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Famous Designers

Famous Designers

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Famous Designers

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  1. Famous Designers Homework 1 Set date : Week beginning ????????? Assessment Focus : Use understanding of others’ designing

  2. Famous Designers Objectives By completing this homework you should be able to - • recognise the work of various designers. • Use the work of other designers when creating your own designs

  3. Famous Designers In Design Technology, looking at other designer’s work can help inspire you and give you ideas for when you are designing and making products of your own. Choose one of the following famous designers, or choose one of your own- • Philippe Starck • James Dyson • Dick Powell • Jonathan Ive • Vivienne Westwood • Marcel Breuer • Louis Vuitton • Arne Jacobsen

  4. Famous Designers Task 1 You should spend approximately 1½ hours on this section On page 2 of your answer booklet, write down the name of the designer you have chosen to study and what he or she is well known for designing. You then need to find a range of products your designer has produced, the best way to do this would be a ‘Google images search’. Then use the pictures you have collected of their designs to create a mood board An example of a mood board is on the next page. 

  5. Louis Vuitton

  6. Famous Designers Task 2 You should spend approximately 1½ hours on this section On page 3 of your answer booklet you need to produce a design of your own in the style of the designer you have studied. It can be a product that they already design or it can be one that you have thought of yourself. When presenting your idea try to - draw in 3D use lots of colour notes and sub drawings to explain your idea notes to explain how your designer has influenced your idea Read the assessment sheet before you start designing so you know what to do to achieve the highest level possible, its on the back of your booklet or the last slide

  7. Famous Designers Evaluation On page 4 of your booklet is a Project Evaluation, answer it as fully and as honestly as you can.

  8. Famous Designers Assessment -Use understanding of others’ designing