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How to Growth Hack through UX

For more growth hacks and content marketing tips, visit out blog: http://roy.roypovarchik.com. <br><br>These are the slides for my "Growth Hacks Through UX Tour" talk. <br>I gave the talk over 80 times in over 4 different countries in the past 2 years. <br><br>Hope you'll enjoy them. <br>To learn more, <br>Check out: http://roypovarchik.com

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How to Growth Hack through UX

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  1. roypovarchik.com @roypovar

  2. How to ‘Growth Hack’ through UX

  3. What is ‘Hacking’?

  4. Hacking is finding alternatives to the traditional uses of a system

  5. What is Growth Hacking?

  6. Not a set of tools but a state of mind

  7. “A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth.”? ? Sean Ellis - Dropbox

  8. “The end goal of every growth hacker is to build a self- perpetuating marketing machine that reaches millions by itself”? ? Aaron Ginn - StumbleUpon

  9. Growth Hackers are marketers that bring data back to the product and use it for growth

  10. Bring ‘Awesome’ into the product

  11. Analytical Obsessed Creative Curious

  12. The 3 stages of growth hacking:

  13. Product Market Fit Grow Retain

  14. Products that don’t reach PMF don’t grow

  15. The growth hacking process:

  16. Assume Set tracks Leverage Test Analyze Repeat

  17. Traffic Activation Retention

  18. Pull Push Product

  19. Blogging Podcasts Ebooks / Guides Infographics Webinars Conference Pres. SEO Social Media Contests Deal Site Leverage Others

  20. Ads Promo Swaps Affiliates Direct Sales

  21. Network invitations Social sharing API integration Backlinks Incentives Organic

  22. How can I use my product for growth?

  23. Network invitations Social sharing API integration Backlinks Incentives Organic

  24. Backlinks? Onboarding Hacks? Viral loops? Organic? Incentive

  25. Backlinks

  26. Turning users into promoters

  27. 1 Millions users in 6 months

  28. 1996 How do you grow a free web mail service?

  29. Ads? Billboards? Radio? Spam?

  30. P.S: I love you. Get your free e-mail at Hotmail.

  31. Every email user is a distributer

  32. iPhone Blackberry Mailbox Sparrow Evernote Facebook

  33. Onboarding

  34. Design Onboarding for LTV

  35. Got new users but with low retention

  36. Twitter had a large audience who signed up for an account, played around for a few days and then never logged in again

  37. Twitter learned a variety of things about its users, such as the fact that if users selected 5-10 accounts to follow in their first day on Twitter, they would be much more likely to become long-term users. ? Users who signed in but didn’t interact with anyone logged off without finding the value in the network.

  38. Viral Loops

  39. A viral loop is when a company achieves a viral coefficient of at least 1

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