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How an Abortion is Carried Out PowerPoint Presentation
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How an Abortion is Carried Out

How an Abortion is Carried Out

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How an Abortion is Carried Out

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  1. Pregnancy Termination Our goal is to provide every patient with the time, attention and information necessary to address her questions and concerns so that she is able to make an informed decision regarding the abortion process. Ru486ishere Beverly Hills, California

  2. Free Abortion Pills • Free abortion clinic • Free parking is available • A discreet private office • Abortion services in a private, confidential office with individualized care from a Board Certified Ob-Gyn. • Medical and Surgical Abortion • Free STD testing, Free Pap test.

  3. ...and WHY CHOOSE US • All physicians are board-certified in gynecology and on the staff of the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center located in Los Angeles, California. The office has provided surgical abortions since 1989. Medical abortions were introduced into the practice in1989 as an alternative to surgical abortions. • On hand to assist our physicians is a caring, professional trained staff who are committed to patient comfort and patient confidentiality. We believe it is our goal to help you be as comfortable as possible during office visits. We will make every attempt to be respectful, kind and understanding of your needs.

  4. Background Our office is a confidential, personal alternative to conventional abortion clinics. From the time of your first phone call you will be greeted by a friendly and understanding staff member who will do their best to answer your questions. Same-day appointments if necessary will always be made available including evenings and Sundays. If any questions require the attention of our physicians, they will answer your questions and concerns prior even to your scheduled appointment.

  5. Misoprostol • A synthetic PGE1 analogue (15-deoxy-16-hydroxy-16-methyl PGE1). • Prevention and treatment of peptic ulcer and later used off-label as an abortifacient. • Advantages over other PGs; cheap, stable at room temperature and can be stored for a long time. • Limited effect on the bronchi or blood vessels. • Effective in different routes of administration. • Few and dose-dependent side effects. • Available in many countries

  6. Antiprogesterone • Progesterone is a key hormone in maintaining the pregnancy by keeping the uterus in a quiescent state. • It prevents softening and dilatation of the cervix, reduces PG output from the decidua, and suppresses uterine contractions. • Mifepristone is the only anti-progestin approved for the induction of abortion. • Binds with high affinity to the progesterone receptor, inhibiting the effect of the hormone.

  7. Surgical evacuation of the placenta • Routine surgical evacuation of the uterus is not required. It should only be undertaken if there is clinical evidence that the abortion is incomplete (El-Refaey and Templeton, 1995). • Only 8–11% of women needed surgical evacuation following T2 medical abortion (Ashok et al., 2004). • Surgical evacuation was as low as 2.5% (Hamoda et al., 2005a).

  8. Making choices • Although D&E is a very safe and effective procedure, its safety profile derives from the surgeon’s knowledge, experience, and skills. • In the past, institutions that have lacked skilled D&E providers have had to refer patients to other facilities or choose medical induction regimens characterized by long induction-abortion intervals and relatively high rates of complications. • Newer medical regimens using PG E1 analogue with or without mifepristone offer sufficiently effective, well tolerated abortion-induction intervals so that clinicians have far greater latitude choosing a medical vs surgical approach.

  9. HOW MUCH DOES THE PROCEDURE COST? The non-surgical procedure is $470. This includes the initial consultation, the preliminary ultrasound to determine the exact weeks and location of pregnancy, and the cost of the medications used in the office such as the RU-486 and the misoprostol. The $470 also includes all follow-up visits in the Physician to ensure a completion of non-surgical abortion. The $470 also includes any surgical procedure performed in the Physician as a follow-up of the non-surgical abortion.

  10. WHO DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR A MEDICAL ABORTION? A medical abortion is not recommended if you: • re more than 56 days pregnant • take anti-clotting medication or have blood-clotting disorders. • have severe heart, liver, or active inflammatory bowel disease. • have certain severe kidney problem. • have a serious immune system problem, such as HIV. • have seizures more than once a week. • take any medicine that should not be combined with methotrexate, mifepristone, or misoprostol. • cannot return for follow-up visits. • have a tubal pregnancy.

  11. Gynecological Services Offered • PAP Smear • Birth Control • STD Detection • Urinary Tract Infections • HIV testing • IUD • Ultrasound • Vaginal Infections • Well Woman Exams • Morning After Pill • Family Planning

  12. For more Information BEVERLY HILLS Wilshire/La Cienega 292 S. La Cienega Blvd. #100 Beverly Hills CA 90211. Phone: 424-239-1650