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The Newtons Science day

The Newtons Science day. By Ben and Kian. Caterpillar thriller .

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The Newtons Science day

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  1. The Newtons Science day By Ben and Kian

  2. Caterpillar thriller • In caterpillar thriller we were sorted out into teams and we all searched for string representing caterpillars. The caterpillars were all different colours and once we’d all stopped searching Miss Stafford told us to see which caterpillars we caught the least. Everyone said it was the green's that were found the least and we realised it was because they were camouflaged. This activity is one of our personal favourites. We learned that camouflaged animals are the best at avoiding predators.

  3. Splat • Our next favourite was splat with Miss Moyses. We put the primary colours • (red, blue, yellow) into a plastic bag and we tried to make as much different colours as possible ( most of us made brown ). We learned what colours made what colours

  4. Ink splitting • In ink splitting we made two small dots (with felt tips) near the bottom of our paper and dipped the end in a jug of water, the water slowly crept up the paper and when it touched the ink it split into the different colours that it is made of. For example the black turned into blue and pink. Then we did the same with a fountain pen and it just stayed black which is probably why they are better to write with. We learned that ink is made up of different colours.

  5. Spinning spectrum • We made a spectrum out of multi coloured card and paper. Newtons law says that if we spin the spectrum it will make white light ,we put a pencil through the spectrum and spun it round but we didn’t get it fast enough however we did see some tiny glimpses of white light when we got it fast enough. We learned that if you spin the spectrum fast enough you make white light.

  6. We hope you liked our PowerPoint

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