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Book of Signs

Book of Signs

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Book of Signs

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  1. Book of Signs • Definition: The Book of Signs is the first part of the Gospel according to John, including many stories of miracles, or signs, in the life of Jesus. • Sentence: Contained in the Book of Signs are numerous miracles Jesus performed while on Earth, including the Wedding at Cana and Feeding Five Thousand.

  2. Literary genre • Definition: Literary genres are different styles of writing. • Sentence: Inside the Holy Bible, many different authors were inspired by the Holy Spirit to uniquely write about the life of Jesus in the New Testament, utilize various literary genres to convey His miracles and transfigurations.

  3. Fourth Gospel • Definition: The Forth Gospel is another name for the Gospel according to John. • Sentence: Unlike the Gospels according to Matthew, Mark, and Luke, the Fourth Gospel, or the book of John, is the only section of the New Testament in the bible that is not synoptic.

  4. covenant • Definition: A covenant is the solemn agreement of fidelity the God and the people of God freely entered into, which was renewed in Christ, the new and everlasting Covenant. • Sentence: Throughout the entire Old Testament of the Bible, God created numerous covenants with his people, including Abraham and the Israelites, to which would be later fulfilled with the coming of Jesus Christ, who is known as the new and everlasting covenant.

  5. Evangelist • Definition: An evangelist is a teller of the Good News, or the Gospel. Evangelists include Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, the writers of the accounts of the Gospel in the New Testament. • Sentence: Though it is thought by many Catholics that an evangelist must by a writer of the Holy Bible, all can be evangelists with kind actions that reflect Jesus' love.

  6. Canon of Sacred Scripture • Definition: The Canon of Sacred Scripture is the list of books the Catholic Church has identified and teaches to be the inspired word of God. • Sentence: In order to compile the Canon of Sacred Scripture, it is believed by Catholics that the Holy Spirit descended down upon human evangelists as inspiration to write the Canon of Sacred Scripture, acting as the voice of Jesus Christ.

  7. Oral Tradition • Definition: Oral Tradition is the passing on of God’s revelation by word of mouth. • Sentence: In order to spread the Good News of Christ, Catholics use not only the Holy Bible, but take part in the sharing of Christ through oral tradition and Jesus-like actions to reflect his spirit and presence on Earth.

  8. Eternal • Definition: Eternal means having no end, timeless, everlasting, an attribute given to God. • Sentence: By the crucifixion of his only son, God the Father expresses his eternal love for all humanity through Jesus Christ becoming fully man and fully divine.

  9. Sacred Scripture • Definition: Sacred Scripture is the collection of all writings God has inspired authors to write in his name that are the collection of the Holy Bible. • Sentence: Each mass encompasses three readings from the Sacred Scripture, followed by an explanation of the passages by the priest, called the homily.

  10. Deposit of Faith • Definition: The Deposit of Faith is the source of faith that is drawn from to pass on God’s revelation to us and the unity of Scripture and Tradition. • Sentence: Through the deposit of faith, all people, whether catholic or not, receive knowledge of Jesus Christ and his invitation of faith that many choose to accept.

  11. Divine Revelation • Definition: Divine Revelation is God making known the hidden mystery of who he is and the divine plan of creation and salvation known over time so that we can get to know and love him better. • Sentence: Because God placed me in the life I live today with the innumerable blessings, I experience his divine revelation daily through the people in my life.

  12. Faith • Definition: Faith is the gift of God’s invitation to us to believe and trust in him and the power God gives us to respond to his invitation of faith. • Sentence: At Baptism, my parents accepted God’s invitation to me to have faith in him, in which I will renew this invitation by my own choice at Confirmation once I reach my Sophomore year in High School.

  13. Divine Providence • Definition: God’s caring love for us and the attribute of God that his almighty power and caring love is always with us is divide providence. • Sentence: Through the Holy Spirit’s inspiration to write the Holy Bible, God’s divine providence was present because God left the Sacred Scripture as Earthly guide to humans to eventually reach his everlasting kingdom in heaven.

  14. Holy Trinity • Definition: The mystery of one God in three persons- God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit is the Holy Trinity. • Sentence: Together making up the Holy Trinity, I turn in prayer to God the Father for reassurance, God the Son for courage, and the holy Spirit for guidance.