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www.oldroseandgray.shutterfly.com. Sign in to view the site. In Internet Explorer go to www.oldroseandgray.shutterfly.com The password is: brothers Now you can view the web site. Adding Photos ~ Step 1. Only members of the site may add photos.

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  1. www.oldroseandgray.shutterfly.com

  2. Sign in to view the site • In Internet Explorer go to www.oldroseandgray.shutterfly.com The password is: brothers Now you can view the web site.

  3. Adding Photos ~ Step 1 Only members of the site may add photos. We are all using the same membership. Sign in using the email address: triangle.purdue@gmail.com Use the password: brothers

  4. Adding Photos ~ Step 2 • Photos must be in the jpeg format • For a few photos, there is an all purpose album called “Recent Uploads” that you can upload to and they will be sorted. Click on “Add pictures” below the album. • If adding a lot of photos, make your own album. Next to Pictures, click on Add Album. • Include your name in the title of the album or in the photo description so others know where the photos came from.

  5. Example • Use the sepia photo of Robbie with Purdue Pete as an example. Click on it. It will give the photo description. • Captions can be added by editing the photo information. Use drop down boxes. Captions are helpful! • Keep it clean, thanks!

  6. WhereToAddYourPhotos • Use the tabs. • Good Old Days is for your OLD photos. • The other tabs refer to Reunion events. • The Home Page is a catch-all for what doesn’t fit the other categories. A few families gather, you take some photos. Post them here.

  7. Send Photos From Your Mobile Phone • Use FAQs & How To’s in the Help section to guide you through this.

  8. Email A Photo To The Site • This is done one at a time. (Use your own Shutterfly account or our joint one.) • If you don’t have your own account, go to Google’s gmail. A simple search will find it for you. www.gmail.com • Sign in as Triangle.purdue@gmail.com • Password is, guess what! brothers • Click on Compose Mail • TO: oldroseandgray@sfly.com (or type Sand it will come up.) • Subject: put your album title here. • Body: becomes the album subtitle or description. Put your name here, maybe a date, and what the photos are about. • Attach: the photo file, in jpeg format. The title of your photo on your computer will be your photo’s title in your new album. • You can add photos to an existing album by using the album’s name on your email’s subject line. • The catch-all album for the site is called Recent Uploads. Feel free to use it, but please go in and add a description to your photo for identification purposes. Do this within edit or edit picture info.

  9. Shutterfly Will Be Happy To Take Your $ • Make prints from anyone’s photos on the site. • You must be a Shutterfly member to do this. • Sign in using triangle.purdue@gmail.comand the password brothers • or create your own account with Shutterfly.

  10. Get Creative On Shutterfly • Create posters, calenders, photo books and other products. • (See that sepia Purdue Pete photo again) • Click on “order photo gifts”. It leads you through the process. • If you create a book, park it in the Photo Books section toward the bottom of our page. Others may enjoy seeing your handiwork, and may also order YOUR BOOK!

  11. Important Information • If you don’t want others to download or print it, don’t share the photo. • Keep a copy of your photos. You may not be able to retrieve them at full resolution. • Site owner is responsible for content, and will exercise the right to censor. • Please do not edit the member settings or profile.

  12. SMILE

  13. Created by Margaret Dodd September 2009 For help using Shutterfly, please try Shutterfly’s help. If all else fails, contact Margaret or Steve Dodd at mdodd3@earthlink.net. Photo credit: Margaret Dodd 2008

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