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  2. Agenda Introduction Approach Services Projects

  3. S. P. Agarwal, the principal Architect established the firm in 1963, since then he has worked on wide variety of projects. He developed and inculcated architectural awareness in the region, as he was the first to start practice in Agra. Rajat Agarwal joined the practice immediately after completing his graduation in 1987. Sangeeta Agarwal joined the office in1990. Prior this she worked as an Asst. Architect in U.P. Rajkiya Nirman Nigam, Lucknow. Today The Group holds a diverse portfolio of projects in the field of institutional, residential, commercial building and mass housing, infrastructure and interior designing consultancy. We have a dedicated team of architects, engineers and consultants trained to contributes towards the making of a complete architectural practice. Our designs are widely recognized and have received public and professional acclaim, awards and repeat commission from our satisfied clients. Introduction

  4. Agenda Introduction Approach Services Projects

  5. A building is a product of relationship between a client, architect and the context. We earnestly try to redefine contemporary context into exciting and sophisticated living spaces thereby providing exceptional solutions to the clients. Our belief in creating buildings for the future with better quality of life and environment, creates lasting relationships with our clients. We maintain the highest standard of moral and ethical conduct by following best business practices Approach PERSONALIZED, SENSITIVE AND AESTHETICAL ARCHITECTURE

  6. Agenda Introduction Approach Services Projects

  7. On the strength of the capacity & experience within the firm we can provide entire 360o services from a single unified window Architectural Structural Designing Surveying Interior Designing Valuation Water Supply & Sanitation Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Vastu Shastra Preparing specifications, BOQ and tendering Co-ordination with other Consultants. Construction Supervision Scrutiny and Certification of Contractor’s bills. Negotiations & preparing Contract documents. Our Services

  8. Agenda Introduction Approach Services Projects


  10. STADIUM FOR BUNDELKHAND UNIVERSITY Set at the foot of a picturesque hillock in Bundelkhand region, this 20,000. seater stadium is planned taking advantage of the natural gradient and the facilities are drawn to a bear minimum creating a highly functional, low maintenance facility for the purpose of encouraging sports in the region.

  11. The space below the stands towards the road has been left as spill over space for the spectators seated in the lower half of the stadium. STADIUM FOR BUNDELKHAND UNIVERSITY This centre catering to administration, maintenance and facilities for V.I.Ps and players is strategically placed to provide panoramic view of the stadium, the road as well as the hills…with its semicircular roof that serves to homogenize the structure with the site.

  12. The site with its terrain limited us to one way access to the stadium. This hurdle was overcome by providing a 9m wide road around the structure that provides for easy and organized circulation. As the clients brief was to limit the net constructed area to minimum, we optimized space utilization by using the extra space created under the ramps as toilet blocks for convenience of the spectators STADIUM FOR BUNDELKHAND UNIVERSITY The design is based on severe economic sensibilities and thus simple geometric forms are used to achieve a unique aesthetic appeal

  13. Borrowed from an ancient wonder and transformed to a contemporary living space, this farmhouse has surely become a landmark FARM HOUSE AT AGRA With an aim of creating an amicable micro-climate, a surrounding water body was created. It adds to the aesthetical appeal even as numerous balconies and sit outs are created in this 3-bedroom unit without losing the visual impact of the pyramid. ( Recipient of j.k Cement Architect of the Year Award) Ground floor The pyramid-at night First floor

  14. The sit outs in in ground floor an the balconies atop provide excellent view points for the refreshing greens… FARMHOUSE AT AGRA A majestic view of the farmhouse nestled in the landscaped greens

  15. This hotel in balaji sprawling over 9000 sqm, that borrows its design features from the heritage architecture of Rajasthan, is a sustainable green building with following features: • A biogas plant fed from kitchen wastes • Rain water harvesting system, from the plot as well as from the neighboring water shed • Treatment of waste water from rooms in zero energy consuming --- reactors and its reutilization in maintaining the landscaped greens. HOTEL COMPLEX AT BALAJI LAY OUT PLAN OF THE COMPLEX ENTERANCE TO THE COMPLEX

  16. HOTEL COMPLEX AT BALAJI This hotel with 100 rooms, consists of four large courtyards- a feature borrowed from the vernacular architecture of Rajasthan that helps lower cooling needs. So one may truly that this building indeed epitomizes a perfect amalgamation of the past, present and the vernacular

  17. N.R.I. City was planned for Pushpanjali Constructions with 550 independent residential units on a land area of 50 acres. N. R. I. C I T Y A T A G R A A view of a park we landscaped for the city .

  18. Four types of units were planned, on two sizes of plots. A duplex and a simplex each on different size of plot. N. R. I. C I T Y A T A G R A View of Duplex House Type -B View of Duplex House Type - A

  19. A land area of 56.75Acres was developed into a cluster of plots for making Farm houses. Four different types of farm houses were designed, along with a large club house. A G R A G Y M K H A N A A T A G R A Lay out Plan of Agra Gymkhana

  20. Housing for Clerical staff and Support Staff members was designed keeping in mind their socio economic needs. A utility court for each unit was provided, a most important feature in Indian living. STAFF HOUSING FOR BUNDELKHAND UNIVERSITY JHANSI Housing for Faculty members was designed around a large open space. All units were planned on inward looking planning. Apart from this each unit was given a covered car Parking. Which becomes terrace for first floor unit. Lay out Plan of Agra Gymkhana

  21. S.P. Agarwal Architects Group 43 Vijay Nagar Colony Agra 282004 Phone: 0562 2524493, 2852169, 3247458 E-mail : Collaborate with us