,000 600,000 400,000 200,000 7 14 28 56 140 Predictable SLAs CIFS NFS

  37. Interoperability for Operational Flexibility • Platform REST API • Simplify management and integration • Third-party application integration • VMware integration • VAAI: vStorage APIs for array integration • VASA: vSphere APIs for storage awareness • Virtual Server writeable clones • Multi-protocol support • Integrated support for industry-standard protocols • Native HDFS support

  38. Industry’s First and Only Scale-Out Storage Solution With Native Hadoop Integration • Accelerate the benefits of Hadoop for the enterprise • Proven Hadoop solution, faster implementation • Greater interoperability with enterprise applications and Hadoop analytics through multi-protocol parallel access from any client • Reduce risk • Eliminates Hadoop NameNode single point of failure • Enterprise data protection • Fast snapshots, backup, and recovery • Simple, reliable data replication for disaster recovery • Ultimate flexibility • Scale compute and storage resources separately • Supports physical and virtualized server environments

  39. Cyber Security, Mobility and Big Data Overview IsilonIntelligent Data Storage IsilonTechnology Innovations Summary

  40. Isilon Intelligent Data Storage Benefits for the Cyber, Mobility and Big Data Communities • Warfighters • Information instead of data • Increased operational tempo • More time to plan & rehearse • Front Line Commanders • More direct access to relevant information • Easier post-action fusion & doctrine refinement • Leadership • Reduction of architecture risk & ready for ”cloud” • Focused skills across industrial base • Faster technology insertion • Application Owners • Stable platform to write against • Easier integration to other apps • Focus on mission needs not plumbing • System Integrators • Broker between platform, sensor, applications, and Warfighter • Faster technology insertion & opportunity exploitation

  41. Isilon Scale-Out NAS Transforms Cyber and Mobility Missions Simplicity and ease of use Single file system, single volume, global namespace Massive scalability Scales to over 20 PB in a single file system • World record performance • Over 100 GB/s throughput, 1.6M SPECsfs ops Unmatched efficiency More than 80% storage utilization, and automated storage tiering Enterprise data protection Efficient backup and recovery, reliable disaster recovery, and N+1 thru N+4 redundancy Robust security options Roles-based administration; Authentication Zones; SEC 17a-4 compliant WORM data security Operational flexibility Integrated support for industry-standard protocols including NFS, SMB, HTTP, FTP, and HDFS; platform REST API; VMware integration

  42. For More Information on • Innovative Solutionsfor the FederalSector contact: • Audie Hittle • EMC Isilon Federal CTO • Email: