racial injustice against african americans n.
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Racial Injustice Against African-Americans PowerPoint Presentation
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Racial Injustice Against African-Americans

Racial Injustice Against African-Americans

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Racial Injustice Against African-Americans

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  1. Racial Injustice Against African-Americans By: Jasmine Spence & Ashley Crumitie

  2. What is Racial Injustice? -Racial injustice is the lack of fairness or justice based on someone’s race.

  3. My Experience of Racial Injustice Back when I was in the 7th grade a substitute teacher wrote me up for eating in the classroom. When he check the box for race, I noticed that he wrote the word “nigger” in for my race. Me and my parents took immediate action and took the document to the School Board. They made him give an apology for his action. Although I was not very hurt, I still felt that he should have been suspended for his action.

  4. Racial Injustice in Prison • Racial comparison of lifetime chance of going to prison: African Americans 18.6%, Hispanics 10%, whites 3.4%. • Percentage of African American males who will enter state or federal prison during their lifetime: 32%. • Ratio in local jails of African American to Hispanic inmates: 3 to 1. • Ratio in local jails of African American to white inmates: 5 to 1.

  5. My Experience of Racial Injustice I’ve had several occasions when I have been in a store with family or friends and have been followed around the store by the white sales person. It’s a very uncomfortable and disrespectful feeling. I don’t like the feeling of being followed around a store just for being Black when I’m doing nothing wrong.

  6. Patrick Hall Patrick Hall, an up and coming African-American member of the army services started his own tavern business in early 2006, helping employ several of his fellow African-Americans was humiliated and terrorized by white authorities. He was denied his civil rights and his business was raided several times illegally. Eventually, his business was shut down. When he filed a complaint he was denied and then was forced to leave the city.

  7. Jena Six Six African-American students in Jena, Louisiana are facing 20+ year charges after brutally beating a white student at their school. Two Black students underneath a tree that whites normally sit under, the next day 3 nooses were hanging from the same tree. When the superintendent dismissed the nooses as “prank”, more Black students protested and sat under the tree. The District Attorney along with the town’s police showed up, told the kids to stop their protest and were quoted telling them; "I can be your best friend or your worst enemy... I can take away your lives with a stroke of my pen.” This happened just recently in 2006. We have to wonder: is this justice?

  8. What Can We Do About It? -We can present a better image of minoritypeople; men and women in America. -We can stop being racist among ourselves. -Stop judging our own people based on their appearance and history.

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